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    Podcast #362 – Interview with Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” Podcast


    Another great conversation today with Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” podcast. Always like having her on every few months for a few things: 1) to let me know what good documentaries are out there, and 2) to fill me in on a Real Housewives couple I know nothing about other than reading headlines about them, and today is no different. Because I watch DWTS and see some of the tabloid headlines, I’ve become interested in Mauricio and Kyle’s marriage. Or, well I guess their separation now. Kate breaks it down like only she can since I’m invested now, yet, completely confused as to what’s going on. What’s their backstory? What’s their future? Is she dating a woman? Why is he dedicating dances to her … Continue reading

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    Podcast #361 – Interview with Cassidy Timbrooks from the “Bachelor”


    A very open and revealing interview today with Cassidy Timbrooks from Clayton’s season of the “Bachelor.” You may remember her as the girl who got the first group date rose of the season – but then got it taken away the same episode and sent home because she had bragged to the other women about having an f-buddy back home. Well, now we get the story behind it and why Cassidy felt the need to tell the other women. She was struggling behind the scenes with her drinking. It was longer and more secretive than most people even knew or suspected. Cassidy is very open and honest about her journey that has led her to currently almost being 100 days sober now. Such a great … Continue reading

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    Podcast #360 – Interview with Dave Neal, Bachelor YouTube Recapper


    Checking in with good friend Dave Neal on today’s podcast, and boy is there a lot to talk about. Needless to say, the Clayton drama continues – and with good reason. The woman in question is doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on her stance and it makes no sense to anyone. So many holes in this story, so many things we can openly question, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Trying our best to present to you the things going on behind the scenes, things you should know from past (and current) ongoing cases) to give you the full spectrum here of what’s happening. My opinion is I have never believed any of this since the story broke. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly admit I’m … Continue reading

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