Daily Links 4/8

Heading out of town tomorrow, so there will not be a “Daily Links” tomorrow, Friday, or Monday. However, I will be releasing more contestants from Kaitlyn’s season in tomorrow’s column. Probably 4 more to bring the total to 15. I’ve got 23 of the 25, and the other two I just have first names on, but they are not important to the season. So look for that tomorrow. Since I have a story about Taylor Swift today, just so you know, my niece Olivia has been dying to see her in concert. I got her the tickets two months ago for the two of us to go in August, but haven’t told her yet. I’ll be letting her know tomorrow. Well lets be honest, the tickets are for me and I’m just letting her come along ha ha. So that’ll be interesting to see her reaction. I’m sure I’ll hear about it from tomorrow until the show at Staples Center in August. My first TSwift concert. I’m glad I can take an 11 year old … Continue reading

Daily Links 4/7 Including Is Nick Still on the Show?

Social media has changed the way the “Bachelor/ette” spoilers have gotten out. Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this show could go about filming for 2 months every season with barely anything getting out. It just wasn’t a big deal to people. Now, this show can basically go nowhere without someone with a camera getting a shot of it, hence the reason in recent seasons, they’ve opened dates up to the public. Those aren’t spoilers. I mean, I guess technically they are, but when they are asking people to come see filming, they’re not trying to hide anything. If everyone can see with their own two eyes what’s happening, it’s not a secret. Only makes my job easier. But every once in a while the show tries to get tricky and begins trolling their own audience. Take what’s happened in the last 24 hours. As we know, I spoiled back in New York that Nick returned to the show during the rap battle group date, and even gave you pictures of … Continue reading