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    Are You The One? Episode 3 Recap

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    When exactly will the name of this show officially be changed from Are You the One? to John Is Losing His F*cking Mind? Will we have to wait until he punches seven more walls and then screams into the abyss that it doesn’t matter how the experts have spoken and their claim is that Julia is not a girl specifically put onto this planet just so he can ogle her from the moment she opens her wary eyes in the morning and sees him staring hard at her? Will the title change have to wait until Stephen’s very existence is threatened because the guy had the nerve to choose a girl from Louisiana, a girl John probably has Facebook friends in common with, as his partner for the last Match Up ceremony?

    But the name of the show is not the biggest concern here. What is the issue is how rapidly John is unraveling because of a creepy obsession he’s managed to convince himself is real love. (I guess what’s also the issue here is … Continue reading

  • UnREAL in Partnership with Lifetime

    (EXCLUSIVE CLIP): Quinn & Rachel Butt Heads on Tonight’s Episode of UnREAL

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    So Chet wants “Everblasting” whereas Quinn and Rachel would like a more romance feel to the show. I’m not sure exactly who will eventually end up winning out (although I have my guesses), but that seems to have taken a backseat to the coup that Rachel is trying to gain control of the show. To recap, Rachel goes behind Quinn’s back to the network head Gary, essentially throwing both Quinn and Chet under the bus so he’d give control of the show to her. Gary obliges in stripping Quinn and Chet of running the show, but instead of Rachel, he brings in Coleman, much to the chagrin of Rachel…until Coleman makes it clear he wants in her pants and now Rachel is in a major position of power.

    But what is that saying? “With power comes responsibility,” and knowing how loopy Rachel can be at times (as evidenced by her “Everlasting” meltdown 2 seasons ago in the finale), then not taking her meds this season, is that just a volcano waiting to erupt? Considering Coleman … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Dr. Reality Steve,” & Jordan the Raya King & a Profile on Me And the Site

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    We’re at a point right now in the “Bachelorette” season where things are gonna start to get ramped up. Crazy things happening, tabloids going nuts, and every story imaginable will start hitting the newsstands every Wednesday most gossip rags are released. This happens every season. This is nothing new. And every one of these magazines are going to have salacious headlines that are attention grabbers to make people buy their magazine. It’s a given. That’s what they do, it’s how they stay in business. You don’t see headlines on tabloids of how great things are going in relationships. That doesn’t sell. It’s always about cheating, or pregnancy rumors, or who’s the new person who’s dating who, or some past drug scandal, or celebrity feuds. Wash, rinse, repeat to all of these every season. And yes, sometimes tabloids are accurate with what they report. But more often that not, and it’s basically impossible to know the exact percentage, most of the stories are exaggerated versions of the truth, or just flat out lies. It is what … Continue reading

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