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Podcast #17 – Interview with Sharleen Joynt, Also “Reader Emails,” and “Dr. Reality Steve”

In going back and listening to podcast #17 with Sharleen to get the time stamps, I realized I said something in the very beginning that might throw some people off. When I introduce Sharleen I said I was “saving the best for last.” This certainly isn’t the last podcast. The podcasts will continue to be released every Thursday in the immediate future. Next week’s guest is an interesting one, someone from the franchise, someone I’ve always wanted to talk to, and one I think you’ll all be interested. To say they made an impact would be an understatement. Anyway, all the guests so far have been great. What I meant when introducing Sharleen is that she was the #1 requested guest to get by you listeners, and she can offer the most unique perspective on Nick since they are friends. I wanted to make sure I put her on the last podcast to wrap up Nick’s season, not my podcasts in general. Sharleen was a really interesting person to interview because, yet again, I think it’s another person you have a vision of through what you see on TV and she comes across completely different. I think you’ll love her in this podcast. Yes, it’s 2 hours and I promise I’ll try and make these shorter in the future, but when these people get on a roll, I just don’t feel like stopping them. We had a goo 30 min talk on Nick where she and I disagreed on basically everything about him, the finale, Vanessa, etc. It makes for an interesting listen that’s for sure. Anyway, any comments/reaction about the interview, be sure to include @SharleenJoynt on Twitter in your replies so she can see it too. You don’t wanna miss this one.

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(SPOILERS) Sharleen joins me to talk about how she initally applied for the show, the perception she gave off (6:15), receiving the first impression rose (8:40), her singing on her 1-on-1 in South Korea (10:56), setting the record straight about her eliminating herself in Miami (18:10), her recaps and blog (26:08), the balance between befriending contestants and writing about them (31:34), Instagram product endorsements (35:50), her fiance Andy joins in to tell us how they met (50:03), the relationship between contestants and producers (54:53), we disagree for next 30+ minutes on practically everything regarding Nick (1:00:00), and finally end with Rapid 10 (1:32:32) that isn’t quite so rapid.

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Flare Magazine recaps: Bachelor Finale

I’m pretty sure filming starts tonight for Rachel’s season of the “Bachelorette.” If I can get it confirmed before tonight, I’ll tweet it out. If not, it’ll be obvious based on Fleiss, Robert Mills, and/or Chris Harrison’s tweets. They always tweet about night one, so I don’t think tonight would be any different if it is the night they begin. I’m pretty sure it is. On the off chance it isn’t, that means filming begins tomorrow. Date on Saturday at the La Quinta Resort is still happening as far as I know. This was posted on the @TheBachelorTV twitter account yesterday for a group date Monday:

It’s interesting on two fronts: 1) Kareem heavily criticized the franchise in a guest column he wrote the day of Nick’s premiere, and 2) kinda confuses the schedule a little bit as I heard Saturday in La Quinta was a 1-on-1 date. I guess we’ll know when we know, but now I’m unclear of what is shooting when. Maybe Saturday is a group date? Maybe it’s a 1-on-1, that’s the first date of the season, and Sunday AND Monday are group dates? We’ll find out soon enough.

One more day to sign up for the Reality Steve’s Bracket Challenge. It’s free and there’s a prize at the end. Just glancing at the numbers, I see a lot of you used your full allotment and entered up to 5 entries. We’ve easily got over a 1,000 in this pool right now. Damn, maybe I should’ve charged $5 or something and we would’ve had a nice interesting pot this season. Maybe next time. But good luck to everyone. I think I can send a group message on that thing, so I’ll do that once everything begins tomorrow and I’ll reveal what the prize is. Nothing huge, but hey, you didn’t pay for it. Just know I’m doing this out of my own pocket for the winner.

As you know, I’m headed to Vegas later today, so there will be no columns the rest of the week. I will update any info I have on Rachel’s season on Twitter whenever I can this weekend. I just never know when that’ll be, so just be patient. As for the schedule going forward, the plan is to start “Daily Links” back up on Monday, but that’s up in the air. It will start back up again at some point, I know that. Whatever the case is for the next two months until “Bachelorette” begins on May 22nd, there will still be a podcast released every Thursday. So don’t miss out on those. Again, thanks everyone again for another successful season, I hope I could entertain you the best I could, and I look forward to Rachel’s upcoming season of the “Bachelorette.” Now, time to bring Vegas to their knees this weekend. UPSET SPECIAL #1: 2nd game Thursday morning, UNC Wilmington (+ 7 1/2). Just know if that doesn’t win, I’ll be in a pissy mood probably for the whole weekend. Lets do this!

