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    The “Bachelor” Zach – Thoughts on Episode 5, a “Bachelorette” Breakdown, & Your Daily Roundup

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    If some of you have never listened to the Daily Roundup, I suggest tuning in to today’s. No, not for any new Bachelor tea, or any hot takes on reality TV or pop culture. No, just because you can hear me singing late 1980’s Glenn Mederios songs. I bring it up because, and now I’m aging myself, but Glenn’s daughter was on the season premiere of American Idol this past Sunday auditioning for the judges. Of course, they bring up his “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You” single that was a chart topper in the late 80’s, but me and maybe 4 other people know Glenn Mederios for another song – “High Wire” – which played during the club scene of Karate Kid 3 where Terry Silver is sabotaging Daniel’s date on purpose so he can teach him a lesson. There’s Glenn in the background giving all his effort to “High Wire” while Daniel dances as only a white boy with no rhythm can. It should’ve won … Continue reading

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    Podcast #326 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin, TV Critic at


    We are joined this week by a multi-time guest on this show, Kristen Baldwin, a TV Critic at So much to talk about with Kristen as she recently got to interview Zach through EW when he attended the SCAD TV Fest in Atlanta last week. We get an answer to an age old question when it comes to this show which is, “Hey, when someone asks if they can steal you, why the hell don’t you say anything?” Zach actually answered the question. We’ve all kinda known what the answer has been over the years, but to hear a lead basically admit it was quite refreshing. So look forward to that. We also talk about her impressions of Zach now that we’re 4 episodes in, the anticipation of the Zoom rose ceremony next week, the contract contestants sign, and of course we also talk about other shows she’s watching, and end it with “Cobra Kai” talk, which has become somewhat of a tradition when Kristen comes on. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, @BachelorData on IG Followers, & Your Daily Roundup


    If you think I’m done with snorkeling talk – think again. It’s covered fairly extensively if you want to check out today’s Daily Roundup. I’m still massively confused as to what the hell is going on. Also, we have some “Bachelorette” talk as I go back past 10 seasons to look at a pattern that’s developed as we’re only about a month away from “Bachelorette” filming beginning. This show has pretty much stuck to one major philosophy when it comes to their “Bachelorette,” and that’s that 90% of the time, it’s someone who finished in the top 4 of their “Bachelor” season, and, roughly 85% of the time it’s been someone who was on the “Bachelor” that just aired. Back in the day, they didn’t do a “Bachelorette” season every calendar year so that’s where things can kinda get skewed. But ever since they’ve gone to the same schedule of “Bachelor” filming in Sept and airing in January and “Bachelorette” filming in March and airing shortly thereafter the … Continue reading

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