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Hello Steve,

I agree that I don’t think Raven and Nick had sex in the fantasy suite despite watching the show and seeing how much it was brought up and played up like they did. But since it was brought up so much I think they at least did other things and she had her first big “O” since it is possible to have an “O” without having sex. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me because then why else would they of played it up so much? I hope they clear it up once and for all on ATFR or at least some interview post show. They play it up so much because they’re a TV show that isn’t real and because they know people will eat it up. What was everyone talking about after the 1 hr episode that ended with non stop talk regarding Raven’s orgasms? Raven’s orgasms!

I also find it interesting how winners of the show “win” when there’s already concerns about the relationship. I can’t picture Nick moving to Canada. I think it’s more likely Vanessa will move to LA but I can’t picture her being happy making that sacrifice leaving her job and family behind in Canada. Seems like neither of them want to make compromises… looks like a recipe for a break up on the way to me. One of them will have to suck it up and make a sacrifice for the relationship to work. Since the moving situation was brought up so much I think they will be asked about who’s moving where to live together on AFTR. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

Comment: I agree. He isn’t moving there. I can see her coming to LA for the obligatory DWTS appearances to cheer him on. Hell, if she didn’t that’d be a HUGE red flag Nick would get asked about every week. So I’m sure she’s coming. How long it’ll last is anyone’s guess. I don’t think very long.

Hey Steve,

Long time reader, but first time emailing in.

A few thoughts on Rachel’s departure (and I totally understand none of this matters now):

In a season full of Nick having pretty much no real connection with most of these girls, it was always refreshing to watch his interactions with Rachel. If there weren’t spoilers and she wasn’t the bachelorette, I would have definitely thought she’d be in the final two. So even though we knew shed go last night, it was really jarring watching her get eliminated after her overnight, especially in comparing her overnight to Raven’s. Usually you can tell that the 3rd place person’s connection with the lead is just nowhere near the other two and it seems like Raven would have fit that bill better. This made me think about what you reported on Vanessa last week.

I thought your intel on the “fight” between Vanessa and Rachel in Bimini was super interesting and I think this season would have been a million times more watchable if they had shown how calculating Vanessa was the entire way through. I wonder if because Vanessa saw Rachel as her biggest “threat” she bad mouthed Rachel a little more on her overnight to place some doubt in Nicks mind, resulting in him sending her home. Just a theory, but could be the reason why it seems like his decision was out of the blue, but we’ll never know between the editing and producer Nicks motives. Seems to be that was what the information I was given alluded to. Vanessa was insecure and felt threatened by those who Nick showed an interest in.

Few ideas about how After the Rose could be historic:

-Maybe they announce the next bachelor now—soooo early, but maybe with all the backlash about not picking Luke they’d be willing to redeem themselves—highly doubt it though. Not happening.

-I imagine that Rachel’s season is supposed to starting filming the week after—I wonder if it is related to her season. Maybe she will get to pick (or have America pick) a few of her suitors. Not happening.

-Maybe a couple is getting married. Most likely would probably be Evan and Carly. Shawn and Kaitlyn are clearly waiting for ABCs rights to theirs to run out and Ben/Lauren and Jojo/Jordan seem far away from that step. Not happening.

I’m telling you, I don’t know what it is, but I guarantee it’s not what the show is making it out to be. It’ll be nothing major just like it is every season.

Whatever it is, I highly doubt it has anything to do with this current season and it will likely be very underwhelming :/ That I agree with.

Two other things:

1) A few readers kept sending emails about the yellow band Nick was wearing—it was from the space date with Vanessa—which is weird to keep wearing around all the other girls, but pretty sure that’s what it was. Gotcha.

2) Are you going to record your episode with Sharleen after the finale? Would be great to hear what she thinks since she claims to not read the spoilers, but is friends with Nick. Either way, would you ever bring up spoilers that weren’t aired to one of the people you have on your show? I would be so interested to hear how she felt about the blowup in Bimini and Vanessa’s actions behind the scenes. Yes. We are recording next Tuesday assuming everything goes as planned, which it should. If people don’t read spoilers or don’t want to know, I don’t bring them up. I’ll ask Sharleen flat out if she read spoilers this year. Would love to know her answer.

HI Steve,

Since I believe in your spoiler that Nick and Vanessa are engaged, and seeing how they’re making it look like it’s almost an impossible situation with her living in Canada, I started wondering about her motivation for coming on the show. For me there are three possibilities:

– she came looking for love…Once I stopped laughing, I figured that if that’s her reason but she doesn’t want to move to the US, why on earth would she go on the Bachelor? Exposure, just like all of them. Opportunities post show, etc.

