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“Reader Emails” & “Bachelor in Paradise” to Resume Filming

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Hi Steve,

So now that ABC has said there was no misconduct, how does Demario respond? How would you respond? She basically dragged his name through the mud because she cheated on her boyfriend and regretted it. This is a huge disservice to actual victims of sexual assult. She has damaged his character (beyond what happened on Rachel’s season) maybe beyond repair in the public eye.
I can’t wait to see how ABC “resumes filming” since they’ve lost over 10 days of shooting. I’m assuming all the cast members have been talking with each other during this pause, so how do they make the rest of the filming seem realistic at all?

Comment: If I were DeMario, I would sue for defamation of character. But I’m not DeMario. I have no idea what his plans are going forward.

Too many questions right now to know exactly what will happen. They all are headed back there and filming will be back up and running by this weekend, so, I’m sure we’ll know soon enough. I was able to get the spoilers for the first 3 days they filmed. Can’t see why I wouldn’t get them once filming is complete.

Hey Steve,

Super excited about this upcoming podcast with Sharleen. However, I’m not sure if I want to commit to a full year with Stitcher radio! Is it possible to test out the free month and then opt out when I choose? Little confused on this. Sure. Sign up at Stitcher Premium using the promo code: STEVE. You’ll get tomorrow’s episode free, then you can cancel whenever you’d like. Although of course I’d like you to at least listen to a few episode before deciding when to cancel.

Now that this BIP mess is starting to clear up, don’t you think a public apology is warranted to DeMario? His character has been assassinated all across the internet and he was fired from his job. As someone who followed Corrine’s antics from Nick’s season, I think Corrine should finally own up to her actions and do the right thing — be honest. The investigation has concluded there was no assault. I find this disheartening for true victims.

Comment: Time will tell if Corinne ever gives DeMario a public apology. Something tells me she won’t.

Hi Steve!

SO happy to hear the BIP news, from everything that was coming out (especially from Jasmine) I knew nothing bad had gone down.

1) Do you think they will fire the rogue producers who tried to shut the show down for NO reason? I certainly wouldn’t want to work with them anymore. I can’t imagine they’re still working on the show, but I haven’t heard anything regarding that.

2) Not a question, but I hope Corinne won’t be back on any Bachelor related shows, including this season of BIP. My opinion is that she used this as a way to get $$$ from ABC, and it’s pretty disgusting what she did to Demario. He lost his job, his name was smeared, etc. If there was even a 1% chance that Demario did anything wrong, the show wouldn’t be returning, so I’m confident that he did nothing wrong. I feel bad for him.

Thanks for your continuing updates on this situation!!

Comment: That seems to be a lot of people’s sentiment. If after Corinne’s lawyers complete their own investigation, if nothing is found wrong, then I’d hope there’d be some sort of apology. Unfortunately, for the rest of DeMario’s life, if someone googles his name, this incident will be attached to it, whether he did anything wrong or not. And some people will not be able to move past that. That’s the real issue here.

So, I have a few topics that I wanted to share with you. I have actually started and stopped and started writing this e-mail several times. I figured now was a great time to finally get this e-mail out considering that there are so many topics to discuss.

First, I wanted to start by saying I am a fellow “24” fan, and, if possible, I wanted to get your thoughts on the new show “24: Legacy” and “Designated Survivor.” I am started to enjoy Designated Survivor more and more, but I can’t help but to keep hoping I am going to see more of the Jake Bauer side out of Kiefer Sutherland. I get so excited when he says something Bauer-eque, and I keep wanting to see more of that. I guess we will see what season 2 holds. Maybe it will come to light that he actually was Jack Bauer in another life, and he takes everyone by surprise! As far as Legacy, I was quite surprised I actually sat through the entire season. I started watching because I knew Tony Almedia was coming back. After it took several episodes for him to finally appear on the show, I figured that I might as well watch the rest. I think the problem with this show is just that there’s no one that can really compete with Jack Bauer. It just wasn’t the same. “24” will just never be the same without Jack Bauer. “Legacy” was good, but not great. And considering they’ve already scrapped that cast and it’s being re-booted yet again, I guess they didn’t like it either. I actually like Corey Hawkins more than I thought I would. It wouldn’t have bothered me to see the series continue with him as the lead. But that won’t be happening now. They aren’t killing the franchise as a whole, but they announced a couple weeks ago that “Legacy” is done and they are re-booting.

