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    Daily Links – 11/14

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    Something came up Friday, hence the reason I wasn’t able to post a column, so lets backtrack to last week regarding the Vanessa Grimaldi revelation. Sometimes I can share with you things in regards to how I get spoilers or when/in what form I’m told things, and sometimes I can’t. This is one of those times where I can. I’d say that during the course of a season, if there’s 25 contestants, usually there’s always one or two where I’m given information about them, but not their full name. 95% of the time I’m told about contestants it’s, “Here’s who’s on the show.” But on the rare occasions it’s not the full name, it’d be like a first name, a city, and maybe and age or a job. But a google search of a first name and a city usually isn’t gonna turn up the person you’re looking for. That’s exactly what happened with Vanessa this season. I’ve released now 19 of the 30 girls to you, with a lot more to come soon. 18 … Continue reading

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    (EXCLUSIVE): Who Are Nick’s Final Four?

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    I’d say I have a very interesting job. One that has definitely become a little more public in the last few years. When I set out to do spoilers, or actually, when I released my first spoiler back in 2009 for Jason’s season, I had no idea what would happen after that. Never thought I’d never get another spoiler. Just figured I got lucky. Someone who knew something about the Jason/Molly/Melissa ending contacted me knowing I wrote about the show for fun. But once that season ended, I didn’t really know what was next. Remember, that was all before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook really took off. But ever since then, obviously I’ve been able to spoil this show for the last 7 years with regularity. But somewhere along the way, YOU became spoiled. Not spoiled as in “Reality Steve gives us the spoilers,” but more so in that by me spoiling so many things as often as I do and as frequently when I do, when something DOESN’T get spoiled immediately, all hell kinda breaks … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/8 incl a “Bachelor” Correction & What’s to Come

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    Big day today. Huge day. You know, like one of the biggest of the year. That’s because it’s an off day of filming for the “Bachelor” as Nick is in between his first and second overnight date in Finland. What’d you think I was referring to? Anyway, yeah so they’re over in Finland right now and in less than 10 days, this season will be done filming. Pretty amazing, right? I think it probably surprises a few since basically nothing has gotten out publicly since St. Thomas, which was episode 6. I know, I know, I know. You want me to fill you in on everything happening right now, this instant, if not yesterday or the day before or the day before that. Patience, my friends. You will get your spoilers. I will spoil your final 4 first since that’s I’m sure what you’re most curious about, then after that, I’ll work on the episode-by-episode spoilers. Those take a tad longer. I know I’ve done things differently this season, but it’s not like I didn’t … Continue reading

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