Your Final Four Breakdown, Who is Chris Engaged to, & 13 More of Chris’ Girls

Well, we’re all done. It’s finally over. A lot to give you today, so bear with me. I hope a lot of you were following me on Twitter on Friday and Saturday as I was tweeting out up-to-the-minute information about what was going on in filming. Friday was Chris’ last date with one of his final two girls (who I’ll get to later on this column), and Saturday I was able to tell you where the final rose ceremony was filmed. When I reported last week that production was stationed at the Julien hotel in Dubuque and that they’d come back from Bali to film the final rose ceremony in Iowa, I assumed it was either gonna be in Dubuque, or in Chris’ hometown. They ended up filming on a farm owned by his parents on Saturday. Chris’ family owns numerous properties and land. Where the final rose ceremony happened was not his parents house, nor was it his house, which is why I felt fine with giving away the address. It’s not like any … Continue reading

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We’re Almost There…

I know it’s been a couple weeks, but I’m back to give you a brief update today. Something I’ve learned in the last couple weeks? That no matter what I do, it will never be good enough for people. Comes with the territory, I know, but still to receive emails and tweets constantly asking me what’s going on, or accusing me of not knowing anything, it’s kinda ridiculous. How would anyone know what I know? Do you have access to all my information? Of course not. Just is hilarious how some feel the need to call me out on stuff they have absolutely no clue about. Not to mention, I specifically said in my post a month ago that I was going to do things a little bit different this season. I will spoil things when I spoil them. I’ve been holding on to 11 more girls this season for at least 3 weeks now. There is no set time or date as to when I’m going to release stuff. I never know. … Continue reading

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