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Haha, just had to send a quick message that I thought Luke’s little interview with Ashley I. and Ben mentioned you without actually saying your name. He pretty much said that Internet bloggers come out with gossip without having an actual base to go off of. Just funny after listening to your podcast and knowing you do have proof and don’t run with your stories without proof.

Anyway, enjoy your week. Just thought it’d be a good little laugh

Comment: Like I mentioned earlier, let him say what he wants. I don’t care. I know the truth. He’s a clown, a player, and liar. Miss Holly Allen will soon find that out, and that’s that.

Do you plan on listening to Kaitlyn’s new podcast ‘Off The Vine’?

Comment: I doubt it. Not because I don’t like Kaitlyn or anything like that because I do. I always have. But for reasons stated earlier. I just don’t have the time to pour into other “Bachelor” podcasts when I’ve got 4-6 sports related ones I listen to every week to keep my sanity.

Hey Steve,

Congrats on spoiling another season! How many contestants from the current and past few seasons do you think have actually been selected because they attended a casting event or applied online? Everyone is so connected in this franchise now and it makes me wonder if all the contestants aren’t just friends of friends of a producer or something like that. It’s tough to say exactly without asking each one individually. But I’d say very few. And the ones that are probably don’t go far.
Do you know anything about why Josiah doesn’t make it that far? He is one of my faves this season. And in my opinion, Blake Is WAY more annoying than whaboom.

Keep up the good work!

Comment: I’m not sure, but it’s not like he’s going home anytime in the next 3 weeks.

Hey RS,

Did Lexie have to sign something preventing her from talking about her time on the show? If not, she would make an interesting podcast guest for a 10-15 minute segment. I’m interested to know how much she was coached on what to say, what really happened and her actual relationship with Demario. Pretty much every person who appears crazy on the show ends up being normal and well spoken afterwards. But her flesh colored shirt creeped me out like at first I thought it had sleeves but then I saw a wrist tattoo, odd. I’m sure she did if she appeared on the show in a role like that. I really don’t think she could offer me much that would warrant her as a podcast guest, but hey, you never know.

Would you ever be able to have an ex producer or editor of the show on your podcast? Like the UnReal creator? Or the guy who jumped out the window on BIP? Or the guy who was banging Rozlyn? I think your first one is more realistic than the last two.

Also I was not excited to see Kareem on TV. He was recently on a podcast that I find funny (if you can’t tell I like to listen to podcasts lol) and he was painfully boring and had no sense of humor. I don’t really watch sports but I like sports drama and humor, he has neither so I wish he’d stay off TV. I’d rather watch the strange LaVar Ball sell shoes to the guys only while purposely ignoring Rachel.

Comment: Or to just tell Rachel to “Stay in Yo Lane?” Kristine Leahy should’ve got up and walked out of the studio on the guy. Now, I will say, Kristine had taken plenty of shots about the guy and his parenting well before he came on the show, so he had every right to respond to the things she said about him. He just handled it like a complete ass hat.

Hey Steve,

I always enjoy reading your blogs and random spoilers. I was wondering once you put up the episode by episode post If you could also add in what the date cards say and if she gets into hot tubs with the guys! Seems to be ABC’s two favorite questions on the fantasy league game. And also, do you have any insight on who you believe will be the next bachelor?

Comment: I never know what the date cards say. When I played the fantasy league game last year (for about 4 or 5 weeks before I gave up out of boredom) knowing what the dates were, a lot of those were guesses just based on what was written.

Just going by their track record, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a guy from the final 4 this season. That’s usually where they draw from.

Hey Steve!

One quick question for this week: if Britt was broke, how did she pay for a management team? Maybe it’s one of those PR firms that you only pay once they book you something.

I thought you were extremely gracious in your apology after reading her blog. The reason you’re so loved is you always do the right thing. No one prompted you to apologize but it was kind of you to show empathy and do so. Thanks for being an awesome human being!!!