Here are your final “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” for the season. Enjoy…



I came across your page because you were mentioned in an article I read on POPSUGAR I believe. In any case, I’m really excited to have come across it.

Why do you think Rachel wants to be Bachelorette? It blows my mind when someone with a great career track gives it all up for “fame”. I took her as the type who would want to maintain her career. Guess I was wrong but why go through all the trouble and studying only to throw it all out the window for “fame”? The thing is, you have people like Vanessa who say “I want to stay in Canada it’s where my class is” or whatever the case may be, but it’s like did you not think of this before? I guess it is an act. We have no idea if Rachel is out for fame. I don’t fault anyone for taking the lead role. It’s a cool gig. You get a paid vacation where a bunch of suitors all want to be with you. We won’t know til after the fact what Rachel’s intentions really are.

What is the appeal with Raven? I find her not that attractive and her voice and the things she says are cringe worthy and awkward. Maybe I’m just mean. Beauty is always subjective. While you may think that, others don’t.

How come no one talks about Jen S. and how Nick dumped her to be Bachelor? (Maybe you have mentioned his before but I’m new here.) I think Jen would make a great Bachelorette. I’ve mentioned it numerous times. Basically got swept under the rug because the Nick as “Bachelor” announcement shocked everyone.

Do you think the people on BIP are actually falling in love? We did get a marriage out of it with Tanner and Jade, who are now pregnant. So I guess it can work, but they’re still the exception and not the norm.

Do you think they will ever have a plus sized girl on the show? They are always screaming about diversity but all the contestants seem to be of the same body type.


Comment: That’s probably not going to happen. They did cast a plus sized model on Chris Soules’ season – and she got eliminated the first night. So that might be your answer.

Hi Steve,

Despite reading for several years and having thought many times about writing in, nothing has every actually gotten me to do it except for the email last week and this week from the reader who hasn’t watched the Bachelor since 2009. I just wanted to let you know you have at least two completely weird readers, because despite reading every column, watching most of the video chats and listening to the Podcasts, I haven’t watched since Brad 2.0 in 2011. I first found your site googling for spoilers during Ali’s season, which was the first season I watched, because I am impatient and always want to know the ending of things (according to my husband anyhow). I really enjoyed your writing, the sarcasm and behind the scenes info, but I just don’t have time to watch the show and I really get a lot more entertainment value from your columns. I also wanted to add that I started watching Friday Night Lights based on your recommendation and enjoyed it (still need to finish it-but you can add another one to your tally) and I also bought and read Courtney’s book based on your review of it and enjoyed it. I have really enjoyed the podcasts and think they are much better than the video chats-keep up the good work!

Comment: Looks like I’m doing something right. Thank you.

Hey Steve,

1) The shots of Raven jumping around looking happy after the overnight seem to be B roll taken before their date during the daytime portion. That would make the most sense as to why she did that – they told her to do those things to show how happy she was to be there or something dumb like that. Just my thoughts. I disagree.

2) Nick should take an acting class from Danielle L. She’s good. For someone who probably spent less than 10 hours with him total that was a pretty impressive (albeit totally unnecessary) display of “emotion”. She definitely knows what she’s doing. Apparently dating Luke Pell according to him.

3) I could help but feel during Rachel’s overnight that when he dumped her, he or the producers had already told her/knew that she was going to be the Bachelorette. The emotion between them and explanation he gave her all seemed off. Thoughts? We’ll never know.

4) When do ABC’s rights to Shawn and Kaitlyn’s wedding wear off? 2 years.

5) You mentioned you thought Andi sold people out in her book and on the other hand, you seem very interested/supportive of Courtney’s book. What do you see as the difference between the two?

Thanks for doing what you do! Looking forward to this mess of a season finally being over so we can move on and finally watch an intelligent adult on this show.

