Who Joined the “Bachelorette” Yesterday, & Where They’re Headed Next

“Daily Links” is getting pushed back until tomorrow. I mean, I know we’re still all in mourning over Zayn leaving “One Direction,” but it’ll be ok. I think. I frankly don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself, but hey, that’s just me. When one of the most popular boy bands ever loses it’s probably least talked about guy, that’s big time news. However, the “Bachelorette” comes first and after getting news late last night and early this morning, I’m putting “Daily Links” on the back burner until tomorrow. I mentioned to you yesterday that I was working on something pretty big and would let you know if it was true. Well, I believed it to be true, then events happened yesterday afternoon which made me think it wasn’t true, and then stuff happened last night which all but confirmed it. I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out at this point if you were following along with my tweets yesterday during the rap battle group date, but in case you weren’t, here is … Continue reading

Daily Links 3/25

Still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Britt spoiler I gave to you yesterday. Lets not jump to conclusions just yet on exactly how/why/when/where this is working. There are many factors we don’t know, and it’s my job over the next couple months to find out what those may be. I think there’s no way either girl would’ve signed on in the first place if they didn’t think something like this could’ve happened. I bet if the guys chose Britt over Kaitlyn, the same exact thing would’ve happened for her. We don’t know how many times Britt and Brady have even gone out, what their chemistry is like, if they’re just playing it up for TV, etc. We have no idea, so lets not pretend like we do. He left the rose ceremony night 1 to tell Kaitlyn he was gonna pursue Britt and here they are being caught dating in public. Lets see what happens before we say anything else more definitive than that. Remember, this is still a TV show whose sole … Continue reading