EXCLUSIVE! Pictures from Andi’s Hometown Date Yesterday

Every season is a different animal for me. I kinda never know what to expect going in to each season, but I know at some point, I’ll get the spoilers. Usually they are pretty detailed. Obviously there are things in the past where I gave you spoilers that were never even shown, and sometimes stuff happens that I don’t know about. But for the most part, when I release my episode-by-episode spoilers, my main goal is to tell you who went on every date, what they did, who got the group date roses, who got eliminated and how. So basically you’ll have an outline for the season in terms of every episode. And then I sprinkle in stuff I hear about drama, cliques, fights, and any other behind the scenes stuff I’m told. What I post is what I know. Some is more than what actually gets shown, and some stuff that gets shown I don’t know about. But every once in a while I get stuff that even I shake my head at. As … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE! Who Are Andi’s Final Four?

I’m alive! Yes, I know tomorrow will be three weeks since I last posted, but hey, I’m back and that’s all that matters. I’m surprised at how many of you thought that I was done spoiling, or I didn’t know anything about this season, or that ABC silenced me. No, not the case at all. Bottom line is once they started traveling overseas, there usually is never a lot to spoil as it’s happening. Sure I found out about a few things here and there, but nothing worth writing a whole column about. I tweeted out they went to France then Italy. Actually I told you they were going to Italy before the season even started, just didn’t know which leg of the trip it was. Ended up being the middle country, sandwiched in between trips to France and Belgium. Don’t forget, this site is my job. It’s how I make a living. So it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and just because I don’t write for a couple weeks doesn’t mean I don’t have … Continue reading

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