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“Reader Emails” & “Bachelor in Paradise” to Resume Filming

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In your Reader Emails, you mentioned trying to get some of the big names from The Challenge on. I highly applaud this. I love CT. I don’t know if you could get him to talk about Diem and/or her death and how it’s impacted him. But I would love to hear how he’s doing these days. Bananas is a schmuckmuck and not a fan of his at all (though the dude is a freaking genius at this schtuff which I don’t understand at all). But yeah, my vote if you can is for CT. Wes and/or Kenny would be good… preferably at the same time!

Comment: Workin’ on it.

Hi RS,

Regarding Peter vs. Bryan, we know that you wouldn’t have posted Peter as the winner initially without reasonable evidence. I’m just curious.. (and you can answer this without revealing anything about the source of your spoilers)..did you post Peter as the winner because you had evidence it was him who won, or did you have evidence that it wasn’t Bryan? Or did you guess. Lol.


Comment: Well, I certainly didn’t guess.

Good Evening Steve all week it has been really stressing me out… how are you truly sure that it’s not Peter that wins Rachel’s heart? I ask because, in her interviews she tells the audience that, it’s someone we never expected… Peter fits that criteria because he is not all in the camera, or into himself like Bryan. He is very humbled! So can you explain

Comment: Here it comes. The doubt has creeped in, which I fully expected. There’s nothing I can tell you that will convince you it’s Bryan without compromising sources. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one.

Dear Steve,

I am a huge fan of yours because of how committed you are to reporting the truth! I’ve been closely following all of the news on the BIP suspension and so many reporters just want to sensationalize what has happened and create click bait to up their own ratings. This is causing a lot of problems for the Bachelor’s image… people are slut shaming Corrine, DeMario is being accused of sexual assault, there are even people saying the entire Bachelor franchise should end! Everyone is so quick to make assumptions when in fact there is still an investigation that needs to be done. While so much of the media is passing off rumors as reality, you are trying your best to only share the truth! I’ve been telling everyone I know to ignore everything else they are hearing about this BIP scandal- whatever you report will be substantiated and dependable. ABC should be thanking you for not spreading negative lies about the show! But since they won’t, I would just like to say thanks!!

Comment: That’s what we’ve come to expect when a story as big as this breaks. That’s why it’s best to just withhold judgment til we get more facts. Do I think the public will ever see the tapes of what happened that day? No. So we’re probably never really going to get the answers we wanted. But when contestants who were there and witnessed what happened are voicing their opinion, I’d say something like that holds a little more water than tabloids.

Just curious why Olivia said in your interview on her podcast why she can’t do yours. Is this a contract thing? I’ve noticed the majority of the people that have been on your podcast are not from the more recent seasons (I believe James Taylor was the most recent contestant). I also remember an interview I listened to with Ashley I. where she mentioned her ABC contract was almost over. It there a point in time that the contestants are under more strict guidelines to not talk about the show? And does this expire? Thanks! It has nothing to do with her ABC contract. It’s her contract with CBS Radio, the ones who run her podcast.

Also, have you listened to the E&G podcast from June 13th? They had some pretty interesting theories about your role with the franchise and just wondered if you had a response.

Comment: I listened to one E&G podcast, and that was the one with Luke after I’d bashed him. It was embarrassing, so I have zero interest in listening to anything else they put out. But they sure listen to every word I say since apparently their show revolves around my site and my podcast as they are constantly commenting on it according to people like yourself who fill me in. Not to mention they love tagging me on IG every time they mention me in their podcast. No thanks guys.

Hey Steve,

Was thinking about Bachelor 2018 prospects, and I feel like you may have played a role in it if Peter is chosen because when you gave the original spoiler that he had won and then retracted it, he gained a huge fan base from the 1.5 weeks you had that spoiler up, so with him already having that huge amount of support, it’s even easier to see him becoming the lead next year.

Comment: Well being in the top 4 and not winning, he’s automatically a candidate. I don’t think anything I did would help him one way or another. We’re still a ways away but would anyone be surprised if he got the gig? Probably not.


I know you are probably still getting slammed with BIP emails — had a question about DeMario and his girlfriend. We all know producers put him on the show knowing he had a girlfriend and when Rachel told him off she told him she takes the whole process seriously and doesn’t want to get played and made to look like a fool etc. does Chris Harrison know about these ppl that have girlfriend/boyfriends too ? I’m surprised Rachel didn’t ream his ass out too and states the obvious of why they let ppl come on the show knowing they have a significant other back home and she’s trying to find a real relationship? That’s a confrontation I would love to see. How come leads don’t ever confront Chris Harrison about it and let that air ? Because essentially they don’t let anyone call out the show. Especially in the lead role. They know what they have to do and how they have to act.

Also on the BIP mess, I heard that ABC kept filming DeMario and Corrine for ratings and because it was basically soft porn – they can’t air that on a prime time show. Do you think ABC was turning this into a more sleazy type show and it got out of hand and now they are backtracking and saying they don’t condone this. Or the minute it was called “sexual misconduct” they had to make themselves look like the innocent party.

Love your blog – I read it all the time

Comment: There’s too many things we don’t know at this point. But when a complaint is filed against the show, they had to take action, which meant shutting production down. Continuing to film could’ve made it worse.

Hi Steve

Been reading your column since the Melissa/Molly/Jason drama. Actually had a bet with my then boyfriend (now husband) about who would win that season. I cheated and read your site and picked Melissa. He didn’t cheat and picked Molly. We still argue about who really won that bet. And we still watch all the Bachelor shows together (although he’s wise enough to not make bets with me now.)

