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I will be back doing the live video chat tonight talking all things “Bachelor in Paradise” etc, but I don’t know how happy I’ll be doing it. Why? Because I’m a tad sick. Throat is sore and I’m a little congested. So I’ll apologize in advance for not being my usual cheery, upbeat, bouncing off walls self that you’re so accustomed to. That was sarcasm. Anyway, since I’m a trooper I will fight through it to answer your questions for the night. Good ones, bad ones, weird ones, just bring it. Maybe because I’ll have Nyquil in me I’ll get loopy and share all my innermost secrets with a bunch of strangers? Or not. Whatever the case, I’ll be there tonight and you should be too. Just bear with me a little bit. Not a whole hell of a lot happening in “Bachelor” land this week really, so we’re just gonna get right to the “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve.” A lot of short questions this week. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Although short … Continue reading

“Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 2 Recap Including Who is the Next Bachelor?

In case you missed my tweet this past Saturday night, it’s official: Chris Soules will be the next “Bachelor.” Official in that I’m reporting it. Not sure when ABC plans to make their announcement, but it’s a done deal. Chris signed his contract last week, and film crews were in Iowa over the weekend filming him. He was filmed at the Franklin Hotel/Restaurant in Strawberry Point (where production stayed), a bar in Arlington called the Wagon Wheel, and was also filmed at the Iowa State Fair this past weekend. I appreciate the shout out by the Des Moines Register but, ummmmm, “he allegedly gets his information from…show’s producers.” Not quite. But hey, if people wanna think that, go right ahead. Now, some of you might say, “Yeah, but didn’t production film Arie last month in Arizona?” Yes, they did. Chris is your “Bachelor.” Just like pretty much every other spoiler I give you, if you doubt it, I guess you’ll have to wait til ABC makes it “official.” I’m just telling you it’s … Continue reading

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