Comment: I haven’t read Andi’s book, so I can’t comment specifically to hers, but from what I heard, her book wasn’t funny or humorous. With that said, as much as I liked Courtney’s book, was it harsh on Ben and his family, specifically his mom? Absolutely. Would I have written that book? No. But I get why both of them did.

Hey Steve I’m back again. With another question. First though let me just say I am so disappointed by the amount of editing that they did for Vanessa. because of the extreme amount of editing I feel like I can’t even tell that there was a love story between Nick and her. Every show this season was about Corrine and the drama between the girls so you can’t even pretend that there was a love story developing between those two people- they’re rarely shown together, they’re never talking, etc. I think about it before these final three if you added up what time vanessa and nick are in the same screen frame it’s probably less than an hour. If she was the jerk as you’ve insinuated I would have rather seen that and seen the complexities of the character rather than have her being mysteriously absent in basically every episode. You mentioned wanting a love story. I say this every season. You’re watching the wrong show if you’re looking for a love story. There’s no point to complain about not getting a love story when that’s not what this show cares about.


My question is actually about “connections”. One of the strongest connections I think ever saw was with Andrew Firestone and Jen. You could just tell that he was really really into her. The same with Jake and Vienna. Even though those relationships imploded later it was clear the people were being real. I believe that the connection between Nick and Katlin was real. You could see they were strongly attracted to each other and you could tell that their kisses were legitimate. they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. To me, during this season there’s no one who Nick has a real connection with. I’m not saying true love was actually felt in the prior cases, I just mean real attraction and desire and interest. In your opinion (all the editing a side) is there any woman who Nick had a legitimate connection with this season even if we viewers were never shown it? To me they all seemed forced this time around.

Comment: I don’t pay attention to that stuff. It’s irrelevant to me. It’s a TV show. Trying to study who kissed who with more passion and who liked who more is something I could not care less about. It’s not what I watch the show for.

Really enjoyed Michelle’s very thorough interview with you. You really opened up about so many things. Thanks for letting us, your readers, all get to know you, as a person.

I was surprised that the topic of your well loved dog, Maddie, did not come up. I am a fellow dog lover, who has lost two precious dogs to cancer. I know it was a huge loss for you, and wonder if you have thought about getting another dog, at some point, when you feel you are ready.

Comment: Have I thought about it? Yes. Have I gotten one? No. And I don’t know if I ever will. I really don’t know. If I do, I doubt it will be anytime soon.

Hi Steve! Loved Michelle’s podcasts (both). I have a sister who we adopted, so it really hit home about the other side of adoption.

That being said, I’ve been a pretty constant reader since Sean’s year-round so thought it was interesting when you said the spike was that season so I thought I’d share my reasoning. I stumbled upon you for Sean’s season is because I enjoy “guessing” reality tv. The editing of early episodes in shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Bachelor/Bachelorette were all pretty obvious to me, at least those who made final three, and my family and I would always play a guessing game to who’s getting the winner edit. This is the first season I didn’t see where the edit was going, and to be honest, 4 episodes in when I looked up the winner, I had no clue who “Catherine” was. No question, but I’d be curious if others felt the same way!

Comment: I’m really not sure what happened that season. Could it have been attributed to that? It’s possible I guess. But that season was definitely an anomaly.

Hey Steve!

I was watching a YouTube (TV Fights by Screen Junkies) while washing the dishes today and they had a Bachelor edition, on which Brooks (a last minute substitute I believe), Ashley I, her sister Lauren, and Jared answered questions like “Who was the best Bachelor/ette”, “Which TV character should go on the show”, “What was the most shocking moment”, etc. It was a debate format so they had to justify themselves and there was a “winner” for each question as well. My god did the trainwreck emotional volatility of the Jared/Ashley friendship unravel as it went on. There was a question over which contestant should get a chance to be the Bachelor/ette and without a second’s hesitation, Ashley volunteered herself, followed by Jared volunteering himself. Ashley said she’s never had a boyfriend so it’s about time, she’s a fan favorite, and every girl’s favorite because she’s so relatable (uh…what?), and she will show a “big variety” of emotion. Jared then LAYS into her telling her girls love her but guys don’t because she cries too much. Because she sabotaged his relationships on BIP2 because she was too obsessed with him so they brought him back for BIP3, and she sabotaged his relationship with Caila there, he should be the Bachelor without her there so he can finally fall in love. Ashley then contested that people don’t care about Jared, they care about her and Ashley/Jared as a couple, so they don’t want to “see you with any other bitches”. Brooks, the hosts, and Ashley’s sister Lauren all looked absolutely horrified and transfixed as this was going on.

