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    “Reader Emails,” Trivia Contest Questions and Answers, & Another “Bachelor in Paradise” Update


    Another crazy day yesterday to say the least. So many stories coming out now, and I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. This is gonna be one of those things where I think you’re going to hear something new almost every day. Whether big or small, somebody will write something in regards to “Bachelor in Paradise” that’s a new twist/slant/made up story that’s gonna give this thing legs. Right now it’s essentially a holding pattern until ABC completes their investigation into what exactly happened and what course they’re going to take moving forward. As I discussed in the post yesterday, and in both podcast appearances I did yesterday on Juliet Litman’s “Bachelor Party” podcast and the Huffington Post’s “Here To Make Friends” podcast, I think “Bachelor in Paradise” as we know it is done. But I definitely think they’ll come up with a new summer show next season. There will be outlets who are careless with what they’re reporting, which is to be expected in a major story … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 4

    “Reader Emails” and Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Original Cast is Released

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    Very interesting how Ben & Lauren are handling the break up. Ben went and started doing a podcast with Ashley, and Lauren is giving her thoughts, piece by piece to I haven’t listened to Ben’s podcast, I’ve just read the excerpts that the media is reporting, and it looks like he’s not spending too much time talking about the breakup, but I have a feeling that the reason Lauren is speaking out now is BECAUSE Ben did a podcast. If he didn’t have that medium, my guess is she would’ve stayed silent. And not that she’s trashing him because she isn’t, but she’s definitely letting people in on a few things that hadn’t really been talked about publicly. Like today’s piece where she talked about how hurt she was having to re-live Ben telling JoJo he loved her too. That was always awkward to everyone involved I’m sure. Then to have JoJo and Jordan appear on their show with them and have a sit down … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” and Tons of “Bachelor in Paradise” Info


    Yes, today is my birthday. I had my pick of restaurants to do family dinner at tonight. Which steakhouse do I choose? Or do I go old school and go with Olive Garden? Nope. For some crazy ass reason, I’ve been craving Benihana’s for like a month. So that’s what it is. I get the beating heart rice, the smoking volcano, and the choo choo train tonight. Weeeeeeee!!! Nicholas and Olivia have never been there and I’m sure will hate it. He already asked if they have pizza there. Ummmm, no. And since they don’t eat anything besides pizza, burgers, and mac-n-cheese, they might have some slim pickings over what they’ll be eating tonight. But I’m excited for my Benihana Trio which is basically making me salivate as we speak. Anyway, I cannot wait for you all to hear tomorrow’s Podcast #28 with Lesley Murphy. An amazing woman who’s been through a lot the last few months having undergone a double mastectomy. We talk about so many things … Continue reading

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