Comment: Thanks. I think people know I never would’ve called her out if I knew that was her situation. Or anyone’s for that matter. I just did it on the principle alone of asking for pay to be a podcast guest when 20 people before her never did. But knowing now what her situation was, of course I take it back and wish I didn’t.


The podcast has been phenomenal. I have a few podcast follow up questions.

James Taylor went on another podcast after he talked to you, and said you were hard on him. I don’t think you were. Did you feel like James was sincere with everything he said to you? I didn’t hear that but I was told about it. VERY disappointing to hear the things that were reported back to me about what he said, if they were reported accurately. No idea where he got that from. I still have our whole DM conversation from the first time I contacted him til he came on. At no point did I ever “threaten” or “force” James to come on the podcast. Everything was his choice. I made a compelling argument FOR him to come on, but I never ever threatened or forced him to. That’s what I was told he said, and that’s disappointing to hear. Hell, the first time I emailed him telling him I’d seen his text to the girls, I just figured I was gonna get ignored since I’d just destroyed his boy, Luke. I was surprised he responded. He had every right to ignore me or even just say no, and that would’ve been fine. Others have done it. But he didn’t. So to come on, do what I thought was an open and honest interview, and then basically run to someone else and say what he did, I thought was below the belt. But whatever. I never heard his interview with the other podcast, so I’m only speaking on what was told to me. If that’s not what happened, then you can dismiss everything I just said.

You said outright that you and Sharleen were not going to agree on anything pertaining to Nick. While you and Sharleen were discussing Nick, she agreed with several things that you had to say about him. Do you think you altered Sharleen’s views on Nick after all? Maybe some, but certainly not all. Nor was I trying to. I know she knows things about Nick that I don’t know. And I know things about Nick that she doesn’t know. Hence the reason I doubt will ever clearly see eye to eye on everything about the guy, and I’m fine with that.

You were very successful in quieting both Josh and Amanda. It occurred to me that Josh has sustained a great deal of negativity airing his personal life in public. He had a book written about him that portrayed him in a very negative light. His breakup with Amanda had him one inch from total ruin. A couple weeks ago, I was watching the Steve Harvey show, and there was Josh Murray airing his personal life out in the public again. After coming so close to disaster, why is Josh continuing to put his personal life out in a public forum? I have no idea. It’s a bad move though.

After everything that you had to say about Luke Pell, do you think Luke learned any life lessons from you? Zero, because he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong to anyone. He’s in his own little world. Let him be. Karma is a bitch.

Courtney told you on the podcast that she was just friends with Arie. Arie and Courtney went to the Indianapolis 500 together this weekend, and I wondered if you heard that they are back together? Haven’t heard either way.

Courtney tweeted out soon after you talked to her that she was working on a second book. Would you have her back on the podcast to discuss her new book? Absolutely.

And finally, what good things have you heard about Bryan?


Comment: Well…ummmm….errrrr….uhhhhh….he once dated Jubilee. That’s all I got for now.

Hi Steve!

Two questions for your reader emails this week.

1) It seems like in the packages that they show, the winner is usually
included. How come Peter was not included? Did he maybe not have as
compelling of a story? I’d take anything over “Waboom” anyhow….None of her final 4 had an intro package, which has never happened before.

2) Someone on Access Hollywood or some channel made a comment about
how the last few seasons (Ben H, Jojo) the first person out of the
Limo is the one that got chosen in the end. I think I remembered Ben
saying something in an interview alluding to the fact that Lauren was
not first out of the limo but I could be wrong. Any truth to this or
is it just the editing of the show? I can’t remember every season in terms of what was shown vs what really happened. But if he said it, I’m sure it was true. He knows when she actually came out of the limo.

Loving the podcasts and the guests you have. Normally I don’t like
podcasts all that much but your conversations with the guests and the
ones you have chosen have been great to listen to.