Anyways, just thought you/your readers might be interested in the garbage trainwreck that scene was, experiencing all the schadenfreude and serious cringe without having to watch the video. Their relationship is so messed up and toxic, that both should drop each other as friends ASAP- Jared because Ashley is obsessive and will ruin any healthy female romantic relationship or even friendship he might ever have in his life, and Ashley because it’s obvious Jared is keeping her around just as an ego boost to himself that a hot girl he’s not into is into him. Yikes.

Comment: I’m surprised your head didn’t explode watching that.

Greetings Steve,

I’m always amazed at the details you find out about this show. While I want to be surprised by the outcome, I know it’s not always as real as it can be, perhaps not at all. And yet, I keep coming back for more!

Love the website and love the information you post!!

I find it so interesting and yet perplexing when you say time and time again that from the moment you step into the Bachelor Universe, you’re “owned” by the show.

My questions for you are as follows:

1. Have any contestants ever tried to sabotage the show? Has anyone auditioned for the show while presenting themselves in a particular way that was attractive to producers, and then did an entire 180 while on the show? No idea. And even if they did, producers would sniff it out and make them look worse.

2. As far as Nick goes, was it his idea to come back for Kaitlyn’s season or was it the producers’ idea? And so, could it be said that it was from that point where he was under the control of the show or was it truly from when he was on Andi’s season? Producers were aware of their relationship. I’m not privy to who made the call to who first.

3. Do you know if the same type of manipulation is found on the Canadian version of the show?

Comment: I couldn’t tell you one thing about the Canadian version, so I don’t know.

I really enjoyed the podcast yesterday. I like long format podcasts because I listen while I am working.

The one thing I wish Michelle had asked as follow-up was if you still stayed in touch with your high school basketball coach? Do you know what happen to him? Is he getting an invite to your wedding J? You know, it hit me when Michelle asked that about my HS coach. It’s probably been over 10 years since I had any contact with him. But his wife and I are friends on Facebook. I know he’s still in Southern California. Thank you for bringing it up, and it has been something I’ve thought about over they years. I absolutely am going to make sure it’s something I do in 2017 when I’m back in California this year. I would love to see coach and catch up.

I can see why Friday Night Lights is one of your favorite shows among so many reasons. You must be able to really relate to the players and Coach Taylor.

Have a good weekend!!

Comment: In a way, yeah, I can see that.

Hey Steve,

Long-time reader (and now listener), but first-time writer of a reader email.

What you shared with Michelle Money about how your voice and tone as a writer has evolved was super interesting. It’s appreciated that you are trying to make the internet a kinder place and not curse or solely focus on the way someone looks. The humility you showed in tearing apart your approach and motive in that sports post that led to you being fired was appreciated. Thanks. I’ll be the first to admit my early years of writing were brutal. I was 100x worse on the contestants than I am now. Part of it was being immature, the other part was knowing I didn’t have a huge following, and then the last part is just the culture we’re in now. Sure, I’ll say snarky things here and there about contestants now, but I’m way more tame than anything you’ll see in IG or Twitter comments these people get. Please. Life is too short to spend time doing stuff like that. I will make of the show until the end of time because it’s easy. And as hard as I was on Corinne this season, do I hate her? Do I want her dead? Of course not. She’s just a whiny spoiled brat in my opinion. There’s a difference.

I’m an avid What Watch Happens Live watcher, and last night (maybe you saw this or already heard about) Allison Williams and Samuel L Jackson were on Andy Cohen’s show. Which leads me to two questions:

Samuel L Jackson said his daughter, Zoe, is on the production staff now for The Bachelorette with Rachel. Evidently she’s produced a number of Bravo shows as well. Is the production company that does The Bachelor franchise well respected in the business? You share a lot of stories about producer manipulation, and in the reality TV world is that now just a given and even real celebrities accept being in the same entertainment business as these people and the way these shows are made? Makes me think a lot about actresses that go on to do reality TV (like Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson and Heather Dubrow). But I’m also summing that the “Housewives” producers aren’t nearly as manipulative as Bachelor producers. But I do think they all consume a lot of alcohol while being filmed. Respected? I don’t think any reality TV shows are “respected” in the industry, because they hate the fact reality TV takes away a lot of acting jobs.

