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    “Reader Emails,” & Quick WTA Recap

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    On a normal week of “Reader Emails,” I usually post anywhere between 30-35 emails. That’s usually where it ends up being. Some weeks a little more, some a little less. If I were to have posted every email I’ve got in the last 24 hours, this week’s “Reader Emails” would’ve easily been over 250 emails. There was no way I was gonna do that many emails. There was a lot of the same stuff repeated in them, so I tried to make each email separate. There’s a few repeaters, but trust me, if I would’ve posted everything, it would’ve been the same 3 topics over and over: Cassie’s dad, Colton and Cassie’s breakup, and Bachelorette Hannah B. I can’t remember the last time I received that many emails in a 24 hr period. It was nuts. I appreciate all the interest, but a lot of you probably aren’t going to see your email in here this week for no other reason than I wasn’t going to answer over … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Temptation Island” Gets a Season 2 Pick-Up, & The Matt Daddy Randolph

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    A lot of “Reader Emails” this week. Probably our biggest batch of the season I believe, which I guess I expected since we’re at the end, and a lot was thrown at you in yesterday’s column in regards to the spoilers on next week’s episode, along with your WTA spoilers. However, the #1 question I got this week, and I’m stunned that this came up repeatedly, was some form of, “How did Cassie’s dad get to Portugal? Like, did producers set that up?” I’m still surprised after 17 years and 37 seasons on the air that people have questions like this. I guess maybe I shouldn’t be. Easily that question came across in at least 10 emails this week, so I took a lot of them out. Just know that nothing on this show happens organically. Of course it was set up by production. Did people really think The Matt Daddy just booked his own plane ticket, walked on set, and just asked around, “Hey, where’s my daughter? … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, IG Live, Colton on Kaitlyn’s Podcast, & Temptation Island

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    I’m know a few of you saw last week that I did an IG live to go over the spoilers the rest of the season. Anyone who follows me knows I’m not a huge IG guy at all. Not for me. So that was the first IG live I’ve ever done. Felt it was necessary after last Monday’s episode that had the crazy teaser for the rest of the season that confused a lot of you. Rather than write it all out again, I figured I would address it verbally and explain what I know and what I don’t know for the remainder of the season. Afterwards, people said I should do those more often, and I’m sure I’ll eventually do another one at some point, but honestly, that platform kinda sucks for answering questions. I can only see I believe about 4-5 bars at a time. So if a question gets asked, and I take more than 5 seconds to answer that question (which I usually do), … Continue reading

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