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    Podcast #348 – Interview with Emily Longeretta, Sr. Features Editor at Variety


    Definitely wanted to have someone on to cover the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike happening in Hollywood, and what better person than someone who is covering it with her boots on the ground in Sr. Features Editor at Variety, Emily Longeretta, a multi-time guest on this podcast. She’s been at the picket lines interviewing those who are fighting against the studios for unjust pay. It’s a really tense situation and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end anytime soon since these two sides aren’t even meeting right now. How does it affect our fall TV schedule? What are they fighting for? Is it reasonable? What’s the studios stance on all of it? We break down all of it in today’s podcast as Emily’s brings some great … Continue reading

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    Podcast #347 – Interview with Courtney Robertson


    One of my favorites on the show again this week as Courtney Robertson joins me for the first time in almost a year. So much to talk about and very little about Charity’s season, if at all. We talk about her podcast rebranding, the recent guests she’s had on, turning 40 last week, her appearance at my Vegas party this year, chicken tenders (I’m not exaggerating), her chaotic season of the “Bachelor,” having to appear at her own “Women Tell All” as the final choice, how protected Happy Couple weekends are as the final couple, what she did to pull off an unsanctioned one, and much, much more. Check out Courtney’s newly titled “After Reality” podcast when you get a chance, with recent guests Shawn … Continue reading

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    Podcast #346 – Interview with William Holman from Ashley’s Season of the “Bachelorette” & “Bachelor Pad 2”


    You know I always love going old school talking to contestants and this week was no different. William Holman joins me this week to talk about his season on the “Bachelorette” when Ashley was the lead. Appropriate for the week because just like Aaron this week, William had the first 1-on-1 of the season that year in one of the coolest 1-on-1’s we’ve ever seen – dinner in the middle of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. However, there’s a story behind that I’d never heard of that he tells, along with probably the biggest goof he had during the season, which was roasting Ashley during the group date. What a real shocker to hear how production essentially set him up for that giant fail. … Continue reading

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