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Was wondering what you think the chances of Josh Murray slamming Amanda on his IG stories saying she had split personality, no one will believe what he went through with her and on and on. A couple days later is Andi’s first appearance on the Bachelor, walking down the hall. That very weekend after that appearance all of a sudden Josh meets up with Amanda (not planned, but just bumped into her) LOL and then two days later makes sure paparazzi are notified of where they are and where he’s staying and took all the pictures including them walking into his hotel. Making sure that it would be all over the internet pushing any talk of Andi unlikely as the BIG news is him and Amanda. Then just two days later both him and Amanda are falling over themselves dissing each other along with friends of Amanda’s. And Josh tweeting it’s time to say bye Felicia This goes on for a couple days and then Andi’s next appearance again, this time Nick opening the door “surprised” that Andi was standing there. And now magically Amanda and Josh are back together again.

To be honest Amanda doesn’t have to write a book because Amanda has subtweeted all the bad parts of Josh in subtweets on social media. I don’t remember Andi doing all that bad mouthing him on social media. And, yes, Andi did write a book but as you said she owned it. But I digress.

And now when asked, Josh’s new mantra on Andi is that her and Nick should be together as they’re perfect for each other.

So do you think that all of this is pure coincidence that all of a sudden he’s still in love with Amanda and wants to try and work it out or do you think that perhaps this is his passive aggressiveness towards Andi and Nick. Not because he still loves Andi but quite the contrary that he is still bitter and has talked himself into hating her.

Can you give me your thoughts on my theory?

Thanks Steve, keep up the good work

Comment: I honestly didn’t know half of that, so this is news to me. I do not care what Josh and Amanda do from this point on. I’ve given my thoughts on them and a relationship. It’ll never work. I’m not here to dissect whatever they’re doing now. It’s high school stuff apparently. Irrelevant to me.

Hi Steve,

First, just wanted to say how much I love your new podcast. I like the new interviewing of former contestants format so much better than the reader/listener Q&A videos. They’re super easy and fun to listen to at work or in the car. Keep up the great work! Also, I wanted to say how much I loved your interview with Michelle Money last week. Literally got goosebumps hearing her share the story about finding her adopted son. I think what I love about your podcast (compared to other Bachelor recap podcasts that are out there) is that you maybe spend 5% of the time talking about the current season and the other 95% of the time diving into the life and story of the person you’re interviewing. Makes for great listening, so well done. Michelle was great last week. She’s great again this week too. Just don’t know if I am. By far the most in depth interview I’ve ever done.

Second, speaking of other podcasts out there, do you listen to Juliet Litman’s Channel 33/The Ringer podcast called Bachelor Party? Last week, she had ABC producer Rob Mills on there, and they totally referenced you, Erica Rose, and how she screwed you over and caused the whole law suit situation between you and the show. Then Rob Mills mentioned something about how “great it was” to see that happen to you. What a jerk. I’ve been a loyal follower of your site for a while now, but somehow must have missed that it was Erica Rose who set you up or whatever it was that happened to cause the legal trouble in the first place. Can you speak to this? And did you know this was mentioned in that podcast last week? Totally understand if you can’t say much because of the past legal situation, but thought I’d ask. This email was actually sent before yesterday’s post where I addressed this. But yes, it was addressed in yesterday’s column on page 1, and I didn’t have an issue with anything they said. It was less than :30 anyway. Not a big deal.

As always, keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping us entertained and making this ridiculous show more fun to watch. Nick is a total snoozefest.

Hi Steve,

As the “winner,” do you know what Vanessa’s obligations to the show are, once the finale has aired? Is she contractually required to be in LA while DWTS films, or to do a specific number of interviews, or be available for a certain number of months? My understanding is that Nick is under contract for a year (is that right?) but I’m wondering about Vanessa. Can she just stay in Canada if she wants to?


Comment: She has none other than making sure she doesn’t ruin the ending. They can break up whenever they want to. She can live wherever she wants to. She can do whatever she wants to.


Just finished listening to your podcast with Michelle Money. Once again, another great guest and very insightful into the franchise and really interesting listening to her story about the son she gave up for adoption and her relationship with Mike Weir.

In response to one of your Rapid fire questions, since Michelle’s fantasy is to be Mike’s caddie, she can certainly do this next month at the Masters. Since Mike is a past champion, he can play in the actual tourney every year for life. Before the tourney actually starts, they have a par 3 contest that a lot of the players have family members, friends or girlfriends caddie for them. It is a lighthearted contest that the players don’t really take seriously but Michelle should ask Mike if she can caddie for him during that. If you want, you could mention this to her since you are friends with her outside of the Bachelor. (I don’t have twitter or instagram…)

Keep up the good work! I think the Bachelor is interesting television knowing your spoilers and how the producers manipulate the edit.

Comment: This is the first thing talked about in tomorrow’s podcast before we get to her interviewing me. You’ll have to listen to see what she says about it.

Hi Steve!

I want to start off by saying I haven’t watched this season at all, I can’t stand Nick, so this will be questions regarding past seasons/ contestants.

1. I haven’t heard much about Jordan and Jo Jo lately? After all the rumors around them during their season they seem to be doing really well, and staying relatively low key… have you heard otherwise? Nothing recently.

2. What couple from past seasons were you most surprised to see “break up?” (Not sure any of them are that surprising) I would say Ali and Roberto, that actually made me sad. None of them, since it’s more surprising when they don’t.

3. Do you know what’s going on with Brad Womack these days?? He’s still one of my favorites…. ever! Running bars down in either Austin or Houston.

