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    Daily Links – 9/15

    grace grace

    I can’t believe I returned from my Vegas trip and didn’t fill any of you in on the Britney concert I attended Friday night. Lets make one thing perfectly clear: No one goes to a Britney concert to hear her sing, right? RIGHT? Ok, good. I’m glad I’m not the only one. The concert was entertaining. If you’re a fan of Britney, you’ll like/love the show. She sings like 23 songs, a lot of her hits from the past, and she’s basically dancing or being carried above someone’s head the whole time. Arena at Planet Hollywood seats about 5,000 I think and it was pretty full. But the one thing I don’t get is why she still wears that headset. Like, look we know you’re not singing. No one is singing that’s dancing for essentially 90 straight minutes. And she only talked to the audience maybe 2 or 3 times. It’s just funny that we know she’s not singing, yet we don’t care. The people in front of me were out of their minds all … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 9/14 Incl Nick Shooting Part of Intro Video in Wisconsin Yesterday

    britjustin britjustin

    Ahhhhhh, “Daily Links” is back. Did you miss it? I sure did. This column for the next 3 ½ months will have links every day (except for the weekend) on all your happenings in entertainment/pop culture/celebrity gossip with a little sports thrown in. Consider it your daily newspaper to keep you in the loop of all things happening in the entertainment world. I just find the links to the top headline stories happening and then throw in my own two cents on what I think of them. Something I’ve always loved doing. Yes, once Nick’s season begins filming shortly, any time I have news regarding that, I will always include it at the top of the column. Once I start releasing the women on his season, you will know immediately. So follow me on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page (Reality Steve), and you’ll be notified any time there is new information I’m posting regarding the next “Bachelor” season. Even yesterday, we had our first sighting of Nick and the new season, even if it … Continue reading

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    The Final “Dr. Reality Steve” Column of the Calendar Year

    couplearguing16 couplearguing16

    I wanna say that all of you are loyal readers and have come here every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday since the beginning of JoJo’s season on May 23rd and read everything I’ve had to say, but alas, I know that’s not true. How do I know? The inordinate amount of “Reader Emails” I received after yesterday’s column went up. I honestly can’t remember a time where I had that many “Reader Emails” sent to me right after that day’s column went up. Especially when that column, along with my last few, have referenced the fact there’s no more “Reader Emails” for the rest of the calendar year, and also today is the last “Dr. Reality Steve” of the year. So to set the schedule again, next Tuesday will begin “Daily Links,” then once Nick’s filming for the “Bachelor” starts at the end of the month, I will be giving you contestants, information, and any spoilers that pop up either exclusively from my sources, or, social media sightings – which there will be plenty of. We … Continue reading

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