“Reader Emails” and the Last Live Video Chat of 2014 Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

“Although we’ve come…to the eeeeeeeend of the road….” Yes ladies and gentleman, probably your last “Reader Emails” of 2014. Tonight will definitely be the last live video chat as well starting at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST, so come on in and join us. It’ll be a rip roaring time. Beginning next Monday, “Daily Links” will return pretty much every day through the end of the year. Every day I’ll post links to pop culture/reality tv/entertainment news so you have some reading material in case you ever get bored. Also, with Chris’ season beginning to film next week, I will be spoiling what I can while the season is going on, so stay tuned for that. I already have some of his girls lined up and ready to release, but there is no set day or time of when I release them. Some days I might release one, some days I might release five. I never know. But since columns are few and far between in the offseason, a lot of stuff will get spoiled first on … Continue reading

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“Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Recap

For whatever reason, my Twitter app on my phone was down for about 3 hours last night during the show, hence the reason I wasn’t live tweeting. I had gotten back from Vegas in plenty of time, so, I was ready to live tweet. Not sure what happened. Probably purposely done by Apple so I’d go out and buy the new Iphone6. Hey Apple, no need to do that. I’m gonna buy it anyway I’m sure. For whatever it’s worth, had a great time in Vegas for the bachelor party. Fun catching up with friends and a lot of funny moments throughout the weekend. Including the douchenozzle in the sportsbook who told me that, “Mandalay Bay was made for their pools. The pools make way more money than the sportsbook does.” Ummmm, might be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. The pools make more money than the sportsbook? You sure about that, big guy? Probably not. And another shout out to the group sitting in front of us in the sportsbook on Sunday … Continue reading

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