– she wants a career in entertainment or acting…after all she’s already dabbled in it. In that case she should be willing to move to LA and what she says on the show is just to build the suspense, but it’s also a lie. If she wants to build her career in Montreal I don’t think going on the Bachelor would help her that much. It’s a possibility. Look, she’s going to be in LA with Nick for DWTS at some point. Whether it’s every week, every other week, the whole time – we won’t know until Monday night I’m sure when they tell us.

– she wants to build a social media following to sell stuff on Instagram…In that case, she’s good to go. She just needs to keep the engagement going until DWTS is done, kind of like Whitney with Chris, and then both her and Nick will be happy to move on. Sadly, this sounds like the most probable scenario. Probably. They all want to capitalize. Not to mention, she’s already signed with the publicist that deals with Sean and Catherine.

The WTA was unbearable except for Liz and Christina. The producers must be thanking the TV gods every day for putting Corinne on their path, they are certainly milking it. Looks like she’ll get her own show soon, yet more validation for her immature trashy behavior. Corinne won’t get her own show until she goes on BIP. Then we’ll see. But it certainly looks like that’s what she’s after. Might not be as easy as she thinks it is.

Any thoughts on 24 Legacy? Somehow I can’t get into it as much as before, it’s the same old formula but I can’t relate to the new lead.

Take care.

Comment: I like it, because the formula works. But when there’s zero characters from past seasons (until Tony next week), and it’s a brand new cast of people who no ties to anything in the past (sorry, casting Edgar’s cousin as a CTU analyst doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies), then it’s tougher to get attached to the characters. We loved 24 in the past because of Jack, Palmer, Tony, Michelle, Chloe, etc. None of these people are tied to them in any way (at least that we know of).


We watched Andi Dorfman berate Juan Pablo after the fantasy suite date, and then she became the bachelorette. She quit her job in Atlanta, and moved to New York. She wrote her tell all book, and was extremely critical of Josh and Nick. Last Monday, she gave Nick fantasy suite advice, and called him out for what he had said on her after the final rose show. I wondered how your opinion has changed over the years of Andi, and what you think of her now? I don’t agree with her writing her book and saying what she did. But I understand why she wrote it. Just not something I would’ve done. She has a platform. She has a ton of followers. She knew people would like it, she knew people would buy it, she knew she could make money off it, so she wrote it. It was strictly a business decision. I don’t think it had anything to do with being cathartic or whatever. She wrote it to make money, and she sold people out in the process. Just not something I would do. I could start writing a book tomorrow that would sell like hot cakes if I went through every season and gave my sources and information up for each one. People would eat that sh** up. I’d just never do it because I don’t have that in me to betray people who trusted me.

You have been critical of contestants in your column when it is warranted and called for. I wondered if you will stop being critical of the contestants, now that you’re interviewing them on the podcast? Would it be awkward to criticize them, and then ask them to be on your podcast? Absolutely not. In fact, we got one coming up who I was heavily critical of. And they agreed to do it. Looking forward to talking to them. There are plenty of contestants I don’t have any interest in talking to because I don’t find their story interesting. But I will ask who I want on the podcast, and hopefully the ones I ask say yes.

Lastly, when Nick and Vanessa breakup, do you think that Nick will give the reason that they’re just too similar, stubborn, and headstrong to make it work?

Thanks Steve

Comment: I can’t predict what their reasoning is gonna be. I guess we’ll see when it happens.

Hi Steve!

As everyone else opens, longtime reader and first time emailer here! This fellow 24 fan needs to get some opinions off her chest.

First of all, I can’t believe how much people are rallying behind Corrine after WTA. I never really liked her or Taylor, but I felt that Taylor presented herself much more maturely than Corrine did. Little Corn just acted like the spoiled brat that she is, and although I expected that from her, what appalls me is how people seem to be enabling her behaviour. She continuously reverted to ad hominem and strawman fallacies against Taylor’s arguments and people are applauding her for it? I think it’s great that she doesn’t give a damn about what people think about her, but she has zero compassion for people who don’t suck up to her, and those things together make a pretty disgusting combo, especially when people think there’s nothing wrong with a grown woman acting this way. I agree.

The other thing I wanted to bring up is how insecure Vanessa seems to me. Her saying that Nick should know it’s her by hometowns, the crying episode during the volleyball competition, the altercation between her and Rachel…it all screams insecurity to me. I’m not a believer in the Nick/Vanessa couple either, considering how amazingly eager they are to move for each other, but this insecurity certainly isn’t improving their odds. They’ll have their issues, but trust me come Monday, they will sit on that couch the happiest couple you’ll see in your life. You know, like ALL of them do. And people will buy it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you because it’s coming.