Second question, Allison Williams admitted to being a big fan of The Bachelor franchise. What “real” celebrity surprises you the most as having said they regularly follow The Bachelor/Bachelorette? No celebrity surprises me anymore. I’m well aware of how far reaching this show’s audience gets.

And one last question… this week’s podcast was a super in-depth interview about a lot of you and your life. But in covering the shows, what was the favorite interview you did? As you explained with Michelle, you’ve been interviewed by NY Times and magazines, but did you enjoy the broadcast interviews more (the local Dallas stuff you’ve done v. national, etc)

Thanks! And have a blast in Vegas.

Comment: I think the NY Times piece was my favorite just because of who they are. To me, that was a pretty big deal to have that paper decide to do a feature story on me. And I thought Jon was very thorough and spent enough time and asking questions of me where it showed in the piece. The Jezebel one would be 2nd.

Hi Steve,

I just want to say that I absolutely loved your podcast where Michelle interviewed you. I read your site and listen to your podcasts even though I don’t watch The Bachelor. Reading your site and stalking Instagram’s is how I stay up on my Bachelor knowledge because I think the culture is fascinating but I don’t enjoy watching the actual show.

I have a couple of questions.

Who is your favorite person who does Bachelor recap podcasts? The only Bachelor related podcast I’ve listened to with any regularity is Juliet Litman’s on Channel 33. So I guess I pretty much have to say hers.

How do you feel about Kaitlyn speaking out against Mike Fleiss?

Comment: I’m glad she did. About time someone called him out on his BS.

Hey Steve!

Just listened to the podcast with Michelle Money. Good stuff and really enjoying these podcasts so appreciate you taking them on for us!

Was curious, when you were initially writing bachelor recaps, was your name or website called, “Reality Steve”? Did you have other options you were considering? If so, what were they if you don’t mind sharing?

Have a good weekend!

Comment: Interesting question. Hard to remember back over 10 years ago, but no, I don’t think I ever had anything pop into my head other than Reality Steve.

Hi Steve

I’m writing to you from the Middle East today. I can possibly say with a fair amount of confidence that I\ve gotta be your biggest fan in the region. Went to NYU a couple of years ago for a semester abroad and started watching the bachelor. But what I loved more was the process of how you spoiled it, week for week. it made the watching back experience more interesting to observe patterns and possibilities

So with regard to Nick, I’m probably one of the few that liked him since Andi’s season (was the first season of the show I watched). I had a few thoughts on Nick questions I wanted to ask you

So I liked Nick because he seemed kind of authentic, where in he had a fair amount of confidence in who is was, but also exposed his vulnerabilities, putting it all out there. And as much as I liked him, I think what he wants in an aspiration sense, the ideal marriage, family, epic love story etc. are all just concepts of how things should be. He doesn’t seem to know how to be in the moment, without overthinking possibilities and manipulating situations to derive some kind of outcome based on how he thinks things should be going. It seems like he means well and that he’s really trying, but the talk and the walk are polar opposite.

The other thing is, what set him apart was his ability to be himself and do what he wanted and that sort of drew both positive and negative attention towards him. But it was still more authentic than this diplomatic version he’s learned to refine for the sake of bachelor nation approval. It’s getting very irritating to watch the rehearsed interviews. I kinda wanna shake him up and say dude, just be real about what you want and what you’re thinking! You’re never going to accept yourself if others are your standard of measure. Wonder why nick doesn’t get it! (just an idealistic and hopeful fan wishing for unlikely miracles) A brilliant dissection of him. Couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for hearing the lengthy rant. Here are my questions

1) You mentioned on several occasions that you have your reasons for disliking Nick and questioning his authenticity. I actually think even though you’re not a fan of the concept of finding love, you are unbiased in your reporting of events and people. So if you can’t tell us what the issue is, can you maybe tell us why you think it’s not ideal to share that information on a public forum? I mean how much worse can it be to all the stuff that happens in bachelor nation? Because it’s stuff I was told in confidence. Sharing it would ultimately out those people who gave it to me.