Next, I wanted to get your thoughts on some of the production lately of the show itself. No, I don’t want to discuss the producers who filed the complaint on Bachelor In Paradise. Anyhow…. in recent seasons, they keep thinking for some reason that it is a good idea to keep messing with the format of the show. At times they have left out the lead actually giving out the group date rose, they leave out important situations on dates (that I only know about because I read your spoilers), and the one that drives me crazy: ending episodes with “to be continued” literally almost every episode. I will get to the latter in a second, but first I wanted to expand on the parts they leave out. For example, the volleyball date on Nick’s season. All of the women were crying and getting upset. The fact that they were upset because they were actually competing for extra time with Nick, in my opinion, was actually an important aspect to mention. So, why leave that out? Furthermore, why do they continue to end episodes on “to be continued.” It doesn’t make me want to wait until next episode to find out about the drama that is about to happen. I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette, so I know to expect drama. All it does is make me want to go to your site and find out who makes it to the next week (which I guess is good news for you). All in all, I just don’t know why they would mess with the format of the show. It is like watching Wheel of Fortune and having to wait until the next episode to see the winner play in the bonus round. My guess is because after 15 years on the air and 34 seasons, they have to think of some way to change up the show without fundamentally changing the basics of it. No show on that long has done the same exact thing every season. “Real World” started throwing twists into their seasons during the past few years. “Survivor” has as well. You just can’t be on that long and not change with the times. And lets be honest, it’s worked. At least for “Survivor” and “Bachelor/ette.” Neither has been losing viewership. 15 years on the air and you aren’t losing viewership is pretty amazing.

Next, I want to start diving into the spin-offs. I know that you probably agree with me here, but I guess this is more of a section of “venting.” Until Carly and Evan just got married, Bachelor Pad actually had the same success rate with relationships as Bachelor In Paradise. Has everyone forgotten that Blake and Holly got engaged on Bachelor Pad, and they just celebrated their 5th (I think) wedding anniversary? The best part about Bachelor Pad is that you could see your favorites from the franchise whether they were in a relationship or not. Just like on the Challenge, when you put that many good looking guys and girls together, people are going to hook up, and the competition aspect adds another layer of drama to it as well. If anything, I feel like the relationships formed on BP were a lot less forced than they were on Paradise. BP also proves my best advice to people looking for relationships. My advice to anyone looking for love is usually when you are busy with everything else in your life and when you least expect it, love finally happens. Usually when you try to force it and a relationship is the only goal on your mind, it usually does not end up working out. Hopefully this new Bachelor show coming out will bring back some of these attributes. Well, BIP has produced two marriages – Jade & Tanner, Evan and Carly. As far as I know, BP has only produced the one which that you speak of, Blake and Holly. And each only had 3 completed seasons so far. I wouldn’t say BP was that far ahead of BIP in terms of relationships. It’s very easy for these people to hook up and date now because of social media. That just wasn’t around during BP days. Or at least wasn’t nearly as popular. However, and probably the biggest thing to note in your email, if you are watching these shows looking for love and relationships, you’re watching for the wrong reasons.

Finally, I do want to compliment you on these weekly interviews with former contestants. I think I have almost started following every guest you have had on (if I wasn’t following them already) on social media after the fact. You give them a chance to tell us who they actually are as a person.

I have so many other thoughts, but I know you have a lot of e-mails to always get through. Thus, I am just going to leave it at this for now.

Comment: I’m glad you’ve started doing that. That’s kinda been my whole point in all of this. Just to show you a different side than what an edited TV show lets you in on. I think every single person I’ve had on I learned something about that I didn’t know initially.

Hey Steve!

I am currently listening to the Ben & Ashley I podcast, but I’m not sure why after their additional podcast from last week. They did a ‘breaking news’ podcast, talking about BIP and the scandal surrounding it. I was totally thrown off with how upset both of them were about everything. Maybe it rubbed me the wrong way because that podcast came out the same day of the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. It just made me realize that there are so many more important things in this world to be sad about, but they were nearly crying because of the “300 people in Mexico that are now without jobs”.

As for you, I’ve not missed a single podcast that you’ve done and I’m always looking forward to the next week! Kudos to a great podcast!

Comment: To play devil’s advocate here, I’ve never been a fan of the argument “There are so many more important things going on in the world.” Because if that’s your argument, then nobody anywhere any place should be allowed to talk about anything other than what is publicly considered the most important thing going on in the world. I don’t think anybody thinks for a second BIP production getting shut down was all that important in the grand scheme of things, but for THEIR podcast, it was. By using that argument, I basically shouldn’t have a website. Nothing I talk about on this website will ever be close to being an important issue in the world. So does that mean I can’t talk about it? Of course not. There are different platforms that discuss different matters. They have a “Bachelor” related podcast. They aren’t going to talk political matters. Listen to a political podcast if you want people’s opinions and in depth talk about that. The Bachelor franchise will never in a million years be anywhere close to “an important thing going on in this world.” It’s probably 5,000th on the list. But we’re still allowed to talk about it because that’s what we do.

Hi Steve,

I am moderately, to extremely obsessed with your blog and podcasts and I am beyond excited for “He said, She said,” first, because I love Sharleen, but mostly because I am confident you can take this content, and make it smart. It amazes me how I feel like I am reading intelligent conversation in your posts and with your guests on the podcast, as admittedly, often times I leave a Monday night feeling like I am all the sudden more childish, petty and frankly brain dead after watching.

