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“Reader Emails” & The Tabloids Already Starting in on Nick

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Hey Steve,

I love your blog and read it regularly.

I have a couple questions I would like your opinion on. Nick posted a picture on Instagram of him and Raven almost kissing and Raven posted a picture of them kissing. I know he picks Vanessa, but dislike or like Vanessa, a girl would have to be upset…

Would Nick be doing this because of producers, or like you said he has no intention of getting married and is just promoting himself?

Either way it is still a douchbag move.

Comment: I’ll get on Nick for a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them. He’s been posting pictures from his dates all season. Well, except the one of Danielle L. that he took down probably because Vanessa ripped his balls off. But no, I don’t find anything wrong with this because it’s what he’s being told to do. If he only posts pictures from his dates with Vanessa, well then yeah, it’s quite obvious. If he does everyone BUT Vanessa, it’s even more obvious. So you either have to do them all or none of them.


I will skip the accolades, I am sure you skip them too when reading all these emails because you get so many, but consider yourself accoladed.

1) Do the guests on your podcast get paid? Not at all. It’s never even been brought up, none have asked, and I’ve never offered. I think some of them see the value in coming on now. They don’t need monetary incentive to talk on a podcast.

2) I am sure you already heard this but just in case you have not (fat chance) …
On Afterbuzz bachelor recap last night, one of the panel members says she has a client that currently works for the Bachelor show in the production sector and they knew Rachel would be the next bachelorette before they even decided on Nick for the lead. Apparently Rachel blew them away in her interviews that she was pegged as a keeper. So, for the sake of this question, let’s just say this is true, do you think, regardless of who the Bachelor lead would be, he was going to be directed to give Rachel the first impression rose, thus giving her a story arc which was all part of the master plan to begin with? I got this email a lot in the last week. I didn’t see the interview because I don’t watch AfterBuzz. But from what’s been described to me, I think people are taking what that person said too literally. Yes, I’m sure they liked Rachel a lot during her interviews and knew she’d have a good chance to be “Bachelorette,” but it’s not like she signed on the dotted line to be “Bachelorette” before Nick did. I think they just meant that they knew they had a real good candidate, knew if she resonated with the audience that there’d be a really good chance she’d get the gig. But did she sign before Nick did even though her season was after his? No. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard in the past of women being told during their “Bachelor” audition that they were a major candidate for “Bachelorette.” Even were compared to other leads. “We totally see you like a (so-and-so).” They lie their asses off to get your hopes up, yet, most of them don’t realize they’re telling that to multiple women a season. So I don’t doubt they probably fed Rachel the same lines. She was just the lucky one they decided to go with. As for the first impression rose, hey, I mentioned it at the time that it certainly played a role. Certainly wasn’t the main reason, but I think they knew exactly what they were doing.

3) Before Corrine was eliminated last night did you notice in the lower left corner of the TV screen was advertising Corrine being on GMA in the morning? Way to spoil the episode! I have never seen so much zero f**ks given about spoiling the show by the show itself as I have seen this season. Do you think it is because this season with Nick blows, did not live up to the hype, is disappointing etc. or is it because that is their way of throwing shade your way? I know you don’t care, just want you to answer the question. Honestly I never even noticed that. I don’t know how that’d be throwing shade my way since I knew this 3 months ago.

4) I know you will also not care nor do I expect you to share your personal life. This is just a comment and requires no answer, unless you want to say thank you……but…..A reader referenced this earlier in the season to you and I want to tell you that I thought the same thing. The reader asked if you were in love or something because you really have sounded much nicer and lessened the edge when answering your reader questions. I am so glad to see that in you. A mean email is another story and should be addressed however you want….but most readers mean no harm and don’t set out to be annoying. I have to laugh how many readers craft their questions so carefully as to not awake the sleeping giant. (I am guilty as well, I did it in some parts of my email here.) Readers are walking on eggshells and fear being lambasted for asking a question you think is stupid or repetitive or one you could give two shits about. However, whether you meant to or not, you have sounded kinder this season and I like that.

Thank you.

Comment: Thank you? I mean, here’s the thing about what you said. I don’t want you patronizing me. I don’t want you kissing my ass just because you think I might respond a certain way to an email, and thinking by buttering me up with compliments, that it’ll change the way I answer. I answer every email how I feel to answer it at that time. I don’t really put much thought into how it comes across because I’m just answering honestly.

The other thing I find interesting is that you know I don’t post names or emails of the people who send in “Reader Emails.” So even if someone sent in an email that I ripped to shreds, only the person sending it and me even know who that person is, so what would it matter if they woke the “sleeping giant?” No one knows who you are anyway, you know? (And if you really want to get technical, I don’t ever remember who the emailer is, because I just cut and paste all emails onto one document, then delete the email. So when I’m answering these, I have no idea who they came from). Like, if I completely ripped apart an email and said, “OMG, Jane Doe, what a horrible email. Hey everyone, email Jane Doe at and tell her how awful she is,” then yeah, maybe people would be worried about saying certain things in emails. But I’ve never done that and never will, so I guess I don’t know why it would matter.

