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    (EXCLUSIVE) First Look at Some of Nick’s Women on the Next “Bachelor”

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    The day has finally come. The day you’ve all been waiting for. You know, the one where I post the first pictures of some of Nick’s girls for next season’s “Bachelor,” everyone pre-judges them, makes their own assumptions, thinks they know how long each girl will last based on some picture I find on their Facebook page and is inevitably wrong. Yeah, that day. Let the pre-judging of women you don’t know begin! I hope these girls have thick skin. I know their phones have been taken away and they aren’t reading this, so I’ll probably repeat it once filming is over, but a disclaimer for all the girls on the show. People are going to judge you. NON. STOP. You can have the most gorgeous hair/dress/makeup/smile whatever, and there will be people out there in internet troll land who will do nothing but make fun of you for every little thing you say/do/wear, etc. Just get used to it. This shouldn’t be news to anyone who watches, … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 9/14 Incl Nick Shooting Part of Intro Video in Wisconsin Yesterday

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    Ahhhhhh, “Daily Links” is back. Did you miss it? I sure did. This column for the next 3 ½ months will have links every day (except for the weekend) on all your happenings in entertainment/pop culture/celebrity gossip with a little sports thrown in. Consider it your daily newspaper to keep you in the loop of all things happening in the entertainment world. I just find the links to the top headline stories happening and then throw in my own two cents on what I think of them. Something I’ve always loved doing. Yes, once Nick’s season begins filming shortly, any time I have news regarding that, I will always include it at the top of the column. Once I start releasing the women on his season, you will know immediately. So follow me on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page (Reality Steve), and you’ll be notified any time there is new information I’m posting regarding the next “Bachelor” season. Even yesterday, we had our first sighting of Nick … Continue reading

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