Very excited to hear Sharleen on your podcast! My favourite guest so far has been Courtney, although they’ve all been wonderful to listen too. I’m hoping you can get Jason and Molly on in the future; I used to listen to their podcast all the time and I miss it. I think some other interesting guests would be Evan and/or Carly, and since Evan has tweeted you in the past, it seems they’re less scared of the Powers That Be than other contestants (although probably not possible if they’re aiming for a TV wedding). I’d love to hear Evan’s perspective of Chad and about Carly’s issue with Britt.

Thanks for your spoilers, Steve!

Comment: Again, I don’t want to talk about who I’m asking to do the podcast because if I say I want somebody on, then people don’t hear them on, inevitably they’ll email or tweet at them about why not, and, people just have their reasons. I may not agree with reasons for people not coming on, but I respect it. So as I’ll continue to say: There will be a podcast every Thursday, and pretty much a guest every Thursday. And that’ll be that. Mostly will be “Bachelor” franchise people, but also, will dip into reality contestants from other shows at some point because, well, I’m gonna eventually run out of “Bachelor” people to talk to.

Hi Steve,

I don’t know if you already saw it but there is another shorter video of Nick and Jared “interviewed” by the guy who took the first video (The Hollywood Fix). It proves lots of what was said in the email you received and published yesterday. Check it out:

Good God, could you imagine if that was your job to just harass F-list reality celebs eating lunch? I can’t stand the paparazzi.

Also, jenb91, one of the people who commented under your yesterday’s post, noticed that around the 4:13 mark in the (first) video you can see Nick saying what the person who emailed you said: “I mean she’s a cool girl, it wasn’t as much as was brought on, never had sex.” I watched the video and it does look like Nick is saying those words. See for yourself, I wonder if you see it too.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Comment: A few people brought that to my attention, so I went to that point in the video and watched and yeah, it does look like that’s what he said. As I mentioned yesterday, I never had any reason to believe the person who emailed was lying. Most people who email me don’t. This was no different.

Hi! So this e-mail isn’t really about the Bachelor, but a question about Pretty in Pink that I hope you can answer since you seem to be sort of an expert on it. I was 13 when it came out, so I of course love the movie, but I’ve never understood the ending and it’s always driven me crazy. I just watched it again the other day and I knew I needed to ask you about it.

I never read the book. I know that Duckie and Andie end up together in that original version. But the way the movie was made, it’s hard for me to imagine Duckie and Andie getting together at the end. As much as I love the character of Duckie, there wasn’t any spark between the two characters throughout the movie like there was with Keith and Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful. So I get why they changed the ending, and I am glad they did. But…do you understand the quote at the end “I believed in you… I just didn’t believe in me”? , and why it makes Andie run after Blane after he basically ignored her for days and bailed on the prom. I know I’m missing something important…it’s probably very obvious…and it’s driving me crazy…

Thanks! 🙂

Comment: Probably my favorite question of the week since I could talk “Pretty in Pink” til forever.

I mean, who didn’t have the Duckie/Blane debate for hours on end after that movie came out? The movie was actually shot with the original ending of Andie and Duckie ending up together. When they tested it with focus groups, no one liked them together. So they re-shot the ending months later, but Andrew McCarthy had shaved his head for a new movie he was in, so if you notice in the whole prom scene, he’s wearing a god awful wig. Hideous.

Anyway, I thought the quote was “I believed in you, you just didn’t believe in me.” It was basically him repeating what she said to him in the barn on that one date. He was basically admitting she was right, and he was wrong. And she realized then that he was a better option and Duckie was a pathetic sap that of course no one believed she’d end up with. Friend zone dude.

You may now revoke my man card.

Just finished JJ Lane podcast and it was very good! (I’m catching up with entertainment after a vacation). The Courtney Robertson one was also great. I strongly disliked her till I heard her on your show then went out and read her book and love her. Go figure. Anyway, wanted to say I love that you use The Rave Ups Positively Lost Me as your theme. Jimmer is from Pittsburgh and that song caught a TON of play here on our alternative music station in the 80s. Back when an alternative music station really was different than what was being played in the mainstream and when radio was dying but still great. Anyway- lots of rambling to tell you I love the podcast and I love hearing that song even as a snippet each week. Memories of my youth 🙂 And again, a huge thanks to Jimmer for allowing me to use that song for my podcast. I’ve wanted to use it in some capacity on my website for years, finally had the outlet to do it with the podcast, and Jimmer gave me permission. Did you know Jimmer has a child with Molly Ringwald’s sister Beth? Hence the reason the Rave Ups got to perform in “Pretty in Pink” and Molly had “Rave Ups” written on her 3 ring binder in “Sixteen Candles.”

Sorry for using the word love ten thousand times. The thesaurus in my brain is checked out.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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