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  • Floribama Shore

    “Floribama Shore” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 2 Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    In case you missed the first episode of this season’s Floribama Shore, allow me to catch you up: Kortni is psychotic. There. You now know all you need to know. What’s that? You demand evidence to back up my harsh (and completely accurate) diagnosis? Fine. As I am one of those pesky people who, you know, appreciates facts instead of blatant lies being peddled simply to support a false narrative, I am happy to inform you that my above statement is based on the following:

    1. Kortni threatened to beat Nilsa’s carefully made-up face entirely in because Nilsa thought it fair that this summer she should get the larger bedroom. 2. Kortni decreed that particular bedroom to be permanently her own because she once peed on the rug and she believed saying this sentence was a good idea. 3. After a few of the boys jokingly moved her things, Kortni had to literally be held back from beating the sh*t out of Nilsa, Aimee, and Codi. 4. Neither Nilsa nor Aimee had anything to do … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Podcast #86 – Interview with Jemmye Carroll of the “Challenge,” & “Dr. Reality Steve”


    A new “Challenge” season is upon us as “Final Reckonking” premiered this past Tuesday, so I knew it was time to get someone on again from the show, so it was great talking to Jemmye Carroll for Podcast #86. As expected, Jemmye had no filter and had no issue talking about a ton of things going on in the “Challenge” world. There are no spoilers for “Final Reckoning’s” season if any of you are worried about that. Yes, filming is over. Yes, she knows what happened, but I don’t want to know and she can’t publicly share it anyway. But just wanted to give people a heads up who were curious. However she does talk about the ending in general terms and how this season is building up to be one of the craziest ones yet. I can’t wait. We spend a good amount of time discussing what has made the most news from this season already, and that’s the Paulie/Cara Maria situation. We both definitely have our thoughts on how everything is being handled. … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Virginia Loves the “Bachelorette,” & a “Grease 2” Death

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Man, what a rough day on Monday. Did you see the tragic news of Tab Hunter’s death? Now maybe the name doesn’t immediately strike you, but any “Grease 2” fans out there should know him as Mr. Stuart, he being the originator of one of the greatest songs in cinematic history “Reproduction.” When I went down my rabbit hole of “Grease 2” a few months ago, I was fascinated to find how many people, like myself, love that movie. Like, there have been articles written about how much better it is than the original, even though it clearly got less fanfare. Hell, I think most people don’t even know there was a “Grease 2” that was released. I guess our subculture that are “Grease 2” diehards will always have each other to lean on during these tough times. I was pretty amazed though at the amount of love that movie gets in the “underworld” of the internet. I mean, you really gotta go look for it, but it’s there. I saw this … Continue reading

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