2) What’s the latest update on the Nick and Vanessa engagement? Is their editing of the two interacting a real reflection of what their relationship is like? or have the focused on, only the difficult conversations? All I know is they’re engaged and she’s moving to LA for DWTS.

3) I think Ben got a WAAY better edit than Nick, what are your thoughts? If yes, why do you think that is? I thought they wanted to help him with a redemption story? I thought they were both the same actually. I didn’t one getting a better one than the other. At least Nick didn’t tell the final two girls he was in love with them.

4) Seemed like Rachel and Nick had better chemistry than others in the final 3, do you think thats the edit, or likely to be true? Hard to tell. They only show us what they want us to see.

5) I watch unreal so I have a fair idea, but how is it that contestants remain friends with the producers if they recognize that the producers manipulated them a lot? They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Opportunities for future appearances and staying part of “Bachelor Nation” becomes too strong of an incentive to pass up.

6) Finally, Is there a duration after which past contestants can discuss things openly with you? In your experience, what is the most common reasons past contestants wanna come and talk to you?

Apologies for the extremely long e-mail! Thanks for the incredible spoilers!

Comment: Technically, I could email anyone on this show and ask if they want to come on the podcast. But I know the most recent ones will no doubt say no because they’re scared of the association with me. No one has reached out to me asking if they could be on, nor do I expect them to. And if they did, that wouldn’t sit well with me because I’d immediately think they had an agenda. Since it’s my podcast, I’m asking who I want on. And I’m asking them based on a variety of factors, most notably that I think the audience will find them interesting.

Hi Steve,

I have some comments and two questions. I’m getting them in early.

1) I know that for ABC to pay for Kaitlyn and Shawns wedding they have to be married before the two year mark. I feel like maybe ABC doesn’t want to pay for it because Kaitlyn ruined her season by spoiling it. I’ve heard Kaitlyn say that she would marry Shawn, but hasn’t been offered a wedding. And I guess now she won’t get a wedding paid for because of what was said about Mike Fleiss. She had every right to say what she did, but I’m thinking she pretty much burned the bridge by having her wedding paid for. However, I think Kaitlyn is better off by not having ABC have any control over her wedding and I personally love how she called Fleiss out on what he is. I agree. Once their two years are up (which should be this summer), then maybe they’ll start planning their own. I don’t know.

2) Someone mentioned that Taylor couldn’t get her job back as a mental health counselor, and maybe Taylor regrets that she went on that show. The thing with most of these contestants is that they only think of the present and don’t look what being on that show could do to their career after it. For some of them it helps them, but for some it made them look terrible. However, I guess they don’t care in the end of how bad it makes them look if they get fame after it. That’s where they lose grip on reality. Very few are thinking that far ahead. They’re living in the moment worrying about how many IG followers more than can get than the next person and how they can make money in the short term.

3) When you said that Andi would never agree to do your show because she would consider herself above it, I could see that. Girls typically from Atlanta are rude and think they’re better than most people. I know the ones I come into contact with are like that. I loved her first book, and will buy the next one, but I know deep down inside if we knew each other in real life that she would never even say hi to me because in my own opinion of her she would think I was below her and not worthy of her friendship. Uhhhhhh, ok. Hear that Atlanta women?

4) When there is a marriage, does ABC even control where they get married? If so, would they pay for the air fare for their friends and family who they would want to invite? I know in a normal wedding, the couple who gets married doesn’t pay for someone to come out to see them get married unless they really want them there. However, if the show is forcing them to get married at a certain location, wouldn’t they pay to have people flown out? I know if I was on the show and they told me I had to get married in California, then I would need them to fly out guest i would want to attend. Yes, ABC controls it. That’s why all of them have been in LA. From what I’ve heard, immediate family and wedding party’s flights and hotel are all paid for by ABC.

5) Do you think they cast some people on the show just because they would be great for Paradise? I know they would be good for The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but they would be gold for Paradise. Alexis thinks she got cast mainly for Paradise.

Comment: Absolutey 100%.

Hi Steve!

I LOVED this week’s podcast! I will admit, when I first saw it was almost 2.5 hours long, I thought “whoa!” but I do live in SoCal after all so a few commutes later, I listened to the whole thing. Michelle did such a great job with the questions! The rapid fire segments were brilliant because it broke up the tone of the interview. I even loved when she tried to hold you to one word answers. It totally made me wish I had watched her season. I watched the first couple seasons ever and stopped for literally years and only started again recently. I thought I learned a lot about you during podcast #1 but this interview was way better! I don’t know if Michelle interviews for a living but major props to her!!

