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    “Reader Emails,” Jason Speaks Out on Possibly Being the “Bachelor,” & Podcast Guest for Tomorrow

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We’re getting down to the wire of things here on the “Bachelorette,” which means that I fully want to prepare you for the barrage of tabloid stories that are sure to come out. I don’t know what they’re going to say, but almost all will be fabricated stories that are designed to be click bait. I ask that you actually read the stories first, then go back and look at the title and say to yourself, “Did the story really follow through on what the title said?” 95% of them won’t. That’s just the way that business works. I think there already was one of Becca on the cover of one of the mags and the caption read “Dumped Again!” Well, she hasn’t been dumped and she’s still engaged, so that’s the kinda thing I’m talking about. I didn’t read the story, but I’m venturing to guess that the story alludes to maybe it’ll happen at some point. Kind of a major jump from “Dumped Again!” to “Well…maybe…sorta…we’re … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Tabloids, & the Social Media Hate Continues

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Yesterday sure was a fun day. The trolls came out in full force on Tia. She’d been off social media for about a week because she knew what was coming on Monday’s episode, and it was probably a good idea. Not to mention, the timing of what happened yesterday, just hours after I’d posted about why people have to spew so much hate towards contestants is mind boggling. Apparently a few people didn’t get that message. Of course you’re allowed to question Tia’s actions on the show, why she came back, why she couldn’t let Colton go, is she being a good friend to Becca by confronting her with that right before the rose ceremony – all totally valid points. Hell, I said the exact thing in yesterday’s column because I had those questions myself. You go on this show, you open yourself up to criticism. And it happens from everywhere. I criticize a lot of people on this show for their actions. But never in a million … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Virginia Loves the “Bachelorette,” & a “Grease 2” Death

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Man, what a rough day on Monday. Did you see the tragic news of Tab Hunter’s death? Now maybe the name doesn’t immediately strike you, but any “Grease 2” fans out there should know him as Mr. Stuart, he being the originator of one of the greatest songs in cinematic history “Reproduction.” When I went down my rabbit hole of “Grease 2” a few months ago, I was fascinated to find how many people, like myself, love that movie. Like, there have been articles written about how much better it is than the original, even though it clearly got less fanfare. Hell, I think most people don’t even know there was a “Grease 2” that was released. I guess our subculture that are “Grease 2” diehards will always have each other to lean on during these tough times. I was pretty amazed though at the amount of love that movie gets in the “underworld” of the internet. I mean, you really gotta go look for … Continue reading

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