Andi in Connecticut, Two More Guys Revealed, “Bachelor/ette” News, & “Reader Emails”

When things are slow, I usually only write once a week in the offseason. And there wasn’t much to update on Tuesday, so I figured I’d just do one this week and put it all in here to catch you up. A lot of news and notes since last Thursday’s column. I’ll talk about the “Bachelor in Paradise” show that’ll replace “Bachelor Pad” this summer, even though it’s essentially the same thing. Andi’s finale, Renee and her new husband, Ashley & JP being pregnant (well, Ashley’s pregnant. JP just provided the…forget it. You get my point), an article on Sharleen, Ty Brown releasing a new album, “Reader Emails,” and give you a timeline since last Thursday of Andi’s season and what went on the past week, along with revealing two more guys for her season and updating you on where I’m at with the rest of her cast. A fun filled, action packed, wild ass column today that’s sure to blow your socks off. Sit back, relax and enjoy the musings I have for you … Continue reading

5 More Guys Confirmed for Andi’s Season, Yesterday’s Group Date, and “Reader Emails”

I’ve told you in the past I have dreams about this show. A lot. More than I should. Well last night was one of those nights and it couldn’t have been more bizarre or random. Me and Andi were hanging out at my sister’s house. I have no idea why, so don’t ask. Maybe she wanted to meet Olivia and Nicholas, I don’t know. But we were there. And we were waiting for a fax to arrive. This fax was her flight itinerary for her four hometown dates this season. So before any of you start taking what I say literally, just remember this was a dream where random sh** happens. Anyway, the fax arrives, and we see where she’s going and who’s getting hometowns. The four guys are: Josh (could happen), Craig Kimbrel the Braves closer (uhhhhh my fantasy baseball brain working overtime), and two guys whose names I don’t remember and who aren’t on this show, but one of them lived in Jackson Hole, WY and the other in Chicago. It was almost … Continue reading

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