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    Podcast #95 – Interview with Jordan Kimball

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well that all happened rather quickly. I first got in contact with Jordan last night for the first time to talk to him about everything going on. What he told me certainly didn’t make me think Jenna was acting like someone who was innocent. In fact, it was the complete opposite. You’ll hear a lot in this podcast about what happened and when, the new ridiculous information that came to light today by one of Jenna’s friends, how she reacted when he first told her, and much more. Just know that the guy put a lot of thought and gathered a lot of info before making a decision to end his engagement. He didn’t end it based on three texts that he saw. We’ve been back and forth for the last 24 hours going over stories, sharing emails, sharing texts, and I think through all that, for Jordan to make the decision he did speaks volumes about how important this was to him. So this isn’t your regular podcast where we talk about his background, … Continue reading

  • Are You the One?

    “Are You the One?” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 6 Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    After the relationship retreat – where exes showed up to berate people they’ve already spent years emotionally abusing – finally ends, it’s time to get back to a more standard episode (complete with the more standard forms of abuse) of Are You the One? It’s morning now on the island and rain is falling in great buckets from the sky. Neon paint is potentially forever tattooed on the dirty feet of our contestants and Samantha is ready to move far beyond the bullsh*t of her ex and into a relationship where the guy she’s with is more than happy to post her face all over his Instagram. Over in the yoga yurt, Asia and Tevin are doing some deep breathing exercises before he explains that watching Kenya avoid him all last night so she could cuddle with her ex hurt him so deeply that he was forced to suck on Jasmine’s lips in an outdoor shower while cameras filmed them. Tevin’s not sure what all this back and forth hurting of one another means for … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 5

    The Final “Reader Emails” of the Calendar Year, & Fallout from Yesterday’s Text-Gate

    Photo Credit: ABC

    What a wild ass 24 hours. I knew the Jordan stuff would be big because how could it not be? What made it especially weird was having to watch last night’s finale, knowing their engagement in Mexico was back in June, then the reunion show was taped 2 weeks ago. So nothing that aired last night was relevant to what was really going on since all this broke within the last 2 days. As I said on Twitter last night, it’s not like I take some sort of pleasure in having to break this news. It’s unfortunate. However, it’s my job to report major stories when it comes to this Bachelor franchise and this certainly qualified as one. There are still a lot of questions that I know a lot of you have, and nothing I ever report will ever be accepted 100% by everyone, I get that. All I can do is present you with the information that I have without compromising my sources and let you decide for yourself. In this situation, it’s … Continue reading

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