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Hey Steve,

I remember you wanted the twins to get their own tv show. You was also excited once it was announced that freeform decided to give them their own show. Maybe I missed it, but since then, I haven’t read anything about what you thought of their show. Im just curious what you thought about it since the season finale was last week.


Comment: This happens a lot with me. I initially get excited about things. And I was dead serious when I said I’d watch a show with them. Then when it actually happened, I didn’t care. I never watched one episode, only clips online. I could see it for what it was. They were playing up their “blondeness” and doing silly blonde things – exactly what I asked for, yet, I didn’t watch it. Which goes to show I’m an idiot.


The past few seasons you have mentioned that you pretty much had heard who the lead would probably pick the entire time they were filming. Was that the case this time? All I’d heard was Peter and Bryan were the front runners from early on. And knowing the ending now, pretty much played out that way.

You have said that you do not know about any Hollywood aspirations of Rachel’s. Do you know if Peter Kraus has any? Most people’s primary reason for going on the show is promoting their business or travel, but have you heard generally positive or negative things about Peter if any?

Comment: I hear negative things about contestants every season. Peter has been no different.

Hey Steve,

Not sure if you are starting these yet, but I finally had a chance to listen to your podcast where Michelle Money interviewed you & I had a couple questions.

You guys talked a lot about the evolution of Reality Steve. I feel like in the last year with the podcasts featuring bachelor people your blog has gotten more positive recognition from former contestants then you’ve had in the past. Would you agree? I’ve seen more former contestants engaging with you on twitter and being less worried about what producers think. Is this another evolution of Reality Steve?

Thank you,

Comment: I haven’t given that much thought, and I have noticed a few more who have been engaging, but it’s not like it’s a constant back and forth. I don’t think one tweet here or there means all that much. I think people understand, especially with the podcasts, is all I’m doing is giving some of these contestants a platform to show a side to them that maybe you didn’t see on an edited television show. You can still make your own decision about them from there, but, outside of the show and their social media accounts, they aren’t getting many chances to give you 60-90 unedited minutes of themselves.

Just curious what your thoughts are on Josh and Amanda doing articles and tv interviews the past week after you were involved in the fiasco a few weeks ago and told them to keep quiet each other?

Comment: They’ve been pretty good up to this point. And the jabs I’ve seen recently are pretty subtle compared to what they used to do. I’ve learned that it’s impossible for these two to not get in a dig once in a while, subtle as they may be. So I’m pretty much over it. Let them do whatever they want.

Long time reader first email! I watch the show because I read your site.

After you learned the information re: how sleezy Luke Pell is/was, did it change your opinion of Nick being cast as the bachelor? No.

I love the podcasts and I think you conduct a great interview. One observation I have is that it seems the contestants have mostly positive things to say about the producers. I even remember Michelle Money saying “they are the best”. This surprised me since I feel I have mostly read negative things about them on your site. Even after the fact, I just don’t think it’s smart of them to bash producers. It can only turn out negatively for them. Now with “Bachelor Winter Games” on the schedule, you certainly just don’t want to have burned any bridges in the past.

Lastly, can you list your favorite top 3 podcasts thus far?

Thank you!

Comment: I knew I’d get asked this question at some point, and frankly, it’s impossible to answer. I think every single one of them has brought something different, and for me, my biggest thing going in to every interview is I want to learn something, and the audience as well, about each one that maybe I didn’t know before the interview. I feel I’ve been able to do that with all of them. But to choose which ones I liked the best would inevitably make it seem like the ones I don’t name I didn’t like or thought they were a worse interview. So I’d rather not go there because I’ve liked all of them.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all that you do! Love the podcasts and all your spoilers! I know you’ve been busy this off season but I have two questions for you:

1- Have you heard any news on who is appearing on Paradise this season? I feel like filming is close and I’m curious! We’re getting closer, and so many people think they’re going, got asked, tested in LA, etc that it’s more than who will actually get on. I will share coming up everything I’ve heard in regards to Paradise. It’s going to be a sh** show.

2- Have you heard anything about Eric potentially being the next bachelor? Since he made the top 3 it seems he’d naturally be in the running. I know we haven’t seen anything from him yet so it might be too early to speculate. However, it seems they would take this opportunity to have their first black bachelor after the momentum with Rachel’s season, but what do I know. For me I’d rather not see Bryan as the lead, but like you’ve said before I’ll still watch regardless of the choice.

