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The “Bachelorette” Rachel Episode 2 Recap, Blake/Whaboom/Ex Love Triangle, Which of Rachel’s Guys Has a Past with a Former Contestant & a Sad “Bachelorette” Death

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-Peter’s 1-on-1 date is up next, but Rachel has a surprise. When they meet at the airport, she tells him one her friends was in an accident a while ago and he’s going to be joining them on their date. Nick Viall everyone! Kidding. Nope, it’s Copper, the three legged dog (for now). I really wish Copper would’ve just been on the first group date so he could show us how much more developed he is than Whaboom. I’m pretty sure if Copper and Whaboom took an IQ test, Copper would blow doors on him. Whaboom is one of these guys that just, well, twists your nipples at the family party like Blake said last week. And people like that basically need to just be beat with a shovel.

-Peter and Rachel take off on the private jet for Palm Springs where she surprises Peter by attending Bark Fest. They didn’t really describe what it was, but just a bunch of dogs and their owners hanging out in a backyard somewhere. However, it was sponsored by Bark Box, who is one of my sponsors for the podcast. So there’s that. Not a whole hell of a lot happened at Bark Fest. All we kept seeing was Rachel and Peter in ITM’s gushing about the other one and how great this date was, yet we’re watching it, and I wasn’t really seeing anything. So many quick shots, no real interaction, and a lot dogs barking. Was that really as great a date as either one of them made it sound? Maybe it’s just because it was their first date together. I don’t know. But before they got to the night portion with dinner and then fireworks, we basically saw squat. Yet each was acting like this was the greatest date ever put together.

-Rachel: “I wanna get to know Peter on a deeper level. I wanna go below the surface.” In case you weren’t aware, the Sexual Innuendo Police were immediately called in after Rachel uttered those sentences. Geez. Layin’ it on thick, I tell ya’. I think on “Joe Millionaire,” comments like this were then followed up by slurping sounds in the woods. Doubt we’re gonna get that at a very tame party in Palm Springs with dogs and their owners around. Maybe on the private jet? Hey, you never know what kind of freaky things happen on flights like that. Whatever the case, Rachel is into him, and Peter is into her. Even tells her he hopes to move from Madison some day. Like, tomorrow if he could. I’m sure he would considering Rachel ain’t goin’ anywhere, so if these two are ever gonna work, Peter would have to be down in Dallas.

-At dinner, Rachel asks Peter what basically everyone watching at home wants to ask all of these contestants. “Hey, what do your parents think of you doing this?” Peter: “My parents have been super supportive.” He said his dad has never watched the show, but once he found out he was going on, he was all for it, which kinda doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Oh well. “Hey son, I have no freakin’ clue what you’re getting yourself into but you got my support.” Ummmm, ok. Must be some really supportive parents there I guess. Maybe his dad should’ve watched a few episodes before Peter decided to drop this bomb on him. “You know all those hopes and dreams I had in personal training career dad? Well, I’m kinda gonna derail them for the time being to go on a reality dating show. And oh yeah, I’m looking to get the hell out of Madison as soon as possible. Did I mention that too? Cuz I told Rachel that on the first date we ever had.” Papa Kraus might wanna rethink being so supportive of this decision.

-The two of them begin to start talking about #TeamGapTooth. Peter says it’s a family trait that’s been carried on, as he and his brother have it, as well as his niece. Rachel said she’s the only one who has it in her family, but they both like it, it makes them unique, and they’re sticking with it. Have at it kids. Don’t change. At this point over 30 years old, changing your chompers because of TV probably isn’t a good thing. You do you. Even if you happens to be children of David Letterman. You know what else bonded these two? Therapists. Peter admitted to being broken hearted a few times and then sought a relationship counselor. Rachel did the same thing. Now they totally are connected in more ways than teeth. Maybe they’ll both need counseling after this experience. It’s certainly possible. Hell, we know the show basically offers you nothing outside of right after you get eliminated, which is pretty sad when you think about it. You talk to enough former contestants you realize you are just a spoke on the wheel to these people. They truly don’t care about your well being when it’s all said and done.



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