(EXCLUSIVE) Another Girl Confirmed & My Brief Thoughts on Filming Beginning Tonight & “Couples Therapy”

The limo entrances for Chris’ season are set to begin tonight at the mansion. In the past, the producers have been hit or miss with what they’ll tweet about. Emily’s season they were very vocal, even sharing some pictures of Emily getting ready. Other seasons, they just tweet a bunch of inside stuff and cryptic things that no one knows what they’re talking about. So if you want to follow some of the producers on Twitter tonight or even Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss, be my guest. Here’s a sampling I’m sure of what you’re gonna see: “The girls are loving Chris!!!!!” “What an interesting first night this has turned out to be!!!!” How do I know this? Because they tweet it every season. So yeah, when you tweet the same things every season, it kinda loses its effect. Look at Juan Pablo. The guy became the biggest joke in “Bachelor” history and essentially ended up being hated by everyone in production. Not saying that’ll happen to Chris. Just saying that what they tweet out … Continue reading

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(EXCLUSIVE) More Women Confirmed for Chris’ Season

Coming at you today with three more girls who have been cast on Chris’ season, bringing the current total to six girls that I’ve released so far. Of course, each of these girls has a chance of not making the final cut and could possibly get sent home before the limo entrances this Thursday night, but they are definitely either in LA already or arriving today. Last Thursday, I had given you four girls, but Friday night I removed Michelle Bayne from the list. She is not the show. Got some bad info on that one. I tweeted at Michelle Saturday to apologize. It happens sometimes. Today’s three girls have been added to the Chris’ Girls page in the navigation bar. I have more to release as well, but as I said last week, I never know when I’m going to release them. When I do, I will tweet it out though so you know. Hey, at least we’ve added a couple of brunettes to the mix, right? We didn’t want Chris to … Continue reading

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