The “Bachelor” Chris Overnight Date Episode Recap Incl Chris on DWTS, Bachelorette Poll, and

Traveling sure is fun, isn’t it? I was set to go home on Sunday, but due to the ice storm we had in Dallas, my flight Sunday was cancelled and for whatever reason, I couldn’t get a new flight in until today at noon. So not only was I screwed having to watch the show on west coast time (I can’t believe I used to do that from 2002-06), but it gave me less time to start typing last night and finishing up this morning. So there might be a few more errors than usual this week. I apologize in advance. But hey, if you wanna check out my niece Olivia’s thoughts on watching the show for the first time last night, go read my Twitter account. As of right now my flight is scheduled to leave on time but you never know. I heard it’s still pretty icy in Dallas and the roads are brutal. Those on the east coast who have to deal with this a lot more than we have to, I … Continue reading

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Reality Steve Live Video Chat – Thursday, February 19th 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

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Join me live tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST to talk all things “Bachelor” related as we wind down the season. Plus, a special appearance at the end from Olivia and Nicholas. You can ask a question by clicking the “Question” button above. See you tonight.

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