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    Podcast #156 – Interview with Lace Morris & “Temptation Island’s” Esonica Veira


    Some good talk this week as we’re joined by a friend of mine from seasons past, Lace Morris, who talks about what she’s been up to for the last 6 months. Lace was on a couple years ago when we covered her journey on Ben’s season and then her engagement on BIP season 3. I’ve gotten to know Lace a lot better since then, so this was more of just two friends chatting and filling you in on some changes that have gone on in her life since a breakup she had in June. Always fun talking to Lace and I hope women will appreciate Lace being open about why she decided to get her boobs done last month. Then our “Temptation Island” weekly chat is with Esonica Veira, after we had her other half Gavin on last week. She responds to some of the things he said along with providing her owns perspective on why she decided to do the show and how she felt experiencing everything … Continue reading

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    “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey – Episode 23 & Quick Update on “Bachelor” Filming


    We’re back after a couple months off of the “He Said, She Said” podcast. With “Bachelor” filming, it was tough to dedicate time to getting around and recording these. We’ll have one or two more before the end of the calendar year, then when the new year rolls around, we should be going back to doing an episode every other Tuesday. This week is a really good one as we dive into the topic of infertility. As you know, Ashley hasn’t spoken much publicly about her miscarriage earlier this year, but it’s definitely brought up today with our caller Jessica in Texas, who is having infertility issues of her own. There wasn’t a ton I could add to this topic but I appreciate both women speaking out on this topic, as I know there are others that either have gone through this, are currently going through this, or will in the future. It’s a topic that needs to be talked about and Jessica and Ashley do a really … Continue reading

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    Podcast #155 – Interview with Gavin Rocker of “Temptation Island” & “Bachelor” Talk

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    Things are beginning to heat up on “Temptation Island” this week as episode 5 drops tonight. We get the fallout from Dave’s threesome that ended last episode and, well, take a wild guess at how tonight’s bonfire ends. Anyway, this week we have Gavin Rocker as our guest to talk about his time on the show, his relationship with Esonica, and what he thinks of what has aired so far. Before that, I give a good 15 minutes with some “Bachelor” talk about where the show is at right now, the three women left and how two of them couldn’t be more different, how the show is really coming down on their contestants doing podcasts, and then some of the recent breakups we’ve had in Bachelor Nation. Yeah, I’ve got some thoughts on Tayshia/JPJ and the Demi/Kristian break up that probably neither of them want to hear. Oh well. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Gavin’s Twitter handle (@GavinRocker) … Continue reading

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