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Did you see where Jillian Harris had her final 4 prediction on her blog? They were Josiah, Diggy, Fred, and Alex. I guess she doesn’t read spoilers, does she? Ha ha

Comment: Well, I guess Jillian doesn’t read this site. Or she does but doesn’t want to spoil it for her readers. Damn, she wasn’t close.

Hey Steve,

So, I just listened to the first episode of the new Ben and Ashley I podcast. Have you listened to it? I know you mentioned you listened to the teaser. Look, I understand it was their first episode… but my god it was awful. AWFUL. The flow was super awkward and they took these random fan calls that were pretty irrelevant to the discussion they were having. The whole podcast feels super insincere and just a way for them to stay relevant in a self-indulging way. I will NOT be listening to any future episodes. They really need to take some notes from your podcasts… (which I absolutely love and can’t wait for on Thursdays!!).

Keep doing what you do!

Comment: Well thank you.

Look, I’m not here to put any other podcasts on blast. Everyone has their thing. If it’s not for you, I totally get it. Some people hate my podcast and probably loved Ashley and Ben. That’s fine too. No one in this world is universally liked and it’s a waste of energy trying to get people to like you. I didn’t listen to theirs, nor will I. I write about the show three times a week, and now have a podcast on it. Outside of Juliet Litman’s “Bachelor Party” (which I even miss on occasion), I really don’t care to listen to any other Bachelor related podcasts. I don’t see the point. Not saying you can’t or anyone else for that matter, but for me, it’s just not something I want to listen to weekly. It’s overkill for me.

Hey Reality Steve,

I was listening to the live podcast Anna Faris did with Seth Rogen and instead of the usual phone calls they take, they had audience members come up and ask for life advice (kind of like the topics you’ll be covering in your new podcast with Sharleen). One of the audience members came up on stage and asked about how to date aka hook up with a guy that her girlfriend has been obsessed with and met (and possibly also hooked up with)…made me think of you because she said he was recently on the bachelor/bachelorette series, didn’t “win” the show, and recently moved to Southern CA. Any guesses? 😉

Thought you’d find this funny, interesting, annoying, since these bachelor franchise guys are so douchy.

Anyway, take a listen if you care to. Thanks!

Comment: Didn’t hear theirs (didn’t even know Anna Faris had a podcast), but if I had to guess, just off the top of my head I’d guess Robby or Chase since they just both moved to LA within the last few months. There might’ve been others that have too, but those were the first names to pop into my head. No idea if that’s who she’s referring to.

Hi Steve,

I wondered if you’d had any updates/insights into Jordan and Jojo lately? They seem to have been keeping a fairly low profile generally.

Comment: I haven’t heard much about them. Last thing I saw was the family picture in Chico a couple weeks ago celebrating JoJo and Jordan’s year anniversary. Everybody from both families were there. Except Aaron of course. I guess that relationship is still fractured.

Hi Steve,

I know I’m a little early for your next reader email, but missed the last one and have a question or two.

After watching Kimmel and his extraordinary insights from his wife as to the winner of the bachelorette, I wondered if the Bachelor Franchise is giving him the get-go to steal your predictions. I mean, why would they be angry with your spoilers when he announces it on national television? He is definitely a favorite with the TV show as they have had him on a few of their bachelor/bachelorette episodes. Is this their way of getting back at you? Having someone else take credit?

Love your spoilers and podcasts. I am way above the average watching age of the show, but it’s one of my favorite comedy/romantic/reality shows. I’m addicted.

Comment: Kimmel does so much promotion for the show, even if I didn’t spoil it early, it’s not like he’d be completely clueless and give 3 or 4 guys who barely made it halfway through the season. I just think the show is becoming more aware and accepting of spoilers. They kinda have to be since a lot of it is made public. And technically, Jimmy’s spoilers are still “guesses,” and only die hards (which is a very small percentage of their viewing audience) is keeping track of all his predictions, or, they just forget by the end of the season anyway.

Not sure if you know anything about it from sources, but what the heck is up with Josh Murray and all the preachy Christian stuff lately?! Did he finally find Jesus? lol. He’s cracking me up with all these insta stories and tweets about faith and God intertwined with tweets about nights he’s hosting events at clubs. Ok guy.

Comment: Lately? Josh has always been about scripture posts and talking about God. That’s nothing new. To each their own, but this definitely isn’t something new.

Hi Steve! A few questions.

One, I might be reading to much into this but I noticed that Jubilee Sharpe tweeted during Rachel’s premiere that someone from her (Jubilee’s) past stepped out of the limo. I also saw Michelle Collins said tweeted that a friend of a friend slept with Demario. Any chance that Jubilee has a history with one of Rachel’s guys? Or that her tweet and Michelle’s tweet are related? Yes, she does. I mentioned it in yesterday’s column. She once dated Bryan.

Two, it is so annoying that so many contestants assume and talk about Paradise already. Do Rachel’s friends know who she picks? I just don’t understand how they can tweet about how hot certain guys are and how they are calling dibs on them for Paradise. I just feel like if they were really true friends with Rachel then they would want those guys to work out for her instead of picking who they want. I have no idea if they know for sure, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb if I were to guess they do. There will be ones that do make mention of Peter, probably just not to seem so obvious.

Three, do you have any insight on how many guys production lets Rachel pick who she wants to give roses too the first couple of rose ceremonies. Because there is no way she would have picked Lucas over some of the guys she sent home right? Does production tell the lead certain people have to stick around for the first few episodes?


Comment: They certainly play a role in it, yes.

Hi Steve –

I’m trying to avoid your website because I’m trying to watch spoiler free for as long as possible, but can you confirm if Bryan has cheek implants? I seriously can’t watch him kiss Rachel. His face is just wrong…does she not see it? I can’t deal.

