Daily Links – 11/17 & First “Bachelor” Promo of the Season

Well now the fun begins. The “Bachelor” released their first promo of the season online yesterday, before it ran a couple hours later during a DWTS commercial break. Typical first promo – a couple shots of Ben, a couple quick shots of dates, and quick shots of some of the women’s limo entrances on the first night. And then end it with some comedic value on the limo entrances, this time with the twins Emily and Haley arriving out of the limo at the same time and talking in unison. Lets pray it’s not like that all season. Nothing too spoilery to come out of the promo since I’ve already given you all 28 girls on the season over at the Ben’s Girls link. But since there weren’t many social media pictures of them throughout filming this season, I guess this would be your first introduction to them of the season, so I broke it down yesterday on Twitter for every scene which showed some of the girls. In case you … Continue reading

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Daily Links – 11/16

We are nearing the end. The final rose ceremony in Jamaica is this Wednesday, and filming will be done. As mentioned last week, depending on how soon I find out the ending of the show will determine when I post the episode-by-episode spoilers, since I like release everything at once. I don’t leave for NY until next Wed. the 25th, so it will definitely come before then. I don’t see how there’s any way I won’t find out the ending before next Wednesday. Obviously coming off a season where I had the ending wrong, I wanna do a little more due dilligence, but then again, every season is different. Last season’s ending has nothing to do with this season’s ending. And considering I have every date, every rose, and every elimination up til this point (including everything I’ve spoiled publicly up to this point), I feel pretty confident about getting the ending right. I know after being wrong, no matter what I write there will be doubt, and that’s fine. It comes with the territory. … Continue reading

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