Daily Links – 11/19

Filming on the “Bachelor” wrapped yesterday. I’m pretty sure I know how it played out, but obviously I would like to get it confirmed by more sources. After last season, you can never be too careful so that’s what I plan to do. Granted, there will still be doubters and that’s fine. But I’d like to try something a little different when I go about getting my info for the end this season. As for yesterday’s teasers, man, once again we had a lot of people guessing on what some of the answers were, and out of all the guesses, one person got one answer right. You’ll have all your answers soon enough, so I’m not going to tell people which answers are right and which are wrong, but the most popular guess yesterday was that the twins, Emily and Haley, were the ones on the 2-on-1 date this season. They weren’t. So back to the drawing board for everyone who guessed that. It’s not surprising that there’s a correlation between how little is spoiled … Continue reading

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“Bachelor Update,” the Teasers, & Caila

Everyone, send all your love to Jamaica today since Ben will be making his final decision in a few hours. Seems like just yesterday it was Sept. 24th and 28 naïve, young, stars-in-their-eyes, future Instagram and Twitter product promoters stepped out of the limo thinking that they would be Ben’s fiancé at the end of this journey. Well, that day has finally arrived for one woman. Who will it be? Well, I’ve told you who I think it’ll be, but lets see if it plays out like that. As I said earlier, I’d definitely be shocked if it wasn’t Lauren Bushnell. Weird things have happened on this show before, so I guess anything is possible. But yeah, I’d be pretty stunned if it wasn’t her based on everything I’ve heard. And I’ve heard plenty this season which you are just days away from finally getting. Just consider it my early Xmas present to you. I mean, I could sit on this stuff until Jan. 3rd if I wanted to, but hey, I’m not that mean. … Continue reading

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