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    Podcast #364 – Interview with Rachel Reilly, “Big Brother” Season 13 Winner


    Being that it’s “Big Brother” finale night, gotta have a former winner on the show this week so it’s great to bring back Rachel Reilly to the podcast. She was on when “Traitors” season 1 first dropped to talk about her time on that. There are spoilers in today’s episode in case you don’t know who won HOH 1 and HOH 2 that have already taken place. The winners of those two HOH’s face off tonight for the right to win the final HOH of the season and determine who sits next to them in the final 2. I’ve got some thoughts on it as well as Rachel and we break down all the scenarios for tonight, Cirie, AFP, her time on both BB and “Amazing Race,” and much, much more. Before all that, I briefly talk about what’s on the “Daily Roundup” earlier today where a former Bachelor producer is spilling tea on her podcast regarding her ex along with some juicy stories regarding contestants from the … Continue reading

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    Podcast #363 – Interview with “She’s All Bach” Hosts, Stefanie Parker and Jackie Maroney


    Another fun conversation today with the women of the “She’s All Bach” podcast, Stefanie Parker and Jackie Maroney. Talking some Bachelor in Paradise, Golden Bachelor, the issues they’re having with an advertiser that won’t pay even though there’s a signed contract, and the unfortunate passing of Matthew Perry. This was recorded on Monday, so, there has been a statement released by the other 5 “Friends” cast members since, which is something I had wondered about at the time. The Golden Bachelor TV schedule has been released for the rest of the season and I talk about that to kick off the podcast. Also, if you keep scrolling below, you’ll see that I finally put together the “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers that I know for this season. It doesn’t cover everyone, these are just the spoilers that I know. Anything more I find out, I’ll add on social media in the next few weeks. Remember, most of these spoilers have been out since I posted back on July 17th, … Continue reading

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    Podcast #362 – Interview with Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” Podcast


    Another great conversation today with Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” podcast. Always like having her on every few months for a few things: 1) to let me know what good documentaries are out there, and 2) to fill me in on a Real Housewives couple I know nothing about other than reading headlines about them, and today is no different. Because I watch DWTS and see some of the tabloid headlines, I’ve become interested in Mauricio and Kyle’s marriage. Or, well I guess their separation now. Kate breaks it down like only she can since I’m invested now, yet, completely confused as to what’s going on. What’s their backstory? What’s their future? Is she dating a woman? Why is he dedicating dances to her when she doesn’t even show up or seemingly acknowledge it? So bizarre, yet, I need all the answers to these questions. Kate does her best to give it to me. Also a little VPump Rules talk and then on to some documentaries. Thanks … Continue reading

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