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    Podcast #169 – Interview with the “Chatty Broads,” Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose & (EXCLUSIVE) “Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart” Finale Spoilers


    Been a while since I had Bekah Martinez on the podcast. Last time she was on, she hadn’t even had her daughter Ruth yet. Now Ruth just turned 1 and Bekah is pregnant with baby #2, so I figured lets have her and her podcast co-host Jess Ambrose of the “Chatty Broads” on to talk a little “Bachelor.” Both women have some strong opinions on Peter’s women and his season and we also discuss some “Bachelorette” candidates moving forward. Also, you’ll hear me towards the end of the podcast fill them in on “Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,” which they weren’t all that familiar with. Little did I know, the finale filmed last night in Nashville, I was made aware of them late last night, so I threw them in there BEFORE you hear from Bekah and Jess, just so you’re not confused why I didn’t bring the spoilers up to them. Those spoilers are also below if you want to know what happens, who won, and who … Continue reading

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    Podcast #168 – Interview with Dalton Ross of on “Survivor 40: Winners at War” & Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode


    We’re only six days away from the premiere of “Survivor 40: Winners at War” and what better person to bring on the podcast than Dalton Ross of He and Stephen Fishbach are my two go-to guys for all things “Survivor” and Dalton definitely doesn’t disappoint today. He is an encyclopedia when it comes to this show and how easy and effortless he can recall past seasons, past storylines, etc is awesome. One of my favorite podcast guests to have on, and coming up on arguably the most anticipated “Survivor” season ever, it was great to get his insight. Remember, he goes out to filming pre-show and gets to interview all the contestants, and you can see all the effort he puts into his coverage on Nobody tackles this show like Dalton does and his work is second to none on “Survivor.” I hope if you’re a fan of this show as I am, you are reading Dalton’s stuff daily leading up to the premiere, and then … Continue reading

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    Podcast #167 – Interview with “Temptation Island” Host Mark Walberg


    For the first time in I think forever, I have about the next 5-6 podcasts set up and ready to go. I haven’t recorded them yet, but I have people lined up and scheduled. Granted, things could happen and they cancel or postpone, but I’d be surprised if that happened. Got some really good ones I’m excited about and one major exclusive upcoming, so stay tuned. But today, we wrap up “Temptation Island” season 2 with host Mark Walberg, who we have on at the beginning and end of every season. Our schedules have prevented us from getting together until this week, but Mark is about as solid of an interview as there is out there. While he’s never going to lay into the contestants being the host of the show, he also provides a perspective that most of us never think of or never see. With that said, you can see where he stands on a lot of the contestants and their actions either during or post-filming. … Continue reading

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