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    “Reader Emails,” Golden Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise Updates, & Vice’s “Dark Side of the 2000’s”

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    Well that was certainly a trip down memory lane last night. In case you missed it, Vice ran a retrospective on the Bachelor franchise during their “Dark Side of the 2000’s” series, which featured a ton of footage from the early seasons of the show, did a whole origin story of Mike Fleiss featuring old interviews, etc and even mentioned me unfortunately. I say unfortunately because they pulled up a quote from my old site that I’m just embarrassed about now. Granted, it was literally 20 years ago I wrote that and you know how much I’ve distanced myself in recent years from those writings. But still, it’s not fun to see. Whatever the case, the show covered a lot of stuff longtime fans of … Continue reading

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    Podcast #352 – Interview with Alexis Fletcher & Devon Wright, Winners of “The Big D”

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    “The Big D” wrapped up its inaugural season last night, and we’re joined today by the $50,000 winners, Devon Wright & Alexis Fletcher. Quite a journey for them this season to say the least, and we cover most of it in today’s podcast. However, be sure to listen to the open to hear about the constraints that ended up being put on the interview due to a miscommunication between me and NBC Universal. It’s nothing too major but just wanted to explain what went down and why not everything could get covered in the interview. I think you know me by now and my interview style when I’m talking to contestants from a show. I like to do a chronological timeline of things. And while … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Some Thoughts from Monday Night, & @BachelorData’s Breakdown from the Men Tell All

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    Two things that I think are very important to discuss are better heard than written so I would like to kindly direct you to today’s Daily Roundup, and that is Kaitlyn talking about the breakup with Jason, as she gives us a reason to why it happened. And also what Arie said in his IG stories earlier this week regarding the Maui fires and what he wants to do to help. Although I’m guessing it’s not a reason that will be suitable for most people that want/need everything to be about tea and salacious rumors. Her answer is straight forward and, frankly, boring – but it’s their reality. Just because it’s not what you’d like her answer to be and you want something more juicy … Continue reading

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