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    “Reader Emails,” Nick’s “Apology,” Temptation Island & The Big D, and Big Brother Premieres Tonight!

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    So I’m still in recovery mode from this past weekend due to my 30 yr high school reunion. 3 of the 4 nights I was out past 2am, and let me tell you, I don’t do that anymore. Just not in me. Yes, I’m usually up til 1am when I’m home after completing my 2 podcasts every night, but I’m actually home and just relaxing before that. Being out and about socializing this weekend, having a few drinks, and coming back to a hotel early in the morning is something I just don’t do very often. Hell, even when I’m in Vegas I don’t stay out all that late. And if I am, I’m downstairs in my own hotel, not hotel hopping and out partying. Hence the reason I fell asleep during Monday night’s episode, so I missed Xavier and Dotun’s hometown dates. I saw the highlights of them, but didn’t see them in full. Wasn’t much to cover on hometown episodes, so I skipped yesterday’s column. Didn’t … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE) Your Charity Finale Spoilers

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    This is great. Always fun times the day I drop the finale spoilers. Especially today. Why? Because I’m gonna drop them here (and on the Daily Roundup, Twitter, IG feed, and IG stories), then I’m skipping town. On a flight this morning to CA for my 30 yr high school reunion this weekend. So I drop the goods, then I’m outta here, not having to think about this all weekend. Another reason why it’ll be great to bounce once this is all out? Because of the inevitable “Well, you were wrong about this, so how do we know this is right” babble coming from the doubters. I get it. It’s impossible to convince someone the info is right unless I can show proof/evidence. But how many times have I given the final rose ceremony spoiler and been able to back it up with proof/evidence in the 14 years I’ve been doing this? Once? The Nick plane video. So what I’m saying is, I NEVER provide proof/evidence, and more … Continue reading

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    Podcast #348 – Interview with Emily Longeretta, Sr. Features Editor at Variety


    Definitely wanted to have someone on to cover the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike happening in Hollywood, and what better person than someone who is covering it with her boots on the ground in Sr. Features Editor at Variety, Emily Longeretta, a multi-time guest on this podcast. She’s been at the picket lines interviewing those who are fighting against the studios for unjust pay. It’s a really tense situation and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end anytime soon since these two sides aren’t even meeting right now. How does it affect our fall TV schedule? What are they fighting for? Is it reasonable? What’s the studios stance on all of it? We break down all of it in today’s podcast as Emily’s brings some great insight to the situation. Also, I drag her into my goal of being the mediator in the fight between Tori & Jennie and Tiffani Amber Theissen. Even though it’ll never happen, I want to be the one who ends this stupid feud and … Continue reading

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