A Huge “Reader Email” Bag Today Including Reaction to the Letters from Dustin’s Family

Maybe I should’ve waited to post the episode-by-episode spoilers for the remainder of the season to a day when I didn’t post the letters Dustin’s family had written to me. It’s mostly been a positive response, but you’ll see a few emails that didn’t like that I gave the family a voice to speak their mind and/or didn’t like what the family had to say. Which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When Juelia told Chris the story of Dustin’s suicide during a pool party not ever having been on a date with a guy and knowing him less than 10 days, I immediately called her out on Twitter for it saying I thought it was “horsesh**.” The family came to me days later and said they didn’t appreciate what she said and asked if they could have a voice. I gave it to them and I stand by it. There is not gonna be back and forth between both camps. Juelia said what she did on the show, and the … Continue reading

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“Bachelor” Chris Episode-by-Episode Spoilers for the Remainder of the Season

Finally have it all together for you now. From Episode 8 on, everything remains the same from when I posted it back on Nov. 24th except one date change in Des Moines. What’s been added has been the dates and eliminations for episodes 5 thru 7. A lot of it I’ve given to you over the past week, but unless I have it neatly in a bow for everyone in the same space, people ask “Where are the spoilers” at an alarming rate. Now that I know for sure who got eliminated last night, it was much easier to piece the rest of the season together, along with information I’ve been given along the way. Episode 6 in South Dakota is the interesting part. I know it starts with 9, I know it ends with 6, and I know the 3 that were eliminated. From there, it just took my brilliant mind to piece it together. We’ve never had a cancelled rose ceremony before. Cocktail parties, yes. Rose ceremonies? No. But looks like we very … Continue reading

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