Anybody can send me any email they want. But as you saw earlier in this batch, there are some who are negative and just have an awful approach. Those are the ones I rip and make fun of. If you disagree but you present a compelling argument and don’t just spout off stupid sh** and are obviously trolling, I have no problem with that.

Hi R.S.-

I hope this is not too late for your reader emails, but I had a few things I wanted to ask you.

I just wanted to comment or echo something that you have been saying all season long, Nick has got to be a producer’s dream. He is not there to find a wife, he is there to promote himself. I am curious what he plans to do when his 15 minutes are up, I think JJ said it best last week, he is just prolonging the inevitable. I have no idea what his future plans are other than his men’s grooming business that starts this month.

I thought that the conversation with Andi was so awkward, especially after reading her book and gaining some insight into how they feel about each other. Do you know if he was expecting her or if he was surprised? The conversation was just so fake, almost unwatchable. He knew.

2 questions for you, who are your top five bachelor/bachelorette related dream guests you would like to have on your podcast, in general, it doesn’t matter if they would do it or not and why? Hmmmm….good question. In no particular order, I’d probably say: Chris Harrison, Elan, Nick, Brad Womack, Jason/Molly. With Kaitlyn and Olivia in the next batch.

Also, because I love your podcast so much, it makes my long commute go by much faster. Can you recommend any other podcasts?

Comment: All the other podcasts I listen to are sports related ones. So unless you’re interested in that, I can’t say I have any for you. Well, Juliet Litman’s “Bachelor Party” on Channel 33. That’s a recap every week and she usually has someone from the franchise on. I listen to that one. But that’s the only “Bachelor” related podcast I listen to.


I’m writing to you again because I feel compelled to tell you what’s being said about you on message boards. Not sure if you’re aware, but there’s one out their that spends all day every day talking about everything u say. All they do is rip everything you say, say you steal all your spoilers from them, and that you are wrong half the time. Which is funny because I follow both you and their site and everything you post is before them, and they take everything you say and talk about it on their site. Like, the second you post something, within minutes their talking about it. These people so far removed from reality, you’d think it was their children on the show. One of these weirdos literally writes every day about Nick and Vanessa’s love, writes poems, and cant’ stop talking about what a great couple they are. It’s creepy!!

I don’t you don’t probably care, but it just upsets me to see people like this who are being so hypocritical. Allt hey do is trash you, yet, they talk about everything single thing you write. If it weren’t for u I don’t know if they’d have anything to talk about.

You’re the best and keep doing what you’re doing. I just wish someone would tell these woman how ridiculous they look.

Comment: I feel I say this every season, and I’ll say it again. And I mean this with all due respect: I do not care what nameless, faceless people say about me or my site. People like that are totally irrelevant to me. I spoil, give inside information on the show, and am the only site on the internet for 8 consecutive years that tells everyone what’s gonna happen on the show before the first episode airs. Those people write on a message board all day long. Not much more needs to be said.


Thank you for all you do. I love your weekly recaps and now your podcast!

I really don’t understand how Nick suddenly got everything he wanted. He doesn’t even seem interested in the Bachelor. A theory I have is that he has something on someone. How else do you explain the great edit on Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor, and now Dancing With the Stars. I could understand dancing with the stars if his Bachelor show was amazing but it’s just not. Do you think that could be possible? No. Nick’s not in control of anything. He just kissed the right ass.

I agree with Josh Murray, I have always thought that Andi and Nick are perfect for each other. She is so much better with him than Vanessa. I think the only time we really got to see the “real” Nick Viall was on her season. They just seem like a great match. Really? I never got that sense.

Another theory I have is that Rachel got announced early as the Bachelorette because the producers wanted no chance that the viewers would fall in love with someone else and then have her just get picked because of the race card. I think Rachel is beautiful but I really feel that we just got to know Raven more this season. Definitely think Raven at least showed more personality this year. Maybe Rachel has a fun side to her. If she does, it wasn’t really focused on much this season. With that said, I expect her to be just fine in the “Bachelorette” role.

I have never really followed Kaitlyn Bristowe because I have never liked Shawn but if she really wasn’t able to do Dancing With the Stars because of Fleiss then that is seriously messed up. Could she sue for that or anything? She would have been great on that show. Could she? I mean, anyone can sue anyone for anything if they wanted. Does she really want to go up in court against a multi-millionaire? Probably not.

Also I love your quick ten game. I love getting recommendations from contestants on products but I hate not knowing if they honestly use them. I just ordered Jergins Skin Forming lotion and I am excited to try it thanks to Courtney Robertson!

Anyways, just wanted to share my thoughts!

Comment: Ha ha…maybe Jergens should be floating me residuals. Let me know how that goes for you. Tomorrow’s guest will definitely have some promoting stuff as it’s one of my questions to them.


At first I wasn’t sure about the JJ podcast, but I was really pleasantly surprised by his answers and honesty. Glad you got him for a guest.