Signed –
Shallow person watching a shallow show

Comment: Cheek implants? I have no idea.


I use a meditation app called Calm (the website is In
addition to meditations, they offer sleep stories. Both fiction and
non-fiction stories read in a (hopefully) sleep-inducing fashion. Like
reading a book to go to sleep, but with your eyes closed.

Last night, they offered a new story: Sleeping Beauty. “Star of The
Bachelor, Nick Viall, reads this classic tale of love between a Prince
and a Princess.”

He did OK. Not as good as Ben Stein reading Adam Smith’s the Wealth of
Nations, but calm and relaxing.

Comment: That’s a tough call: Let Nick sell you some Hair Serum, or have him read you a bed time story. Hmmmmmm…how much is If it’s less than $79.99, that might be your answer. At least you know what you’re getting with that.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for all of the great spoilers so far this season as always. Couple of questions I’ve been wondering about…

1) Would Chris Soules have been on BIP this season had he not been arrested? Yeah, the rumor was that he was definitely doing it.

2) Do you think Lauren or Ben would ever go on BIP? I’d be shocked if they did.

3) Do you think the Winter Games will be mostly contestants from Nick and Rachel’s season or contestants from other past seasons? Too early to tell. Nick’s girls and Rachel’s guys are going to make up a majority of BIP. I don’t see the benefit of bringing them back less than 6 months later (TV time) to do “Bachelor Winter Games.” I’m sure a few will be on both, but since we know so little about the show, it’s hard to say.

4) Do you think Kaitlyn and Shawn are seriously going to get married or doing it for show? How about Jordan and JoJo? As I say with every couple, I will believe them when they walk down the aisle.

5) Are Ashley I and Jared still friends or have you heard about anything more? Unless they’re both lying to us, they’re just friends and nothing more.

Hi Steve – read your page all the time, love your comments and especially love the spoilers. I think it makes for more interesting watching – especially in the early episodes – to know who the final people are and to watch for their interactions with the lead as the show progresses.

Question – I think there were 4 men who met Rachel at the ATFR – – Blake E, Dean, and DeMario. But who was the 4th?


Comment: Eric. Remember, he danced with her. Something he did out of the limo in episode 1 and something he did during the basketball game in episode 2. I’m guessing that’s his “thing” with her.


I’m really enjoying your podcast. Have you been listening to Ben and Ashley I’s new podcast? It’s pretty boring, but this week they seemed to be throwing some shade at you. They had Luke Pell on to whine about how unfairly he’s been treated since the show, and then Ashley referred to Jimmy Kimmel as “the new Reality Steve.”

Comment: Luke whining? No way. I said what I said about Luke back in April on the site and in the podcast, I take none of it back, and the guy is scum. Period. End of story. I don’t give a sh** what he says about me honestly and how he feels he’s been treated. How about how he treated others?

I haven’t listened to their podcast and doubt I will. I just don’t have any interest. Props to them for starting one up. Hope they do great. I just have no interest in listening. Has anyone ever kept track of Jimmy’s “predictions” night one of the show? Would anyone mind pulling up the last few seasons or whenever he started doing this? I’d be curious to know how many final 1’s he picked correctly. I know when he does the final 3 or 4 those are usually almost all right, or just one is wrong. But however many times he’s actually said, “I think you pick so and so,” I’d like to know what his accuracy is on that. If someone could YouTube all those instances (I’m sure they’re out there), I’ll totally be your best friend.

For a minute there, I thought some stray film from a Jerry Springer episode got spliced into the Bachelorette by accident. It seemed to me that Rachel’s talk about not being played was aimed as much at production as at DeMario. My only question is, when did production know about Lexi – when he was cast, or did they find out when Lexi, as she claimed, contacted the show after DeMario showed up on AFTR? And of course, the considerate thing to to (bounce him from the show before the first night’s filming) apparently wasn’t an option.

Comment: I don’t know the backstory about Lexi other than she was a girl in DeMario’s past, but they played up her importance on the show. I think she was just a side piece like a lot of these guys have. DeMario was a moron for failing to acknowledge her, then within minutes, saying they dated on and off for 7 months. But hey, he seems to be taking it in stride. You see his tweet from yesterday? Pretty good:


Hi Steve, love your blog!

Regarding Jimmy Kimmel why would he say his final 3? Clearly they were your spoilers plus he is on ABC. Wouldn’t ABC want him to throw the people off? Anyway he is LAME. He’s been doing it for a while now and it doesn’t hurt the show, so I guess he’ll just keep it going.

The whaboo guy and the drummer guy are useless, could have found better entertainment than recycled reality TV trash. Do you think it’s a bad move on their part to pick people like them? Wouldn’t be so hard to find other people looking for a career boost without picking these losers

Comment: No, because there are people like them every season. People just have serious short term memory when it comes to this show. All these storylines and characters are pretty much recycled every season, just played by different people. No, we haven’t had a guy running around the house saying Whaboom before, but others have been just as annoying doing something else.

Hey Steve,

Quick question- how do ratings etc account for people who watch the show the next day on platforms like Hulu or the ABC mobile app?

I’m assuming they only count people who tuned in live?

I feel like more and more people are watching the next day on Hulu, could that be a reason in the slight dip in numbers?

Comment: The ratings I post on Tuesdays are just the overnight television ratings. That’s what the public goes by. But there’s 3 Day and 7 Day as well which advertisers pay attention to. And streaming of course. It’s a different ballgame nowadays and that’s why the “Bachelor” is ADDING shows now with “Bachelor Winter Games” and not cancelling them. It’s a juggernaut.



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