• Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Recap from Nick’s Date on Saturday, More Contestants, and Which Girl This Season Did Nick Already Hook Up With?

    nickbellasoccertrain nickbellasoccertrain

    Quite a few things to get to today, a lot of it recapping what went on this weekend in Waukesha in case you weren’t following my Twitter feed, updating you on more girls on Nick’s season that’d I’d given you names of but hadn’t put together their profiles, along with who from Nick’s past is on this season. US Weekly made sure to post the story this morning, however, they left out a few important details like, uhhhh, who the girl is, and what happened with her once the story got out. But that’s why they’re US Weekly and I’m me. I spoil the show. They tip toe around spoilers regarding the show to keep a relationship with them. But occasionally will a former contestant give them a story like this one? Absolutely. But still, they never give you the full account of what happened. I’ll get to that in a bit, but let me first update you on where we left off Friday, along with what’s been going on now.

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  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Pictures & Videos from Nick’s 1-on-1 Date Last Night at the Pabst Theater

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    A lot to cover today in regards to all the happenings in Milwaukee yesterday as they began filming on episode 4. Yesterday it finally happened. The dam broke. Every season we get through at least a week or two before some of the contestants who’ve been eliminated start following each other, then they make it obvious to the public who’s on the show. Granted, I’ve told you for the last week I had 10 girls that I hadn’t released yet, but now that a lot of it is out there on social media, I’ll be giving you all their profiles on Monday. Sorry, today is a busy day with moving my sister’s family into their new house and I still have a few of these profiles to put together. Regardless, some of the girls on the show this season whose names I hadn’t given you yet (which I tweeted yesterday): Jasmine Brown (yes, that makes two Jasmine’s since there’s a Jasmine Goode), Danielle Lo (Lombard – more on her in a bit), Danielle Maltby (the … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 10/6 Incl Did Hurricane Matthew Change the “Bachelor’s” Filming Plans?

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    As I mentioned last week and a few times over the last couple seasons, as we know the “Bachelor” has filmed in the lead’s hometown the last 3 seasons in episode 7, which is the episode before hometown dates. Juan Pablo went to Miami, Chris went to Iowa, and Ben went to Indiana. As I reported Tuesday, Nick is filming this week in his home state of Wisconsin. I thought it was kind of odd that they did it in episode 4. Just seemed kinda random they’d go to his hometown with still over 10 girls left and him only having two 1 on 1 dates up to this point. Well it looks like the weather had something to do with that. I’ve been told that filming for episode 4 was supposed to take place in South Carolina this week, but obviously with Hurricane Matthew headed that way, they had to scramble and find a new place. So Milwaukee it was. Nothing else is affected as of now, as they’ll still be heading to New … Continue reading

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