Thank you for reading this email, I hope you have a good rest of your day!

Comment: Nothing in particular, but being in the top 4, he’s obviously going to be a candidate. It’s still early. No one knows who it’s going to be, but we know the strongest candidates are the three guys in her top 4 who she didn’t choose – Bryan, Dean, and Eric. I don’t think they’re gonna go that young with Dean (even though Ben was 25 when he did it), not to mention I’m hearing Dean will be on Paradise since that seems to be more up his alley. So I’d say it’s between Bryan and Eric. Between those two, I think Bryan would be the more likely choice, but that’s just speculation at this point.

Hi Steve,

Let’s not kid ourselves, the reason ABC didn’t pick a black bachelor, or bachelorette, before now is because they feared doing so would lead to a ratings dip. Do you think ratings will fall with a black lead? I’m expecting ratings to start normal and then to experience a huge decline. We’re still living in a racist country and most of the viewers of this show are whites.

Comment: No, I don’t think there will be a major change. The most important thing to note when talking about ratings for this show is not always just look at overall viewers, but what it’s doing in the women 25-54 demo, and basically, it wins its two hour time slot every week in that demo.

Hi, Steve! Longtime reader, first time emailing. Thanks for the entertainment! Watching this hot mess of a show is always more fun knowing how it turns out.

Since you announced that Rachel picked Peter, I’ve been looking for him in the promos for the premiere. He’s nowhere to be found! He seems to be very under-the-radar at the moment, in a way that Vanessa wasn’t going into Nick’s season. Is ABC going above and beyond to deflect from Rachel’s eventual choice? Did he just not make much of an impression the first night? Are they just hyper-focusing on “characters” like the Whaboom guy (who I’m already prepared to hate all season)? I think you’re reading too much into it. Whether he was focused on or not, it doesn’t matter. He’s who she’s engaged to. Catherine wasn’t focused on and she won. Vanessa totally was and she won. So was Jordan. And Kaitlyn and Shawn were talking about love at first sight on night one. That stuff is kinda irrelevant to me. All I care about in regards to that is who they chose in the end. Rachel chose Peter and they’re engaged. I can’t concern myself with how the edit for each person will be.

Does Peter play much of a role this season, or is he a low-key-till-the-end type like Catherine was on Sean’s season?

Thanks again!

Comment: Again, the guy gets two 1-on-1 dates, he gets a hometown date, an overnight date, and a last date with her in Spain. Pretty much standard for most people that win. And all those dates are gonna get shown, so I don’t know if you can say he’s low key. Not to mention he was first out of the limo and first to get a rose last night. Doesn’t seem like they’re trying to keep him hidden to me.


U made a comment in your podcast with Jaclyn regarding Nicks new business and said you had some issues with it. Care 2 share with your listeners what you’re talking about? Hahahahahahaha

Comment: My biggest issue is how he said he’s been working on it long before he was ever going to be the “Bachelor.” Which is great and all, but then to launch with THAT, I was pretty stunned. There are so many things that are unclear about what you’re buying when you go to that site, what it does, is it a monthly subscription, what you’re getting, how much is there in each bottle, who makes it – I’ll just stop there.

But hey, other than that, everything looks great.

Hi Steve!

I have a strange question. I know you have said contestants go through the works before they are officially cast- psychology, physical, STDS, etc… do the contestants have to redo all that again before paradise? It’s seems like some of them (mostly dudes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were ladies too) get super promiscuous after appearing on Bachelor/ette. Therefore, it seems like it would be something that should be done before Paradise because prior test was old. I have zero idea why this question crossed my brain other than I am in the medical field, so I think weird medical related thoughts all the time. Lol.

Comment: Yes. They all go through testing again.

Why wasn’t Sarah Vendal on the episode to warn Rachel personally (over, say, Astrid or Whitney who have less of a following)? Does this mean she’s not going to be on Bachelor in Paradise? She seems to be doing her share of Instagram shilling and hanging with bachelor alum, so seems like she’d be open to more exposure.

Comment: Not sure why she wasn’t on the episode but I fully expect her to be part of Paradise. Especially when she has a past with one of the guys that I would expect is going to be a storyline. You’ll get all your Paradise “dirt” next week before everyone heads off to film.



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