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    Podcast #178 – Interview with Jenna Cooper


    To say today’s guest would be someone you thought you’d never hear on this podcast would be an major understatement. Back in 2018, I reported a story on Jenna Cooper that essentially ended her engagement with Jordan Kimball. It posted the morning their finale of them getting engaged was set to air, everything got blown up, it became the biggest story in Bachelor Nation at the time, and for the last 18 months, Jenna has never done an interview to speak on it. Until now. Sure, she’s sent out some tweets and Instagram posts and given a quote here or there through attorneys, but she has never done an interview telling her side of the story until today. A lot of you may not remember details of the story, and I don’t blame you – I really didn’t either until I was refreshed on it. Well, there’s more to the story that you, and I, had no idea about. A very interesting conversation today for sure that I … Continue reading

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    Podcast #177 – Interview with Courtney Robertson & (EXCLUSIVE) Info About “Bachelorette” Filming Plans


    Back for a third podcast appearance, but the first time she’s been on since 2018, it’s Courtney Robertson, who’s always a great guest. A lot has happened in Courtney’s life since we last spoke as she’s two months away from delivering her first child, she’s engaged, and she just moved into a new house. A lot of stuff covered in today’s podcast with Courtney who’s always been a great interview as she’s come off completely different as she did on the show. Also to start off the podcast, I have exclusive information regarding “Bachelorette” filming and I give my thoughts on Peter’s 4 podcast appearances earlier this week. Some interesting news that I heard which, I guess could be pulled off, but there’s still a lot of questions to address. As always, if you want to respond to Courtney’s interview, please include her Twitter handle (@bugrobertson) in your replies. Thanks again to Courtney for coming on. Next week, be ready for quite an interesting … Continue reading

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    Podcast #176 – Interview with Emily Longeretta, Sr. Entertainment Editor at US Weekly


    Another fun podcast this week with someone that maybe you’d be surprised to hear me interviewing, and it’s Emily Longeretta from US Weekly. And that’s because you know I’ve had my issues with US Weekly over the years when it comes to crediting my site for stories that I run before they do. But maybe you haven’t noticed in the last year or so, I’ve had less of an issue. And that’s more so because of Emily. She came to me over a year ago and we hashed out my issues. That’s just one of the many things we talk about in today’s podcast. Times have changed in journalism and what these sensational magazines are more focused on now. Very fun discussion today with Emily about the industry and its changes. Before I get started with Emily I talk a little about my IG Live show with Ashley Spivey on Sunday nights at 8 ET and a little more on Colton’s book. As always, if you’d like to … Continue reading

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