4. There’s been a lot of terrible leads… what’s been your least favorite seasons? I would say Des’s season and either Juan Pablo or nick! You’ll have to tune in to the podcast tomorrow to get my answers on this.

Sorry for so many questions! Thanks for your time!

Hi Steve,

You make this franchise fun. Thank you. Question: does Nick get a bonus every time he cajoles a contestant into saying she loves him? The phishing is crazy and he’s laying it on thick. So creepy. Also, I have a theory that you are the Slugworth to Chris Harrison’s Willy Wonka. Now that truly would be the “most shocking” reveal ever! Stay cool.

Comment: Ummmmm, that was Willy’s nemesis right? I wouldn’t say I’m Chris Harrison’s nemesis per se. Just more the show’s nemesis in general.

Hi Reality Steve

Can the bachelor make women to on women tell all/ is it part of their contract? I’m cringing watching Taylor. It would have been a nice F you to the show if she could have refused to go on. She is way too smart for this show and is being completely taken advantage of. Most don’t turn Tell All down just because it’s not smart to. They all think they can redeem themselves if need be. Taylor was basically ambushed during the season then again at the WTA. You’d think she’d want to stay as far away from the franchise as possible after all this. Guess time will tell. If she shows up on BIP, she’s a glutton for punishment.

Random question. You mentioned you had heard that Corrine paid for the clothes on the shopping spree date. I believe it was Sharlene who said there was no way she paid for them bc of all the free advertising the store got. Just curious if you had heard that.

Love the podcasts. I love Michelle’s positive attitude, the story about her son was inspiring!

Comment: Sharleen is correct. No way Corinne paid for that with her own money.

Hi Steve! Hope all is well!

Few questions/comments

1) Why is the editing this season so terrible. Why on earth would they think it’s okay to do a three hour episode? It was brutal. The finale is a 3 hour episode every season, and that doesn’t seem to affect anything. This was made to 3 hours because last week was cut to 1 hr due to a new show premiering.

2) I feel like making Corrine the villain this season kind of back fired? Like no one really attacked her at the Women Tell All. Seemed like they more so attacked Taylor? Did they take a cue from the audience’s like for her and change last minute? Like this definitely wasn’t a Courtney or Michelle Money type reunion where the “villain” explains themselves and apologizes. Seemed like they encouraged it and everyone loved her. A bit odd and shift from the editing. I definitely don’t think everyone loved Corinne at the WTA. But, it wasn’t daggers being thrown at her all night either. She had her defenders. I just look at the way she acted up there and felt she fell on her on sword. Her words and actions spoke volumes to me. Maybe I’m in the minority.

3) Just from an objective point of view, and I know you’re desensitized at this point, but there really seemed to be a lack of genuine emotional connections this season. The show is contrived, but there were connections between Sean and Catherine, Ashley and JP, Ben and Lauren. Even the ones that didn’t last, you felt something between them. This season just feels like its going through the motions. Maybe you’ll feel differently come Monday.

4) Just a comment on your last reader email about Sororities and the show. The girls in the house def seem like the type of girls who were in greek life. And maybe that’s why some girls don’t get along in the house. They probably never had that experience. Yeah, you’d have to survey each one and ask and that’ll never happen.

5) Seems like the show is really branching out of their “middle America mom demographic” and embracing the rest of their viewers. Good for them.

6) It’s okay if you can’t answer, I was just wondering if your lawsuit with ABC dissolved? I remember for a while you weren’t allowed contact with previous cast members, but now they’re guests on your site. Regardless if you guys worked out an agreement, I’m glad they are embracing you. You’re an asset to the show.

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Comment: Have you noticed the cast members I’ve had on are from past seasons? Like, 3 & 4 years ago. That’s why. You won’t hear any of Nick’s girls or JoJo’s guys on because they’re the most recent. I mean, if one of them wanted on and they were interesting enough, I’d do it. And I probably still could if I asked and they said yes, but most know that for a year, all interviews are technically supposed to be approved by ABC. And since ABC would never approve in that first year of an interview with me, I don’t ask. But after that, it’s pretty fair game.

Hi Steve,

What is really strange to me after reading about Nick and Jared’s overheard conversation is that Raven posted a video of herself on her Instagram story “reenacting” her dancing around, followed by another video of her and her friends saying “cheers to being satisfied.” Seems like regardless of whether or not they had sex, she really wants people to think it did happen.

I’m looking forward to Nick disappearing off my tv screen forever soon enough.

The WTA was a mess last night, but I am glad we got to see more personality from Rachel. I think she’s going to do a great job, and I’m super excited.

Comment: I think Raven was screwing around if that’s what she did. I don’t know. I don’t follow her.

Thanks for the heads up about Juliet Litman’s podcast. Never heard of her before but her conversation with Mills was very interesting.

I can’t believe that he revealed that Sean Lowe was close to cutting Catherine after hometowns. I hope that doesn’t cause a problem for Sean. Also, he clearly has a big problem with Kaitlyn. Is that a result of her spoiling her own show with that snapchat? Or the fact that they had to stay in Ireland instead of going to Patagonia since she slept with Nick? I think there might be a punishment for her snapchat snafu. But until someone admits it, we’ll never know. And I doubt they’ll admit it, so it’s just guessing and speculating at this point. I don’t believe his answer about staying in Ireland. If they had a contract with Patagonia (which they did), the only reason they wouldn’t go there is if something fell through (which it did). Not because Kaitlyn had sex with Nick in Ireland. That makes no sense. Why would that prevent them from moving on to the next location?

What do you speculate is the big hype about the ATFR?

Comment: A whole lotta nothing. I think they’re building it up like they do EVERY SINGLE ATFR EVERY SEASON. And nothing major ever happens.

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