The “Bachelor” Episode 4 Recap Including Exclusive Letters from Juelia’s Late Husbands Family Regarding Their Son & Her Appearance on the Show

Today is a big day on the site. Not only do I have your episode-by-episode spoilers from this point forward, I also have two exclusive letters from the family and friend of Juelia’s late husband, Dustin Kinney. To me, these are a must read and they’re on page 2. To make it as clear as I can, I did not go seeking these people. They came to me after watching Juelia’s performance last Monday night. Needless to say, they weren’t too thrilled. Take the time to read them and I think you’ll get a better understanding as to why they came forward. As for your spoilers, ever since Nov. 24th, two days after the finale was filmed, you’ve had your final four breakdown this season. Your episode-by-episode spoilers were harder to come by this season, but I knew once I got through episode 4, I’d be able to piece things together. And I have. So all your spoilers from episodes 5 will be posted in the next hour. Check back for that. Everything pretty much … Continue reading

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SNL’s “Bachelor” Parody & Tonight’s Episode

So this weekend I basically realized I’m getting to that age. If you followed along on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. If you missed it, I’ll explain. I went to bed Friday night knowing I had a gift card to Home Depot I wanted to use the next day. I woke up Saturday morning, knew I was set to go to Home Depot then realized I didn’t have a clue what I knew I wanted to get from the night before. Couldn’t for the life of me remember. So I decided to go to the store anyway and just roam the aisles aimlessly hoping to remember what the hell I needed. I did. I remembered I wanted to buy a scale. And you know what? Home Depot doesn’t sell scales! Huh? That store has every home product/appliance known to mankind and they don’t sell scales? Well what a waste that ended up being. I really didn’t need anything else from there since it’s not a store I really ever need to frequent. I’m … Continue reading

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