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    The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Episode 2 Recap, Harassment in the Franchise, Ratings with @BachelorData, & Daily Roundup Podcast

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    Before you know it, nine consecutive months of “Bachelor” related programming will be over and we’ll be clamoring for more. But we’re not there right now. We’re only two weeks in. But time flies and this season will be over before you know it. Remember to get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. Have a few so far but can always use more. I’m sure you have some questions/comments on this season, or maybe even some suggestions. Whatever you have, send it on in so it can appear in tomorrow’s column. Obviously if you’re looking for specifics regarding spoilers, I’ve given you everything I know up to this point. Hopefully I’ll be hearing more soon, but I just never know when I’m gonna get info. I have feelers out on a few things. Will report back if I hear anything.

    Today’s Daily Roundup is now up. Just know with my new podcast platform, I can schedule my podcast for any release time I want (I think I could … Continue reading

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    Podcast #295 – Interview with Suzana Somers, Creator of the @BachelorData IG Account


    One of my favorite podcasts guests to have on, Suzana Somers from the @BachelorData IG account, joins us today. We’re 4 days into the new season and Suzana is producing content like no other on her page. The data she compiles regarding this show is such a helpful watching tool when it comes to this show. So much good information on first impression rose statistics, hugging, IG vs TikTok, relationship success, etc. We cover it all, and then some in today’s podcast. Lets not forget as well who was the first person to have Suzana on a podcast. That’s right, yours truly. I’ll never let her forget that. She has since blown up as you see her in interviews everywhere, and deservedly so. No one on the internet is producing the type of content that she is regarding this show. So much respect for what she’s built with her brand, and she’ll always be welcome on the show. Also, I’ve included today’s Daily Roundup below as I give … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Rose Ceremony #3 Questions, & My Two Cents on the Nick/Natalie/Katie Beef

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I have a feeling that today might be adding on to a little bit of a firestorm that has started the last couple days, but hey, I feel absolutely inclined to add my two cents to the situation at hand, because I think people are forgetting something major when it comes to this whole Nick/Natalie/Katie ordeal. And I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face. Please take the time to actually listen to what the arguments are on both sides and what both sides said, and not just go off hearsay, or soundbites you may have heard online. Listen to what Katie said on her TikTok live, listen to Nick/Natalie’s response on his podcast, then form your opinion. I think I know where most people will lean once they do, but still, take the time to listen to each of their stances and go from there. I listened to the first 20 minutes of his pod, because I really wanted to know what they were so … Continue reading

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