Comment: Thank you. I think this week is a really good one. Lesley Murphy has such a great and positive story, I really hope people take the time to listen to all 90 minutes. She’s been through a lot.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say, thanks for all that you do. It seems your business is really expanding, what with the new podcast with Sharleen, the sponsorship for your weekly podcasts, & other mentions you’ve given. I am super excited to see your brand grow and, of course, to know my spoilers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I truly could not watch this franchise without your input as it can be quite humdrum when watched sans spoilers week after week…blegh. I tried it for a couple weeks. Hated it. Thanks. Excited about the new show with Sharleen. Yes, I’m aware it’s a monthly fee after your first month is free, but the goal is to make that a free show at some point and maybe add it as a second podcast during the week. We’re testing it out on Stitcher because they came to me, but ultimately if the show does well, we’d like to expand on it. I’ll have the release date on the show in the coming weeks.

Now, I have a question for you. I am relatively new to watching the bachelor franchise (my first season was Caitlyn’s bachelorette (hope I spelled her name right) & I have continued watching since, always with reading your spoilers, naturally) and I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts and hearing the stories of all the previous contestants, what they’re doing in life, etc. But, I feel like a couple seasons really stick out in your convos, specifically, Juan Pablo and Emily’s to mention a few. If you could choose, what season would you suggest a “newbie” like myself go back and watch either for pure entertainment or for insights to common allusions in your convos/writing or whever reason? I guess, I’m just curious to know what season prior to Caitlyn’s stuck out most to you, and why?

Thanks for reading!

Comment: Juan Pablo’s just for the sheer sh** show factor. And being the only one in the last 17 or 18 seasons who didn’t propose at the end, so that’s something different. Ashley’s was good. As was Sean’s.

Hi Steve.

Hope this isn’t too late.

I saw your note in today’s article that Dean will be popular in paradise. Now, I know you don’t like to speculate, but I had him pegged as a Bachelor possibility – do you think this means he’s out? Please speculate 🙂 I wouldn’t say he’s out 100%, but for the sake of ranking the final 4 guys and their “Bachelor” prospects, I think he probably has the smallest chance. I think he’s just too young and I don’t think he comes across as someone who’s looking to settle down right now.

Of the F4 it just seems like they aren’t going to choose anyone: Bryan is hella old to be dating 22 year olds (although I guess so was Nick), I doubt they’ll follow their black bach’ette with a black bachelor, so Dean seemed like he had everything going for him.

Comment: Time will tell I guess. Nick was only one year younger than Brian would be, and Nick had plenty of girls 10 years younger than him on his season. So I’d rule that reason out.


Long time reader/ fan. My 7 year old wants to know how Copper broke broke his leg. Rachel mentioned this in her blog but was not clear. I figure as a fellow dog lover you may know 🙂 In a tweet she said he “broke his toe on something.” So there you go.

Also this is just my observation but I feel like this season is easier to watch because Rachel does not seem fake/ fame hungry like other leads. It’s probably too early to to tell, but I feel like SOME of the guys have more lagit connections with her. The interactions seem more genuine.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I think Rachel has been excellent so far. Like, she actually seems like she’s interested and happy to be there as opposed to putting on a TV show. That’s the vibe I’ve gotten so far. And it has been funnier than in seasons past.

Hey Steve,

I’m surprised you didn’t point out Lexie’s statement of discovering DeMario was “cheating” on her by “viewing the show last week and seeing him during the rose ceremony. ” there is no way this could have happened since, as you have educated us so well, the timing between taping the show vs. airing the show.

I had to rewind to male sure i heated what i thought i heard. Rachel asked how she knew he was there. I couldn’t believe the producers didn’t edit that.

Comment: I think you’re confusing what Lexie said about “viewing the show last week.” She wasn’t talking about the “Bachelorette” she was talking about the ATFR where DeMario first met Rachel. That was live on Monday, March 13th. The basketball date took place the following Monday the 20th.

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