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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & An Update on JoJo’s Relationship Status

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    Up and posting early today because I have an early flight to Vegas. We’ve had one last second cancellation as of last night. So if you are close to Vegas, and you want to come to the party and can somehow get there by tomorrow night, contact me ASAP and I’ll put you on the confirmed list. Probably a long shot, but I had two spots open up last night so figured I’d extend the invite. For those that aren’t coming that want to follow along with the 2nd Annual Reality Steve Trivia Contest, find me on Periscope (@RealitySteve), as I will be broadcasting the contest live tomorrow night roughly around 9 or 9:15pm PST. So east coasters, sorry. But hey, don’t people not start going out in NY until like midnight anyway? Whatever the case, anyone can join in who wants to follow along. Sorry, no prizes for you though. Only those in attendance will have a chance. Last year it was $100 restaurant gift card at … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & Jordan’s Brother Luke Slips Up in an Interview

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    We’re back tonight with the live video chat at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST via Crowdcast. Shortly after this post goes up, I’ll be posting the video feed for the live chat so you can begin to ask questions immediately. I think most of the kinks from last week are worked out. In reality, most of them are stuff the audience doesn’t really see. Just technical stuff on my end. With me being in Las Vegas next Thursday, there won’t be a show next week, so this will be the last live chat before JoJo’s finale airs, so get in tonight and we can talk about all of that goodness. The live chats will return on Thursday, August 4th, which will be a mini wrap up of the “Bachelorette” finale along with beginning to talk about “Bachelor in Paradise.” The live chats will continue every Thursday night through “Bachelor in Paradise” season outside of one Thursday in September where I’ll be out of town again. But I’m liking the Crowdcast … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & The Return of the Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

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    It’s back! I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed with Crowdcast to now hold the weekly live video chats on Thursday nights. It works similar to Spreecast, but it has more functions on my end that will help make it a better experience. One thing that is a tad different is that you have to create an account there to view the show. Doesn’t cost anything, but you can’t just show up to my site tonight at 9:00EST/6:00PST and start viewing. It’ll ask you for your email address and to create a password. If you want to do it now, you can. Go to https://www.crowdcast.io/ and set up an account. About 10 minutes after this column is posted, I will post the video for tonight’s chat. Just like on Spreecast, you can begin asking your questions early. But I’m able to add a poll question that you can all vote on during the broadcast, which I’ll probably add tonight once the show starts. All in all … Continue reading

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