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    “Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, @BachelorData on IG Followers, & Your Daily Roundup


    If you think I’m done with snorkeling talk – think again. It’s covered fairly extensively if you want to check out today’s Daily Roundup. I’m still massively confused as to what the hell is going on. Also, we have some “Bachelorette” talk as I go back past 10 seasons to look at a pattern that’s developed as we’re only about a month away from “Bachelorette” filming beginning. This show has pretty much stuck to one major philosophy when it comes to their “Bachelorette,” and that’s that 90% of the time, it’s someone who finished in the top 4 of their “Bachelor” season, and, roughly 85% of the time it’s been someone who was on the “Bachelor” that just aired. Back in the day, they didn’t do a “Bachelorette” season every calendar year so that’s where things can kinda get skewed. But ever since they’ve gone to the same schedule of “Bachelor” filming in Sept and airing in January and “Bachelorette” filming in March and airing shortly thereafter the … Continue reading

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    The Bachelor Zach – Episode 4 Recap, Snorkeling, Transcribing, & Your Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Such a wonderful made up holiday for people in relationships. If you need a holiday once every 365 days to remind you to do something nice for your significant other, then you should probably be re-evaluating your relationship. Just sayin’. Anyway, don’t for the “Coming Out For Love” premiere is happening in a few hours at 3pm ET. Go to, click “Watch” in the upper right hand corner, sign up for a bundle package, and you’ll be able to see the live pre-party and watch the first episode today. Even if you miss it, episode #1 will re-run this Saturday then be accessible whenever you want to watch. From there, a new episode will be released every Saturday for the next 16 weeks. Looking forward to watching episode #1 again today as you really get a decent look at all 16 women as the show basically gives everyone an intro video. Really hope you’ll take the time to watch this show. I know … Continue reading

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    Podcast #325 – Interview with Nicole Conn, Creator and Director of a New Lesbian Dating Show “Coming Out For Love”


    A new collaboration starts today as a lesbian dating show begins this Tuesday on Valentine’s Day called “Coming Out For Love.” The creator and director of this show, Nicole Conn, is my guest today on podcast #325. A great conversation with Nicole as we talk about everything involved with getting this show made – how long she’s wanted to do it, why she decided to do it, how it’s different than what you’d expect from a reality dating show (it’s more real), and much, much more. They approached me about wanting to collab because they know you, my audience, likes reality dating shows. I’ve turned down way more collabs than I’ve accepted over the years. Way more. I don’t think I’ve steered you wrong before when it comes to shows I’ve promoted, and this show is no different. So impressed by the first two episodes I’ve watched. One thing that’s different, is you have to pay to view the show. It’s not a lot, but I get with … Continue reading

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