Daily Links – 10/6 & An Update on Ben’s Filming

A correction from yesterday’s post. I had said that filming was in Vegas for a date, but that everyone was still in LA. That’s wrong. As I tweeted yesterday, filming has moved to Las Vegas for ALL of episode 4, with Ben’s first 1-on-1 date yesterday. It was filmed at Aria Resort & Casino and they were seen shooting scenes in the High Limit Lounge pretending like they were gambling. Also, they took a helicopter ride to the Valley of Fire State Park, then came back and eventually ended the night with a fireworks show. The fireworks were shot off from Aria but Ben and his date were watching from MGM Grand. What’s funny is this show had a run where it seemed like every season they were doing something in Vegas. Do you realize they haven’t been to Vegas on this show since Brad’s season? And “Bachelor Pad 1″ had dates there as well. So it’s definitely been a while. So the picture posted yesterday of Olivia and a couple other girls was just … Continue reading

Daily Links – 10/5

Make no mistake, the 4 hours of programming we got this past Saturday night on all things 90210 pretty much made my weekend. Once the Notre Dame/Clemson game had finished, I watched all 3 things I had recorded on my DVR. The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 movie, the Tori Spelling Lie Detector special, and then that show about all the scandals involving the show, all of which I link to in today’s column. I could probably write 10 pages on everything I saw this weekend. The show was such a major part of my late high school and all of college life, it’s crazy. If anything, all that programming did this weekend was make me want to go back and rewatch every episode from the beginning, like I did 3 summers ago. Hmmmmmmm, kinda busy right now but maybe I’ll get around to it at some point. Was the movie good? Of course not. It was campy, horribly acted, and only covered the first 4 seasons. Except for the Kelly character, nobody looked like the … Continue reading

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