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    The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 7 Thoughts, the Next “Bachelorette,” & Your Daily Roundup

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    I know this is off topic, but I can’t tell you how geeked I am about March Madness and Conference Championship Week. How geeked am I? Last night I went online and about a Furman Paladins shirt, just like I bought a St. Peter’s Peacock shirt last year. It’s why I say at the end of every Sports Daily podcast that sports will always be the greatest reality show on television. Because it is. Furman exacting revenge on UT Chattanooga almost a year to the day where they were knocked out of a chance to go to the Big Dance by a 40 foot heave at the buzzer is what sports are all about. Seeing two guys like Mike Bothwell and Jalen Slawson come back … Continue reading

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    Podcast #328 – Interview with Dr. Diane Strachowski


    First time podcast guest this week and an excellent one, as Dr. Diane Strachowski joins me to break down how she sees Zach and the women this season from a clinical psychologists behavior. From Zach’s interaction with Greer, to his recent conversation on Monday with Jess that ultimately ended with him sending her home, Zach has definitely had quite a few interactions this season that have been polarizing to the audience to say the least. Dr. Diane taken an even more in depth look at it from an emotional standpoint and it explains it in a way, that frankly, I didn’t really look at before. It’s quite the introspective dive into Zach and his behavior this season that I found incredibly fascinating. I thank Dr. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” the Finale Spoiler Gets a Photo Confirmation, & Daily Roundup


    Well it looks like my email situation has been resolved. Like I mentioned, I don’t understand much on the technical side of things, and hearing terms like DNS and MX means absolutely nothing to me. But considering I received a bunch of emails yesterday at after getting none on Monday, it’s mostly back and working. But I was told by @bachelordata that it takes 24-48 hours for all the DNS to reset. So while someone’s emails got through, it doesn’t mean every email got through. So it is possible some of you may have had an email to me bounce back to you. Hopefully it didn’t though. Monday was really weird. I mean lets face it, a lot of my job revolves around receiving … Continue reading

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