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    (EXCLUSIVE): Your Final Four Breakdown and Who Did Nick Choose?

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    Nick Viall is this season’s “controversial” Bachelor. Granted, that word is somewhat exaggerated in this sense, but the fact ABC is already promoting it that way pretty much goes to show they went more for shock value this season, rather than this BS company line of “We just kept coming back to Nick. He deserved it.” Nick didn’t deserve the lead role any more than the next guy. That’s a cop out and they know it, but at the time of the announcement back in September, it was considered “controversial” so they went with it because they knew it’d get people talking. And it did. So filming started Sat. September 24th in LA and ended in a little under two months, wrapping up this past Friday, November 18th in Finland. Pretty much the exact same schedule they’ve used for the “Bachelor” for the last 8 seasons or so. Nothing’s changed. This is the same show and always will be, albeit with just different cast members each season. People are still going to watch, just like … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/18

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    Well, going by the shooting schedule for the “Bachelor,” as we speak Nick is an engaged man. Granted, I don’t know who he’s engaged to yet, but by all accounts that I’ve heard for a couple weeks now, is that it’ll be to Vanessa Grimaldi. And yes, is there a chance that maybe there wasn’t a proposal at the end? Of course it’s a possibility, but when 16 of the last 17 seasons have ended in an engagement, not to mention you’re bringing Nick on for a 4th time to this show, it’s certainly not so he can dump two girls at the end. So yeah, even though I haven’t heard for sure, it’s a pretty solid assumption at this point he’s an engaged man. Hopefully I’ll hear something to confirm in the next few days and have your final four breakdown for you next week. Still putting together your episode-by-episode spoilers right now for you and I’m guessing I’ll have those later next month. But your breakdown of final four including who he chose … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/17

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    Very cool moment last night for my nephew Nicholas. If you were following on Twitter, you saw that last night his youth hockey team got to play at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas where the Stars play. Granted, the Ducks are still his favorite team, but he was fired up for last night. . Coach made it a special night for them as the team dressed up, rented a limo, arrived at the game, then got the full introductions and PA announcements during the game. Nicholas played great, getting another hat trick and then some. I believe he now has 27 goals in 8 games after 4 more last night. I’m sure he doesn’t understand the magnitude of it yet, but that’ll be a cool memory for him. Probably his best hockey moment up this point in his life. Reminded me of when I got to play at halftime of an LA Clipper game back in the 80’s and scored the only 3 points of the game. It was pretty much at that … Continue reading

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