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    Podcast #147 – Interview with “Reality Blurred’s” Andy Dehnart


    You know I always love talking TV and kind of the meat and potatoes of what goes on behind the scenes, and my guest this week Andy Dehnart of has been doing that on his site for years. As a member of the Television Critics Association and a teacher of journalism and creative writing at Stetson University, he watches these shows probably a little bit different than you do. I had Andy on over a year ago, but I wanted to bring him back now because of an interesting piece he wrote this past Monday on how AYTO and Bachelor in Paradise are handling same sex couples on their shows this season. Being a gay man himself, I thought his insight to this was on point. Everything we talk about in today’s podcast, I’ve linked to articles he’s written about below, so check those out if you want some sort of reference. Andy is incredibly insightful and is able to look at these shows with a critical eye that not only makes you think … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 6

    “Reader Emails,” Peter’s Early Season Filming Schedule & Notes on the Women

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You might be wondering why there was no column yesterday. Two reasons actually. 1) I’m pretty much over Paradise. There’s nothing remotely interesting going on anymore, the pre-planned storylines and horribly scripted scenes are insulting our intelligence Derek and I was basically half paying attention to the show while the Saints/Texans was on. And 2) I was still recovering from 4 days in Vegas. But not like you would think. I didn’t drink much, I wasn’t out in clubs at all, nor was I even out late. But 4 days in Vegas is my max, and just being there for that long, pretty much inside the whole time, totally on sensory overload, it just usually takes me a couple days to get back into the swing of things. I’m fine now, but the rest of Monday and all day yesterday was kind of me just doing nothing whatsoever. Lets just say I’ve had better weekends out there at the tables. Remember how I said to wish me luck last Thursday before I left? Well apparently … Continue reading

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    Podcast #146 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin of “Entertainment Weekly”


    So glad to have Kristen Baldiwn from “Entertainment Weekly” back on the podcast for the third time. Always fun chopping it up with some TV talk with Kristen as being the TV critic for, she always has opinions on the shows we all watch, including the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” We also dive into Hannah’s upcoming appearance on DWTS, and we have a little 90210 talk because Kristen and I are loving the reboot. Not to mention, I actually text her during it because I can’t control my emotions sometimes ha ha. And then we end with a little fall preview from her regarding which upcoming shows you should be watching once the new season of TV starts. Posting early today since I’m off to Vegas this morning for my annual trip. Wish me luck. Wish basically means pray that there’s someone this weekend that can roll craps for a good hour or so. That’d be great. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Kristen’s Twitter handle (Continue reading

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