I have to say, I was going crazy when you were talking about growing up in OC but not the OC people see on tv, and that you were on the border of OC & LA and next to Long Beach. I was thinking “hey, that’s where I live! No way Steve lived in my city.” And then you said Los Alamitos! That’s my city! Such a small world.

I’m not sure if you’ll answer this question but it’s one that I was hoping Michelle would ask. Have any of the people who send you spoilers (not your regulars but the ones who randomly see a filming in their town, etc) ever asked for something in return for the information? If so, what? And I’m guessing you told them no? If this hasn’t ever happened, what would you tell them if they did ask?

I know you won’t confirm and that’s okay but I do hope you’re in a relationship. Like Michelle said, you deserve to be happy!

Thanks Steve!

Comment: There have been a few that have asked if I paid for info, and then when I tell them no, they either peddle it to a tabloid or I never hear back. It happens, but it’s always been on smaller things. Like, in 8 years of spoiling, no one has ever come to me and said, “I know the ending, but I want ‘x’ for it.” Never happened and never will. It’s usually the public date stuff or something that in the grand scheme of things isn’t that big of deal. And I tell them that.


I hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for providing us all great entertainment. I am really enjoying the new podcasts. Keep them going!

I have a few questions:

(1) I am surprised how often contestants get bad edits (like Michelle) but then are willing to come back for Paradise. How do they continue to trust this franchise after feeling so manipulated? JJ talked about going on to redeem himself. Do you think that is why most go back? Yes.

(2) Thanks for suggestion to listen to Juliet’s podcast with Rob Mills. I feel like he almost admitted they meddled with who the lead gives roses to until the last 4. Did you get the same read? Do you believe him that once they get to that close to the end the producers don’t try to meddle. They absolutely nudge them in certain directions, but I really don’t think they tell them who to pick in the end.

(3) My read of your blog is that they edited this season cut the fight between Rachel and Vanessa, to protect Vanessa. I feel like show has given some final choices (Vanessa from Jake’s season+ Courtney) bad edits but really tries to protect future leads. Do you think they partly cut those sections to protect Rachel? (For the record, I LOVE Rachel and am excited for her to be the lead!) It’s possible, but I really don’t know for sure. Vanessa should be thanking them though. She got a very clean edit compared to what it could’ve been.

(4) I remember hearing Ashley I on a podcast (cannot even remember which one) and she referenced coming back after her “contract” ended to share more. Aren’t they sworn to life for many of the secrets? What does the initial contract that last for one year entail vs what they can never share?

Comment: I don’t really know exactly what she’s referring to or what she’s talking about.

Considering how much people thought Jef Holm was after the fame and attention, he sure has fallen off the face of the earth. Do you ever hear anything about him? Actually yes. I heard he BADLY wants on BIP. I also heard they want no part of him.

I guess this is more of a comment then a question… while I realize lots of people think Nick is a douche, it’s hard for me to believe that he’s all bad when he has friends like Sharleen. You’ll hear more about that relationship with her in today’s podcast.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks for all you do with your site (even though I am sometimes a little bitter about how it is essentially impossible to make it through a season without being spoiled at this point), and I’m particularly loving the podcasts. Great job!

Hi Steve,

This has nothing to do with this season… but I know you were part of the radio scene / giveaways probably. This is a silly question but Bachelor Wines ran a giveaway (2 RT airfare and tickets to ATFR) and you had to post a picture of the wines on the night of the fantasy suite and tag the company. Out of all the ones I saw I thought mine was pretty clever lol – BUT this other girl won. They tagged her so I clicked her name and she was private – which means they wouldn’t even be able to see her picture when she posted it. And also – James Taylor follows her, so I think she’s a friend and he probably gave her name in somehow for a free trip. Do you think this is a possibility? I don’t think it’s a good look for the company to have you buy their wine and then let the winning be an inside job. There were plenty of better pictures than the one that girl submitted. Just wondering if you think it’s a coincidence or not.

Comment: Tough to say. You’d think a company wouldn’t want that attached to them though.



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