Whose Hometown Date is Today?

Just got off the plane and settled in, so I figured I’d share with you today’s information. After I posted yesterday’s column, it came to my attention that filming was headed to Shreveport, Louisiana for the first of Chris’ hometown dates, and that there was an SEC connection to her like we had with Josh last season. Also, yesterday I was able to solidify where the show will be headed for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony. I will relay that to you next week since there’s one last thing I’m checking on. But once I mentioned that Shreveport was gonna be the first hometown, and that it’s possible they would be filming at the LA State Fair today, it became a feeding frenzy of people wanting to find out when they’re gonna be there. I don’t know. Could be right now for all I know. Just know that the day portion of the hometown dates usually isn’t that long. Whatever the case, now you’ll know who Chris is with.

She has now been … Continue reading

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A Weekend Recap of Chris’ Dates with Pictures Video. Also Juan Pablo & Nikki Are Done (With Pictures As Well)

A wild weekend in Des Moines, with Chris’ dates all over social media. If you weren’t following me on Twitter, then today will be a good refresher course for what happened Friday through Monday. Three 1-on-1 dates and a group date. The rose ceremony was last night and they left Iowa today. I know for the last three seasons I’ve spoiled the final four before they even started filming them. I don’t want to just guess at this point regarding Chris’ final four. When I have full confirmation of who the final four are, I will post them. I’m definite on two of them, about 95% sure on the third, but I don’t know who the fourth girl is yet. Maybe social media will help me out this week and into the weekend. It’s been a while since we didn’t get at least one hometown spoiled publicly. We’ll see. Last season, we had pics from all four hometown dates, including exclusives I was able to get for three of them. Could happen again, could not. … Continue reading

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