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    Daily Links – 4/20 Incl an Update on Hometown Dates

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    If you’re over the age of say, oh I don’t know, 23 years old, and at some point today you put something on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram feed that references the fact that today is 4/20 day, you might want to rethink your priorities in life. I’ve been up for maybe an hour and I’ve already seen it 4 times today somewhere. Really? People still think that’s funny? Like, grown adults find humor in that. Or am I the weird one here and I sound like I’m telling the young kids to get off my lawn? I guess just because it’s the same joke once a year and there’s zero creativity behind it why I just find it so pointless. Great. It’s 4/20. You smoke weed and you’re letting people know you do. Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hilarious. Man, you should take your act on the road with that one. Because what better way to get the crowd all riled up than to hit em’ with the ol’ 4/20 joke. And you know what really gets these … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 4/19

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    Hometown dates for the “Bachelorette” begin today. I know 3 of the 4 hometowns, but I don’t know what order they’re going in. Maybe something will get spoiled on social media today regarding today’s hometown. Follow me on Twitter for any information I get and I’ll retweet it. When I get confirmation of who the 4th guy who’s getting a hometown is, I’ll let you know. It’s been an interesting season so far, and they definitely did something they’ve never done before. I think this week I’ll be releasing my annual “teasers” for the season of stuff you can expect to see. Funny thing is a few of them are things we’ve seen in the past. I’m not gonna reveal the answers right away since I like when everyone guesses and 98% of the guesses are wrong. Which they should be because, well, that’s why they’re guesses. Not to mention, there’s still 10 guys this season that you don’t have yet, not to mention very little has been spoiled on social media, so, you are … Continue reading

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    Daily Links 4/18 incl Who is This Season’s Villain?

    ChadJ5 ChadJ5

    Well, we’re almost home. Hometown dates for the “Bachelorette” start this week. I’m not sure of all four just yet, but hoping to find out soon. I know a few of you may think, “My God, she’s already at hometowns,” but honestly, it’s the same thing every season. Hometowns always begin right around one month into filming. JoJo started filming on March 16th, and today is April 18th, so this is par for the course. It’s always been like this. Not to mention, it takes 1 month to go from 25 down to 4, then it takes 3 weeks of filming to go from 4 down to 1. The schedule is the same every season, nothing changes, and this show never really deviates from it outside of Kaitlyn last season when Patagonia fell through for overnights and final rose ceremony, so they changed it up by not having your regular 4 hometown dates, and just flew the final two families to a closed off resort in Utah. That was definitely the exception and not the … Continue reading

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