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“Reader Emails” & “Bachelor in Paradise” to Resume Filming

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Hi Steve!

I think it’s interesting that all of a sudden all these “Bachelor” podcasts have started up after you pioneered it – Aka Olivia’s (which is great), Kaitlyn Bristowe’s (also hilarious), and Ben and Ashley. Although I enjoy listening to everyone, you really set the stage and raised the bar! It just seems like everyone jumped on the Bachelor podcast bandwagon after yours has been such a success:) I don’t wanna say I’m the reason they started one, but in terms of chronological order? Yes, mine started before all those did. Could mean something. Could mean nothing.

Ps. Kaitlyn inadvertently gave you a shout out on her second podcast with her BFF Bri Cook and they discuss your spoiler for her season. She also discussed it here on EllenTube:

Thanks for all the great writing !

Comment: Nice to see that Ellen’s people don’t want to be spoiled. I guess the next thing would be for them to have me on the show, right? Ha ha…

Hey RS,

I’m a reader from Australia and I have a quick insider question. I read on an Australian news outlet today that two “villains” from the most recent Aussie versions of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Kiera and Sam, were set to appear on Paradise before it was cancelled. Can you confirm or refute this?

Love your work, thanks!

Comment: I had heard before the season rumors of them brining non-former contestants on to be a part of Paradise. I had no idea if it was gonna happen or not. Those people weren’t in the initial cast, nor were they set to be part in the next group that came in. So if it happened, it would’ve been in episode 3 at the earliest. I just don’t see the point of doing that.

Hi Steve,

I read the Friday Night Lights book many years ago. I remember being fascinated with how different a football-centric high school lifestyle was from my NE academic-focused experience (where life revolves around SATs and AP courses and nothing else).

With your recommendation, I decided to watch the TV series on Netflix. It is SO good. Thanks for the recommendation!

My question for you is: which season (or cast of characters) did you like best? I find myself missing the original cast as I’m finishing watching season 5. I want to see Jason Street and Tim Riggjns and Smash Williams busting up the field and chasing the beautiful Lyla and Tyra. I just don’t seem to care about the overly dramatic (whiny!) Vince Howard and Luke Cafferty and the other newbies. Even the football rivalries in the last season seem forced down our throats. What are your thoughts ?

Thanks again for the hours of entertainment!

Comment: I think there are people who will always be Team Dillon because that’s who we were first introduced to. And yeah, when season 4 started, it took a while to warm up to East Dillon for sure. But the way it ended, and them forming a super team with both schools, couldn’t have played out any better than it did.

Hi Steve, I admit, I’m intrigued about what’s going on with Kaitlyn. Did you see her response to Mike Fleiss’s “So happy for Carly and Evan!!!” tweet? She response-tweeted: Me too, when’s ours?” Pretty ballsy.

You’ve said before that if ABC was going to give Kaitlyn a wedding it would have happened by now, and I agree. What I’m wondering is, Do you have any insight into why they haven’t? It appears to me that Kaitlyn and Shawn have a bigger “footprint” in Bachelor Nation than Carly and Evan, given that Kaitlyn starred in her own season. Did she ruin her chances with the accidental snapchat reveal, or is something else going on? I know, not that big of a deal, but I’m curious.


Comment: In that Ellen You Tube video she jokingly says, “I think I’m still paying for it” when the girl asked her if she got in trouble for her Snapchat snafu. So yeah, I’m sure a part of her thinks she hasn’t gotten a wedding because she spoiled her own season. There could be some truth to that. I guess we’ll never know. But it really doesn’t make any sense why those two, along with Des & Chris never got wedding specials. There’s never been an explanation given by the show, nor do I expect we’ll ever get one. But seriously, what could be the reason other than that was her punishment for spoiling her season?

1. Love your podcasts! I noticed you haven’t have anyone from the last few seasons on so just curious if that is because they have a contract with abc for a certain number of years after their season airs that prevents them from being able to do your podcast? If so, why was Olivia not able to do it but James Taylor was able to? Is it to do with a different contract she has with her job now? Olivia had nothing to do with her ABC contract. It was with her employer, CBS Radio. James Taylor has been out of his contract for a year – almost. I guess they didn’t care he came on. But JoJo’s guys would be the latest season I could go after. Too bad I don’t have an interest in talking to many of them. And the ones I would even remotely consider are basically all doing Paradise, so that rules them out for a while.

I’m sure you probably hear this a lot but would love to hear a podcast with Kaitlyn! Or would love to hear you on hers!

Hi Reality Steve

Couple questions:

Do you know if they changed Lee’s edit once it came out what a racist he is, or was he always meant to be portrayed as a villian? Aside from Lee who are the villians this season? Have you heard of any guys that just weren’t well liked? Certainly doesn’t seem like they eased up on any edit of his. He was pretty much the main villain this season.

Any idea why Elizabeth S wasn’t going to be on bip? I thought she was a sure in, does she have a boyfriend?

Thanks for all of your spoiling!

