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    (SPOILER) Podcast # 172 & Column – How Does Peter’s Season End & “Reader Emails”

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    I’m just curious, is anyone waiting on pins and needles for today? I wasn’t sure. All the DM’s and tweets at me yesterday telling me to hurry up, and “finally,” and “why couldn’t you get this sooner,” were really uplifting I tell ya’. And you wonder why I call this a thankless job. And I hate even saying that because then immediately people seem to think I want people to thank me nonstop. It’s not. That’s the opposite what I want. It’s thankless in that, I’ve done this for so long, people expect it. So when they get it, it’s like, “Well yeah, that’s his job. It’s what he’s supposed to do.” And if I don’t have it on their timeline, you know, a service I provide free of charge, they bitch that they don’t have it yet. And that bitching continues non-stop UNTIL I have it. I’ll never quite understand it, but, that’s what it is. For 3 months I’ve said I don’t know the ending. If … Continue reading

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    Podcast #171 – Interview with Ryan Park of the “Bachelorette”

    Good times today talking to an old friend. Ryan Park who was on Ashley Hebert’s (Rosenbaum) season of the “Bachelorette” joins me today to talk about his season, his weird edit, why the guys didn’t take to him, and how married life is now living with his wife and two daughters in Hawaii. Before the interview with Ryan begins, I address the rumor that hit the internet last night regarding Clare Crawley being named the “Bachelorette” (hint: this was the first I’d heard of it), and also I was told something yesterday about the end of the season, that if it’s true, I just throw my hands up. I haven’t gotten it confirmed yet, so, I don’t wanna say what it is. But when this thing is all over, I will absolutely share what I was told last night. Because just like everything else I’ve been told this season, it’s either gonna be true, or it isn’t. But either way, I will share it at the end of … Continue reading

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    Podcast #170 – Interview with Jacqueline Trumbull & Washington Nationals Analyst FP Santangelo


    A really fun, insightful, and sports-y podcast this week. I’m first joined by my friend and former contestant Jacqueline Trumbull, who appeard on Arie’s season, BIP season 5, and is the co-host of the “A Beautiful Podcast To Fall In Love.” What didn’t know until earlier last year is that Jacqueline is good friends with former major leaguer and current Washington Nationals analyst FP Santangelo (FP used to date Jacqueline’s best friend). FP is a guy that I had reached out to over IG a couple years ago just to tell him I really enjoyed his work on the Nats’ broadcasts. By clear happenstance, my name gets brought up in a conversation one night when Jacqueline is hanging with FP, she says she knows me, FP says that guy reached out to me, and that’s where the picture you see above happened and this podcast was basically formed. FP is also a “Bachelor” fan so when he comes on, the three of us discuss Peter’s season for 10 … Continue reading

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