A Mega Boffo “Reader Emails” & The Great Ring Debate

So yesterday I mentioned that because Chris’ blog on People.com became such a hot button topic at the WTA, if they were just gonna do away with it all together and keep it in interview form since we know those are written by ghost writers. Well, Chris’ blog went up this morning so I guess that answers that question. All you need to know about those is seeing how Juan Pablo tweeted last year, or spoke on the show, then to see a perfectly spelled and grammatically correct People blog to know he didn’t write sh**. Sure, it might be their ideas and thoughts, but it’s absolutely put together by someone else. It’s definitely not transcribed word for word that’s for sure. So I guess we can expect to see the blogs continue going forward in future seasons. Hey, just because they don’t personally write them doesn’t mean sometimes they don’t give some good insight. At times they do. Like when Chris told us this season he asked both Kaitlyn’s fathers for permission … Continue reading

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The “Bachelor” Chris “Women Tell All” Recap & Correction on the ATFR

They really hyped up that WTA last night, didn’t they? The problem is, just like movie trailers, it seemed like all the good parts we had already seen in teasers they released last week that I put on the site yesterday. Jillian screaming down Carly for bashing Britt, Britt on stage crying and calling out Carly, and Ashley on stage acting like a blonde dingbat again. Yes, there were some good moments last night, but after sitting through two hours of horribly edited cuts of conversations, it was once again another hype job that failed to produce. I guess we can come to expect that by now. I mean, I’ve discussed ad nauseam in the past of how long those tapings last and how the crowd is told exactly how to react etc. Well, someone who was at that taping decided to give an in depth look as to what one of those tapings is like. So yes, if you didn’t think it was fake before, now you have a clearer idea of … Continue reading

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