Comment: Liz has a boyfriend and is in the process of moving to Chicago to be closer to him. Super nice girl. Met her when I was in Vegas as she happened to be our server at the Foundation Room when I had a mini party there Saturday night. It was her last night working there ironically enough since she was leaving that Monday to start her road trip to Chicago. Talk about a coincidence. How crazy that I was her last customer in Vegas and I didn’t even know she worked there?

Hi Steve!

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about how Rachel’s early announcement of being engaged is an unprecedented thing in this franchise, but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. In fact, three of the last four leads in this franchise announced it before the end of the season(Ben, Nick, and now Rachel). Any idea why this might be becoming a more common occurrence? I don’t remember Nick or Ben ever announcing they were engaged early. I think you may be wrong on that. But it has happened with other leads in the past. Brad 2.0 announced early he was. DeAnna got to announce it at her Men Tell All appearance. Someone else did that I’m forgetting. But I don’t remember Ben or Nick ever saying early that they were. I know for a fact Nick didn’t. Maybe I’m forgetting on Ben.

Speaking of Rachel, I’ve seen you and others comment on what a strong lead she’s been so far, and I think it’s because the way the show has portrayed her has actually made her seem to be involved in things. I feel like a lot of the previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes have been mainly portrayed as a prize to be won and just mostly saying the same cliched lines every season and only having that one episode where they break down to remind us that there are actual stakes for them too. So basically just an attractive but bland object of affection with little to no personality shown (whether it be because of them, the edit, or both). But with Rachel I see her more as a “character” on the show just like the guys and I feel like it’s been about her experiencing everything just as much as them experiencing it. Would you agree with this assessment and if not what is it about Rachel that you find compelling? Thanks!

Comment: Yes, I agree. She seems to speak her mind way more and not in clichés like a lot of past leads. Or basically telling the audience what they want to hear.

Hi Steve,

If Bachelor in Paradise really goes away without being replaced by something else, I feel bad for you! You’ll be out a whole show to recap. Although I guess you did get some good publicity with this scandal – you’re the source people turn to for breaking Bachelor news! Look, this is my job. And before BIP was announced to going back into production, yeah, I was gonna have six less weeks of income this year if that show was cancelled. But you never heard me once cry or bitch about them removing it because I was gonna make less this year. It was still a serious matter and they handled it as such. Now that it’s back on? Great. The podcast has become a second income for me, so the BIP loss wouldn’t have been too terrible.

Was Josiah scheduled to be on BIP before it was cancelled? I agree with you — he’s funny and totally playing to the cameras. That I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t show up. He’s good TV.

So, what do you think Nick Viall is going to do next, now that the Bachelor and DWTS are over? Are we going to see him on fifth rate reality shows, like Jake, or do you think he might have a chance to break into a more substantial role? Do you know what’s going on with Vanessa? I don’t suppose you might be able to get him onto your podcast?

Comment: Well, he can sell you hair supplement pills or some hair serum if you need it. Whatever that does. I wouldn’t know since nowhere on his site does it say exactly what the hell you’re buying, who makes it, what it does, what the advantages are, etc. Can’t believe in over a year of planning that business (according to him) when they rolled out with that site you’d think they’d give a description of all 5 products you can purchase. Nope. CORRECTION: Product description is there, you just need to scroll down the page. Lazy me.

Hello, hello!

I’m so behind on Rachel’s season, but this is really just about the BIP scandal.

I never liked Corinne and I’m not surprised she lied. The fact that she lied about being sexually assaulted is absolutely disgusting. Of course, there are going to be people saying that Warner Brothers swept it under the rug and it’s some big cover up. But I’m going to actually trust that they properly investigated. After hearing that the producers who filed a complaint never even saw the footage, I got suspicious. Anyways, I’m not the jury or the judge, but that’s my reasoning for not believing her. I don’t want anyone to think that I am that person who doesn’t believe people when they claim to be sexual assault victims.

After seeing Corinne on The Bachelor and watching her lie to Nick’s face about the Taylor situation, only to turn around in the ITM and brag about getting away with it made me doubt her.

Demario is definitely not the most trustworthy guy after that whole girlfriend/ex-girlfriend incident on The Bachelorette, but I feel so bad for him and I really hope Corinne’s stunt didn’t do any lasting damage.

There are my 2 cents! I really hope Corinne stays away from reality tv.

But I do have a question. Do you think networks will find it too risky to cast her on any future shows?

Comment: Lets see what her legal team’s investigation pulls up before we immediately say she lied about everything. All she’s said is she doesn’t remember what happened June 4th, which could still very well be true. So that doesn’t mean she lied. However, maybe whatever she didn’t remember wasn’t nearly as big a deal as what was told to her. Jasmine and Raven don’t seem to think so and they witnessed it.

It’s so hard to know what networks are thinking these days. I hope she doesn’t get a show, but would I really be shocked if someone gave her one? No. Cash me ousside how bout’ dat girl is getting one. So no, nothing should surprise us at this point.



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