One question I have would be about the whole “blessing” situation. I agree with you that it was apparent Nick knew it was Vanessa for a while. That being said, her dad was the only one he said the word “blessing” with when asking if marriage was something that they would support. Knowing it would be her, it makes sense how he would say he “didn’t really” ask the other dads the same question because he didn’t use that word. Obviously we won’t know if he did or didn’t with Rachel’s dad. Do you think that this would prove that point or is that just digging too much? Prove that point to Vanessa? Who are you saying it’d prove the point to?

I actually love dancing with the stars and watch it every season, so I’m kind of disappointed Nick is on. Kaitlyn is funny and was actually a dancer, so that would have been more fun to watch in my opinion. Also really disappointed in Mike Fleiss’ response, but I can’t say I’m surprised. If there’s anything I’ve learned from your blogs it’s to not expect any sincerity from people like that. On that note, I cant wait for more of Nick mumbling and talking as he smiles…yay. My question on that is why does Mike Fliess have any say on who can/cannot go on DWTS? He seems to be not nearly as involved in the Bachelor/ette now as in previous years, so why does he have so much “power”?

Love reading your blogs!

Comment: He’s the creator of the show. That’s the guy these contestants are essentially signing their life over to when agreeing to go on the show. It’s his baby. So yes, he can absolutely step in and tell DWTS I don’t want so-and-so going on your show. And they’ll usually listen.

Hey Steve,

Just wondering, what else is included in the producers’ job description besides manipulating contestants, fabricating storylines, etc.? Being in production in reality TV (or TV in general), is who you know and word of mouth. These people all came from other shows they’ve worked on, and basically most reality TV production people know how the game works. You have to be good at it or you won’t make it. “Bachelor” is one of the top dogs. It’s not easy to get to working on this show. But yes, you need those qualities, be willing to work ridiculous hours, sleep on set, and you’re qualified.

Also, a couple of my friends are saying how you aren’t credible because JoJo and Jordan haven’t broken up yet like you said they would (could they be any stupider?), so to prove them wrong, I’m texting them this the night of Rachel’s premiere: “You may not think Reality Steve is credible now, but talk to me again on July 31st when __________ gets down on one knee and proposes to Rachel”. That’ll show ’em. Do it. You’ll be right.

And finally, could you see Mike Fleiss allowing Rachel to go on DWTS after her season seeing as how she’s the first black Bachelorette and all?

Thanks Steve, I really appreciate your work, and I’m doing my best to catch up on the podcasts! 😉

Comment: Yes. Fleiss really worked himself into a corner and reacted to this Kaitlyn stuff yesterday, didn’t he? Geez. Calm down, Mike. Just stating facts. And facts are since Melissa was on the show (who was an injury replacement by the way), he’s cast 4 male leads and zero females. Him backtracking yesterday and pretending he’d gladly let Kaitlyn do it is complete and utter bullsh** and he knows it. It’s laughable. So absolutely now that he’s been called out for it, I can see him letting Rachel do it and I can see DWTS wanting her.

Hi Steve!

Why did Mike Fleiss imply that Nick’s DWTS announcement is historic? Do you think it could have something to do with Vanessa somehow being involved in it as well? I have no idea. Half the sh** he says is hyperbole anyway. I wouldn’t pay much attention.

I’m 100% in agreement with you that Nick is Hollywood and never did The Bachelor for any other reason than to promote his celebrity. But because of that mentality, I think he’ll stick it out with Vanessa for awhile. He obviously can’t breakup during his time on DWTS in case he faces backlash that will affect his votes. Then afterwards, he still needs to stick with her and get all those interviews, press appearance, etc, because he frankly just doesn’t have any other options, financial or publicity-wise!

However, I can’t imagine that Vanessa will put up with that for long. She seems very emotional and easily hurt. Her family was straight up freaking out over the possibility of her getting burned again. I mean, of course no one wants to see their loved ones hurt, but C’MON! This is a silly tv show. Makes me wonder how emotionally fragile she is and just how bad she fell apart after the breakup. Do you know what happened with her ex?

Thanks as always!

Comment: No. I don’t even know who her ex is. But I agree with a lot of your points. Couple Vanessa’s emotional state with everything I said about Nick yesterday and have been saying since the day he was announced, it’s just not a recipe for a couple that’s going to last.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. yoyotono

    March 1, 2017 at 6:51 PM

    To the question regarding Olivia, I liked her too. I believe that her feelings were hurt regarding her edit on the show. Some of the things she said made her look dumb in the edit. For example, on one edit Ben sounded like he’s trying to have a serious conversation and Olivia said something about her toes or something like that or when she had a rant about her liking to read books.

    She has a broadcasting journalism degree (and experience, I used to live in Virginia and see her on the air before Bachelor), and I believe she has a job/regular appearances/ties to (I follow her on snapchat and her and Caila do a thing together from my understanding). So perhaps the chance with the job was why she got back into Bachelor Nation. Olivia talks a lot about dating on Snapchat, but whether or not she’d ever go on BIP, no clue.

  2. tater

    March 7, 2017 at 3:26 AM

    I wonder if any of the contestants reads your blog. If so I wonder how many?

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