Anyway I have never written to you before but I was listening to the last pod cast. I love them by the way! I think Kiptyns was one of the best and of course Courtney’s – always love her honestly. I just wanted to say thank you for doing all you do. I think your humor is great. And I love how dedicated you are to your fans and also your family. I love hearing your personal stories. I heard you open up about your love life on the last pod cast. Just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about heartbreak in your life. Reading your column for so many years I feel like I had to reach out. You seen like an great guy and I bet there is a fantastic person out there for you. When you do get married please make sure to tell us fans (I know you keep a lot private) because I promise to send you a wedding gift!!

Keep doing what you do and know we love you!

Comment: Thanks. Wasn’t easy, but you get past it and move on. That’s all you can do. I might get into it more in a future podcast. Haven’t decided yet. I know Sharleen wants to grill me on it during “He Said, She Said.” She knows the gist of it but not ALL of it.

Ha ha…when I get married? Well, that would mean I would have to get a girlfriend first. Oh I’m sure my fans will know if/when that happens. I just am not the person to share everything I do with a significant other publicly every 10 minutes.

Hi Steve!

Long time follower and have recently started catching up on your podcasts. Not that I didn’t want to listen before but have a new job with a long commute that allows me the time 🙂

I apologize if this was brought to your attention before or not but I am from Boston and recently went to the city strong event held in Boston by Kaitlyn and Shawn.

The event was great with Kaitlyn, Shawn and Erin Oprea who I have started recently following. I’m someone who has been involved in fitness most of my life and my most recent obsession is crossfit and the workout itself was awesome. Way better than I expected.

It was a well run event. I even got my pic taken with them.

The reason I bring it up to you is that I listen to a morning radio show matty in the morning on kiss 108. Very popular in Boston. They brought them in for an interview the day before this event to promote it and the interview started out great. Then matty asked them what they thought about her and nick. Kaitlyn refused to speak the rest of the time and Shawn was looking at his watch waiting to get out of there. Even before they came in they wanted to ask them if their relationship was fake.

Most awkward interview. They said they bolted out of there. And since then Matty has banned all Bach/bachelorette talk.

Again I apologize if I’m repeating what someone else has told you but I found it so funny.

Keep doing what you do. You are the only reason I keep up with these shows.

Comment: Haven’t heard this story, but if this is true and it’s exactly what happened, that does seem weird.

Hi RS,

Do you think the recent BIP situation will affect the edit of The Bachelorette this season? As in showing less intoxicated contestants? Or making the focus less on alcohol in general (not showing people standing around holding their drinks etc….)?

Comment: Impossible to say. They’re really two completely different shows when it comes to drinking. We know drinking happens on the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette,” but the hooking up is shown way less outside of make outs on dates. BIP (and “Bachelor Pad” for that matter), were much more risqué in showing two people go at it.

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  1. qtontv

    June 21, 2017 at 3:43 PM

    God, I hope Corriane doesn’t come back. She is nauseating, trashy and doesn’t deserve anymore attention. But like you said, the even trashier cash me ousside girl is getting a show… geez what a world we live in.

  2. newmommy108

    June 21, 2017 at 6:44 PM

    I think Corinne tried to be over the top in her season of The Bachelor to achieve a level of celebrity and her intent was to expand on that in BIP. I think this was her plan exactly and she’s loving being in the limelight. She’s a total narcissist but she’s not as smart as she thinks she is. I knew as soon as she was invited to participate in the show that she would once again be topless, straddling men, drunk and slutty…and she was. Her family must be so proud! Can she please go away now?

  3. rob22

    June 22, 2017 at 6:11 AM

    What Corrinne is doing, is essentially what many others try to do on the show. But she doesn’t seem to have any sense of shame. She welcomes that bad publicity. So, she’s all in. She’s getting the attention she wants. But when you think about it, how is that different than Brittney Spears tongue kissing Madonna for attention? Or Miley Cyrus nude on a wrecking ball? Or the latest exploits of Kendall Jenner…. or any of the others in her family. The message has been out there that if you slut it up, you’ll be paid attention to. Corrinne is just the first from this franchise that’s been willing to go all the way for attention. Part of me feels sad for her, but she’s getting exactly what she wants. Look we live in a world where Omarosa is in the White House. Yeah, really. That’s our world.

  4. tinyred500

    June 22, 2017 at 6:33 AM


    I agree, there are loads of females out here who have done the same or far worse. I don’t like it or agree with it, too many of them call it being a feminist, well not in my name please. As far feeling sad for Corrine, hmm no I can’t feel that for her, at most she was misguided and perhaps didn’t expect the bad press. She has milked her notoriety since filming The Bachelor for all its worth and seemed pretty much pleased with herself, I can’t even get my head around that one. What must her family think. I do hope this is the last of her reality stint that we see.

    There’s an article in the Online Daily Mail’s US showbiz about the franchise’s contracts. The article stated it wasn’t sure if the ones seen were the type all previous contestants have signed or whether they are new ones being introduced. Regardless, I would run a mile if I was presented with something like that to sign, just atrocious, but then so many would sell their soul just to be famous etc. Sad and tragic.

  5. allaboutme

    June 23, 2017 at 8:41 AM

    @rob22 – This is completely different than the examples you cited.
    “Brittney Spears tongue kissing Madonna for attention? Or Miley Cyrus nude on a wrecking ball? Or the latest exploits of Kendall Jenner…. or any of the others in her family. ”
    Those women you mentioned take ownership and it doesn’t effect others. Britney kissing another woman / Miley naked doesn’t impact anyone else – and shouldn’t be judged. Quite frankly, if Corinne wanted to have sex with the entire cast, that’s on her. Dragging someone down with her is in an entire different league.

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