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    Daily Links – 10/18 Incl Where is Nick Headed?

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    Been kinda quiet on the “Bachelor” front in recent days. Well, publicly that is. When I say “quiet,” that means that nothing got out on social media the last couple days they were in New Orleans. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear what happened. The way I look at it is this: Stuff that gets “spoiled” on Twitter and Instagram by the masses, while still being considered a “spoiler,” it’s very low on the scale because anyone can see it. I don’t consider myself the authority on the “Bachelor” spoilers when I’m retweeting something that someone posted. That’s not what you come to this site for. All I’m doing is taking the time to look for it and having two eyeballs. Anyone can spoil that part if they just took the time to search the internet. But I realize not everyone is afforded that time, nor probably wants to, so that’s part of my “job.” I think you come here for the things that AREN’T easily accessible … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE): More Nick Contestants, & Who Got the First Impression Rose?

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    There are a lot of people with an opinion about Nick as the next “Bachelor,” – some good, some bad. That’s expected. Would’ve been that way whoever they chose. I don’t have a problem with Nick as the “Bachelor” at all. It’s a job to me. Who they choose is the least of my concerns. The fact that Nick has been around the franchise 3 times previous, it’s safe to say I’ve established some very good sources when it comes to him. Lets make one thing perfectly clear: Nick is all about Nick. Always has been. He’s got a very healthy ego that’s increased ten fold since he began in this franchise. He’s even admitted it in past interviews that he knows he can be an a**hole at times. He’s relishing being the “Bachelor.” He’s wanted this role for three years now. So the “awww shucks” attitude is an act. The guy moved to LA and has been taking acting classes. He’s lied in numerous interviews about things, … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE): Today’s 1-on-1 Date in New Orleans, & More Contestants

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    Recovering from being a bit under the weather, I’m finally getting around to putting together the profiles of Nick’s women that I’ve had for a few weeks now. It’s not that it’s hard to actually put them together, it’s just time consuming with formatting, linking, etc. And sometimes I just get lazy. I still have 7 more girls I haven’t posted yet, which means I’ve got 21 of the 25 (I believe) women for the season. Now, some of these girls I’ve already given you and are giving you today, are already home. It’s pretty obvious who it is based on their social media activity. Any of them that you want to follow and check on, I include their social media links so be my guest. Knowing that they’re home I guess is a mini spoiler, but I’m more interested in the when and how they went home, and that’s what I’ll deliver for you when I post the episode-by-episode spoilers. This season is going along like a … Continue reading

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