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    Daily Links 4/27

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    Not a whole hell of a lot of “Bachelorette” news to report. I do not know yet who was eliminated at the final four rose ceremony, then again, I usually don’t this early. As for overnights and final rose ceremony, I’m still not 100% sure. Before the season I was told three places they’d be headed this season, just didn’t know the order: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA, Uruguay and Thailand. Nemacolin happened in episode 4, andUruguay happened in episode 5. Does it mean Thailand is happening as well? I don’t know. In the past I’ve been given locations before that were wrong, so it’s tough to ever give locations with certainty. That’s what I heard, so we’ll see if Thailand ends up being the place they head to now to film the ending of the show. Filming should be wrapping up anywhere between May 8th-10th. Which gives me two weeks to get everything in order and hopefully have your episode-by-episode spoilers for you. Got stuff here and there but don’t have everything filled in … Continue reading

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    Another Confirmed Contestant, Jordan’s Hometown, & Some Teasers for the Season

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    Obviously a lot of reaction yesterday to what I teased regarding this season on Twitter and in my column. Again, can’t say much now because I’m waiting to see how things play out, but overall I’d say it’s just more silliness when it comes to this show. I know a lot of you have a hard time accepting that this is a television show, but just always keep that in mind. This is here for your entertainment. This is not the show that it used to be. This show is about building a brand, traveling, meeting new people, being on TV, meeting other people from the franchise, becoming the next lead, hooking up with others on BIP, and about 84th on the list, it’s about finding a spouse. I know you all want JoJo to find the man she’s going to be married to until the day she dies, but I think you need to start tempering your expectations for these people. It’s unrealistic. Have there been couples that have made it from this show? … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette JoJo Spoilers

    Daily Links – 4/25 & Your Final Four is Set

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    Although there was no column Friday, a lot of action over the weekend in “Bachelorette” world as we had our 2nd and 3rd hometown dates, although with a slight tweak to them in the schedule. As you saw on Thursday, we had JoJo in Jacksonville, Florida for her hometown date with Robby Hayes. I had tweeted pics of the crew setting up at his parents house, and on Tuesday they were filming the day portion at Aunt Kate’s restaurant. Well, apparently I shouldn’t have done that because production changed the location once I leaked it. I’m not sure why, since in the past I’ve had seasons where I released where and what day the final four hometown dates will be shot before they even start filming them and the schedule was never changed. So I thought it was weird they moved away from the Aunt Kate’s filming during the day on Thursday. So I figured they moved it somewhere else, Friday she’d be off to her next place, and Saturday would be hometown #3. When … Continue reading

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