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    The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 6 Recap, “He Said, She Said” Episode 1 with Ashley Spivey, & Chris Has an Apology

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So first off, just want to say Happy Birthday to my niece Olivia who turns 14 today, which is crazy to think. Seems like just yesterday she was showing up on my Video blogs with her brother talking about how “Wizards of Waverly Place” was her favorite show. She doesn’t read this so I feel I can share her birthday present publicly. Got her tickets to the Taylor Swift concert here in Dallas in October. She’s going to be so excited. I mean, I guess I’ll have to tag along with her since no one else in the family will want to go. Oh well. Twist my arm why don’t you. Ok fine. So it’s a present both of us can enjoy together. We celebrated her birthday dinner Sunday night at the Melting Pot, and I have a question: What the hell is that? First time I’d been there, and I guess it’s fine if it’s just two people at a table. Maybe 4. We had 8. It was a clusterf**k. 3 skewers each. 4 … Continue reading

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    “Ex on the Beach” – Nell Kalter’s Finale Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    And so we arrive at the final episode of Ex On the Beach. Three years ago or so, I would’ve claimed this program was the newest sign signaling the imminence of the End of Days, but since the world we’re existing in right now is so terrifyingly sh*tty, this show has somehow morphed, almost magically, into escapism. Allow me to be very clear here: I’m not saying this show is comforting escapism the way a quality program like The Good Place transports me all too briefly to My Happy Place. (Also: watch that show.) Ex On the Beach really only serves to remind us that a large segment of the population believes any sort of exposure is good exposure. The cast and their actions promote a quest for notoriety and an absolute refusal of growth. The women on this show allow the men to get away with total garbage and the men just shrug when the women act like total garbage and not for one solitary second do I believe — or do I care … Continue reading

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    Podcast #84 – Interview with Marikh Mathias


    As we know with this show, when you have 25-30 contestants every season, it’s basically impossible for every single person to get an equal amount of camera time. Even as they dwindle down the numbers through eliminations, we know how this show works with only a handful of people every season getting a lot of the camera time and the others getting very minimal. Our Podcast #84 guest, Marikh Mathias, happened to be part of the latter group on Arie’s season. She lasted 5 episodes but we don’t really know much about her – until today. One of the reasons I enjoy doing the podcast, is it allows me, and you the listener, to get to know these contestants in an unedited, unfiltered forum, which is the exact opposite of the show. Sometimes tea is spilled, sometimes not. I hope that a lot of you appreciate podcasts that don’t have tea spilled in them. If you’re listening just for that, then I personally think you’re missing out on some interesting interviews. Everyone’s got a story, … Continue reading

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