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    Podcast #357 – Interview with Cheryl Burke from “Dancing with the Stars”


    A first for the Reality Steve podcast and I couldn’t be more excited. First time ever I’ve had one of the pros on from DWTS as Cheryl Burke joins me this week. An interview that was basically 4 months in the making since I reached out to her PR team back in May looking to have her on, they got back to me and told me she’d be available this summer, I had my doubts it was gonna happen but they stuck to their word and here we are today. Can’t wait for you all to listen to it as Cheryl, recently retired from DWTS, has launched her own podcast this week called “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans.” We talk about that and dive into … Continue reading

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    Podcast #356 – Interview with Kelly Jo Higgins, Runner-Up on Bob Guiney’s Season


    Trip down memory lane once again as we visit with Bachelor season 4 runner-up Kelly Jo Higgins. This all came about after Vice’s “Darker Side of the 2000’s” special ran a few weeks ago and Kelly Jo was one of the 6 featured people they interviewed for the show. We cover a lot of things that happened on her season, including how much the show has changed since she was on it, what Bob told her at the time, what she’s been up to since then, and much, much more. Before all that, I give a little preview regarding next weeks podcast that I recorded yesterday with Cheryl Burke from “Dancing with the Stars.” What a great episode. She’s a fascinating interview with an incredible … Continue reading

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    Podcast #354 – Interview with Casey Costa from “The Big D”


    Another fun podcast this week with Casey Costa from “The Big D,” as it’s the first of two consecutive podcasts with her. Today we just stick to what happened specifically on the show and what went on there from how she got cast, her ex-husband Brooks and their relationship, did she think she’d win with Ben, what their relationship was after the show, etc. Then next week, we’ll dive way deep into her background and upbringing which, for lack of a better phrase, was a childhood from hell. There’s no other way around it. She self-published a book that came out in May called “Cinderella Girl” and we’ll discuss all of that in Part 2 of next weeks pod. Buckle up for that one because … Continue reading

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