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    Podcast #188 – Interview with Marquel Martin


    Been doing these podcasts for 3.5 years now and today is a first. Marquel Martin is the first person from Andi Dorfman’s season that’s been on the podcast. I didn’t even realize that until I started doing prep for the interview, so it was good to talk to someone from that season, and Marquel definitely has a lot to say. Loved this conversation with him recapping a season I’ve never covered in a podcast before, but also his thoughts on why he was passed up for the “Bachelor” in 2014, including an article he wrote at the time which he brought to light a couple weeks ago right before Matt James was named the next “Bachelor.” A very enlightening conversation that I think you’ll really like from someone who has pretty much distanced himself from the franchise since he left the show. You don’t see him on any reunion shows and you really don’t see him hanging with any former contestants either. As always, if you’d like to … Continue reading

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    Podcast #187 – Interview with ESPN’s Clinton Yates

    Photo Credit: @dawndhi

    Sometimes you’re sitting around just watching TV and the next thing you know, a day later the person you’re watching is recording a podcast with you. Pretty much how this weeks guest came about as we’re joined for the first time by the very insightful Clinton Yates from ESPN. You’ve seen him on “Around the Horn,” as a writer for, along with numerous other appearances on some of ESPN’s platforms. I had no idea Clinton even followed me on Twitter until Monday, so I assumed he watched or was a least somewhat of a fan of the “Bachelor.” And once I realized he was, I knew he would have a strong take on the lack of diversity on this show. A very interesting conversation with Clinton and his thoughts in regards to the franchise overall, including the recent announcement of Matt James as the next “Bachelor.” We also dive into the main issues surrounding the return of the NBA, MLB, and NFL. As always, if you’d like … Continue reading

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    Podcast #186 – Interview with Lacey Mark


    Back to talking some “Bachelor” this week as we’re joined by Lacey Mark from Nick’s season and BIP 4. She wasn’t around too long on Nick’s season, but she made it to the end of BIP in a relationship with Daniel Maguire – or so she thought. She rehashes what happened, how they were an “item” before the season even began, and what changed during their overnight date among other things. A lot of fun getting caught up with a contestant from the past that hasn’t done many interviews in a while. Before her, I discuss a few things going on in Bachelor Nation including my thoughts on Rachel and Becca’s podcast earlier this week. There are so many good podcasts out there now discussing the racial divide in this country, and hopefully next week I’ll be back talking about it with a former black contestant from this show. But wanted to take a break for a week to talk to someone I’d never spoken with before. As … Continue reading

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