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    Podcast #220 – Interview with Chelsie Webster from Juan Pablo’s “Bachelor” Season


    Another trip down memory lane this week as we take it back to Juan Pablo’s season, with 5th place finisher, Chelsie Webster. I’m pretty sure that Juan Pablo’s season has produced the most podcast guests for me. Chelsie is #7. I think Ben Higgins’ season might be close as well. I think I’m at 6 or possibly 7 guests from that season. I’d need to go back and count at some point. It’s a close race. Neck and neck. But I think today’s interview with Chelsie might put JP’s season over the top. So fun to hear from her as she’s super excited to tell stories from that season, how she felt about Juan Pablo as a lead, and so much more. You might also be asking, “Why is she the only guest you’ve ever had who has a picture with a teddy bear in it?” Well, you will have your answer to that as well too in this podcast. As always, if you’d like to reply to … Continue reading

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    Podcast #219 – Interview with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell of the “Challenge”


    Been a while since we’ve had a member from the “Challenge” franchise on, and what better way to break that streak than with “Millionaire” Mitchell. And boy, what a debut she gives. What you’ll hear on this podcast is exactly what you see on TV. And vice versa. She has no filter, she curses, and she doesn’t hold back anything. So get ready. If you’re not a fan of cursing, maybe this week’s podcast isn’t for you. Being this is her first time on, there’s A LOT to cover with her. It’s 90 minutes long, but I felt it could’ve been 900 minutes. So great having guests on like this where basically all you have to do is wind them up and let them go. Definitely didn’t have to pull any teeth to get Ashley to talk, that’s for sure. She’s about as entertaining of a character you’ll see in this franchise as you’ve seen over the years, and this podcast appearance doesn’t disappoint. As always, if you’d … Continue reading

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    Podcast #218 (And Column) – Your Finale Spoiler & Audio Emails Answered


    It’s been a couple months, but I figured I’d bring back “Audio Emails” and, I must pat myself on the back for this – I learned from my mistakes. This is more on the technical side, but the first time around, it took me almost six hours to put together the podcast, from downloading all the audio questions, to recording my answers, to then combining them, then putting them all together, etc. Since it was my first time doing it, I was figuring things out on the fly. Last night? Took me maybe 2 hours. I’ve got a new system, so now I won’t be as hesitant in the future to do it. Plan is to do this type of podcast maybe every 2-3 months. It’s always fun hearing from people verbally ask me their questions then have me read emails on air. And some good topics, not all Bachelor related. Got a Taylor Swift question in there, Super Bowl prediction, college football coaching question. Fun stuff today … Continue reading

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