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    Podcast #53 – Interview with Cara Maria Sorbello of MTV’s “The Challenge”


    For only the 4th or 5th time in almost one year of doing these podcasts have I ventured out of “Bachelor Nation” and interviewed somebody from another show. But “Challenge” fans, get your popcorn ready because Cara Maria Sorbello destroys in this interview. We cover everything that went down on “Dirty 30,” including her immense dislike for Jordan, what the hell was that Kailah conversation about from the reunion show, and something the average fan may not know about, why did Cara Maria not know until this past Tuesday night what the results were for “Dirty 30?” Can’t believe the show actually did this because 1) they’ve never done a finale that way in all the seasons of the “Challenge” and 2) just seems kinda ridiculous. And before you ask, no, the “Bachelor” would never resort to doing this for their finale ending. Two completely different shows. Would make even less sense for the “Bachelor” to do it. Anyway, even if you’ve never watched the “Challenge,” Cara is … Continue reading

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    Podcast #52 – Interview with Olivia Caridi from the Addison Improv


    As I’m sure you know by now, this week’s podcast was a little different as we recorded it live this past Tuesday night at the Addison Improv here in Dallas and our special guest was Olivia Caridi. She of “Bachelor” fame and now with the very popular “Mouthing Off” podcast. Again thank you to everyone who came out this past Tuesday night, I hope you all enjoyed it. I think this is something that we can do a few times a year as I will try to make my way to different cities in the United States. It’ll all depend on scheduling and what guest I can get to come out in those cities. Because, you know, there are some people who might be a tad afraid of me out there for God knows what reason. But after the New Year, I’ll begin looking in to potential guests and locations for upcoming live tapings of podcasts. Anyway, as I expected Olivia was great. When I went on her … Continue reading

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    Podcast #51 – Interview with Sadie Murray


    As for today’s podcast guest, this one is a doozy. Two weeks ago we spoke to Prince Lorenzo, and today we get the girl he dumped at the altar (but later dated), Sadie Murray. Sadie is loaded with stories from her season, and has had quite the interesting post-show dating life. Talk about six degrees of separation. A very fun almost-2 hour conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Sadie is high energy, funny, and has stories for days. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. So much so that the Final 10 lasted over 45 minutes because we ended up going off on so many tangents. One thing to mention, when we get to the “gaslighting” question, I realized after we recorded that it was something I saw on her Twitter feed back in July of this year. It’ll make more sense once you hear it. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Sadie’s Twitter handle (@GoToGirlfriend) in your replies so … Continue reading

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