So last night, I was very proud when my Bachelor franchise hating boyfriend, referenced you by name and said “Hey, does Reality Steve have an email address posted on his site? Can you seriously ask him wt* “Tickle Monster” means as Jonathan’s profession.” Having never sent a Reader Email previously, I knew this was my cue. I know from your post that he is actually a medical doctor, so I informed hater boyfriend of that, but do you know where the “storylines/professions” come from? Are they producer initiated? For example, he shows up Day 1 and they are like, “you’re the tickle monster this season, so in your intro, you need to give Rachel a little tickle (anyone else just really freaked out by the term tickle monster). Yes, the producers basically choose a few contestants each season and make their “job” more about their character they are on the show rather than what their actual job is. They’ve been doing this for years. Nothing new. Jonathan tickled her the first time he saw her, hence, he gets to be the tickle monster. Silly, but effective for them.

Along the same lines, do the producers seek out ex-girlfriends? Or do you think they come forward themselves for fame? Did DeMario’s “girlfriend” contact them?

You may have addressed these both before-apologies if so!


Comment: I think each situation is different, but they are well aware of everything that’s happening on their set. That ex didn’t just happen to show up on the group date (how would she even know DeMario was gonna be on that group date?) unannounced, essentially walk on to the set of the TV show and start demanding to talk to people. Doesn’t work that way. I’m sure she either contacted someone behind the scenes, or, knowing now she’s a fairly recent LA native who moved from Vancouver to do modeling and acting, very good chance they didn’t have to search long and hard for her.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been watching and reading since Juan Pablo’s season but never written in before!

Not related to Rachel per se, but I listen to Ashley I’s “I Don’t Get It” podcast as well as the “Almost Famous” one she does with Ben. On both, she’s talked about going out with Chris (Cupcake) from Kaitlyn’s season – wondering if you know any details about this? Apparently they went out in March, he basically ghosted her, she and Ben put him on the spot on their podcast by having him call in and asking him if he thought what they’d had was a date, and now they’re going on their third date, but she hasn’t actually mentioned his name since the awkward call in. I know he was meant to be on Paradise but never made the final cut, so just curious! I don’t listen to her podcast so I’ve heard nothing about it.

Also – any rumblings about the next Bachelor given that neither Eric nor Peter is getting the best edit thus far? Peter seemed to be the frontrunner but after last night’s episode he lost a few points with me (the “hood” comment during his rap, his inability to spell – but my sister and I loved his angry, disinterested tone while reading the group date card!) … Plus someone on another news site dug up his high school grad photo and he said his life goal was to get famous somehow and be on the Bachelor!! Think his dream will come true next season? I can’t see them picking Eric at this point…

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I wouldn’t say Peter is getting a bad edit at all. The HS photo that everyone is talking about seems to be much ado about nothing. It was over 10 years ago. I don’t think the guy’s had a plan in place for over 10 years to land on this show and now his plan is coming to fruition. Now, that’s not to say the guy isn’t any different than anyone else who comes on this show looking for attention and to increase his brand, because he is, but I wouldn’t put much stock into something he said in a HS yearbook quote years ago.

Hey Steve!

You said you were low on questions so just wondering if you heard about what happened to the producers who made the complaint on BIP? Any repercussions?

PS – I had SO much fun at the appreciation party and LOVED meeting your mom! Looking forward to next year!

Comment: I haven’t heard anything about the producers. Maybe we will in the future. I’m guessing at some point someone will get a hold of them.

Glad you liked the party. It was fun. Arguably was the best one I’ve had thus far. Hope you can make it next year. And I hope next year’s party is even bigger and better than this year’s.

Hey Steve. Did you ever publish anything about the fight between Rachel and Vanessa in Bimini? Still curious about that one.

Comment: Yes. It was in the post that day when I recapped the Bimini episode.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the spoilers.

I have a question that I’ve been forgetting to email you about for a while. I got this info from one of those friend of a friend of Michelle Money so I wanted to ask if it was accurate at all.

Is there an alcohol clause in the contract you sign when you go on the show that says you have to be willing to hold alcohol even if you don’t drink it? I was wondering about people who don’t drink (for addictive, religious, or just personal choice) that go on this show. Obviously the producers want you liquored up as much as possible to provide for more drama. And I’m not sure why you would go on this show if you didn’t drink and have ever seen five minutes of it. (On a side note, I’d like to know what percentage of time in an episode shows someone drinking in it)

Anyhow, that is my question. Is there a part of the contract that directly references alcohol?

Thanks for keeping me entertained in this ridiculous show.

Comment: I haven’t seen a contestant contract in over 10 years, and even then I wasn’t going to read every page of it. It’s a horrible contract. You’re essentially signing your life away and don’t have much of any complaints about anything after the fact. They can do whatever they want to your edit and you can’t sue them. As for the alcohol party, I’ve never heard that. However, there have been quite a few contestants who don’t drink that go on this show. So it’s not that uncommon. You can have a good time without drinking. Some even lasted a long time on the show who’ve never sipped alcohol.

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