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Hey Steve,

So I have been a loyal fan/reader for years and I truly enjoy and appreciate your posts. I just listened to Nick on Juliet Litman’s podcast, and the way he was trashing you made me so upset. The fact that he said you “terrorized” his dad, are a crazed super fan, have weak sources, etc. was completely uncalled for, ESPECIALLY considering you are aware of so much about him and his behaviors. So basically what I was trying to say is because I’m such a fan, Nick’s words honestly got to me. I’m wondering what now would be holding you back from releasing everything you know about him, since people still often ask you about the subject. Thanks for keeping me entertained for over five years!

Comment: I gave my thoughts on Nick’s podcast appearance yesterday. You were the first person to email me that Nick was on, so it was this email that made me listen. I honestly didn’t think it was as bad as you made it out to be. Actually was expecting worse. He and I certainly don’t see things the same way, and that’s fine. I just had an issue with what he said about his dad. I never heard the word “terrorize.” Whatever he was alluding to never happened. I have all the emails. It was never anything like that, and his dad and I haven’t had any contact since 2014. So I was disappointed he came after my business that way, basically inferring that I use some form of harassment on people. Please.

When this whole BIP scandal broke, like many others I was convinced it was a publicity hype on Corinne’s part. I watch her Instagram numbers rise by a few thousand. I’ve noticed since she got back on Instagram, her numbers have been dropping. I’m sure this is a very subtle detail but why do you think her numbers are dropping?

Always love hearing your opinion!

Comment: Maybe people are tired of her. I don’t know.

Hey Steve

Saw your tweet about Nick’s podcast interview .. do you know where the photo/video of him and Vanessa on a plane are at? I would be curious to see those.

Comment: I don’t think any photos were ever released. But I do remember seeing that story. And I agree with him on that. He’s in a lose-lose situation on something like that. People that have the time, and/or the interest, in constantly dissecting body language need a new hobby. It’s embarrassing.

Hello Steve!

I’m a frequent reader of your site and a big bachelor/ bachelorette fan. One of my favorite couples was Jojo and Jordan. I came across this :

They’re getting married this month? But are telling media outlets they have no set date yet. Interesting indeed.

Thought you’d enjoy my findings.

Comment: It’s fake. That’s been up at least 6 months.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing all your info – it makes watching the show more enjoyable and fun!

Just wondering if you have any ideas why Nick isn’t talking about his side business “The Polished Gent”? He mentioned once when he launched it, but hasn’t mentioned it since on his Instagram account (I can practically verify this because I literally don’t miss one story). Everyone from these past seasons sells on IG almost constantly for other businesses, including his fiancee Vanessa — why has he gone mum on his own business? I find it perplexing. Do you think it’s a flop?

Comment: He mentioned it on Juliet’s podcast, but yeah, he doesn’t seem to talk about it much. Not sure why. But I never saw that being some sort of mega cash cow for him. Too many similar things like it on the internet for men. Nothing really sets his apart.

Any idea why Nick said what he did about Kristina on the Juliet Litman podcast? (If you didn’t listen to that part, he said “Some people aren’t as they appear to be” in reference to her)

Comment: No, I don’t. Unless he’s heard about the Jef and Dean stuff and is basing it on that. Not sure.

Hello, Steve.

Thanks so much for both your candor and your realistic and witty commentary. I’d not actually watched the Bachelor (ette) since the first couple of episodes- When Trissa actually got married. Though, I recently moved back home to Wisconsin, after living in NYC (Park Slope, Brooklyn, actually.)

Why, oh why is Wisconsin such a demographic hotspot for these shows? I have neices asking about Peter, and even my 78 year old mother tuned in ‘just too see’ if Aaron would show up. My parents live near, and have had taxidermy work done by someone who was on the show— eek!

Here’s my thought: I would love (read that as be very entertained by) a spoof/ parody… Though with the caveat of hardcore football fans…. Think a beautiful
woman (hot chick) die hard Packer fan falling for a successful entrepreneur (hot dude with a six pack) that also also face paints and wears a plastic Viking helmet…

Rambling here, but I STILL hear how my father broke in and stole a dance from Jerry Kramer, thus stealing the heart of my mother… Sports fanaticism runs very deep in these parts, and such a concept could do some real good for charity.

Please let me know your thoughts. By trade, I’m a PH.D in pharmaceutical science, with an emphasis in Cosmetic Chemistry. I worked for P ampersand God for my early career, then other companies, a few of my own, and then in academia before having the… Bal**… Er, courage…to work for myself.

Comment: I’m totally lost on what this email was about.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site for years and love your sarcastic take on this ridiculous show & the tidbits you provide about the producer machinations. There have been seasons I didn’t like your spoiled winner, but I never doubted the spoiler. This season, I’m almost certain they got you, guy. My girlfriends & I are obsessed this season since there’s finally a black bachelorette & absent your spoiler, there’s a mountain of strong circumstantial evidence pointing to Peter & next to nothing that points to Bryan. Rachel herself has given some pretty strong clues on her SM that not only point to Peter, but that really seem to shade Bryan. I know you won’t believe me, but if I’m right, after the season, will you try to find out what went down with Bryan because we’re very very curious?

Comment: Just please be sure to email me back on August 7th with a “My bad” email. Unfortunately for you, I’m not wrong this season. Rachel is engaged to Bryan.

Hi Steve,

I love what you do!

I have a few questions for your reader e-mails this week…

I know you said every season you have numerous e-mails come in about contestants, who would you say you have had the most positive e-mails about? In my head, I’m thinking maybe Jared and Tenley? They seem like genuinely nice people. But would love to know what you think! Kind of impossible to answer. I’ve gotten way too many emails over the years to remember who had the most positive emails. Honestly, there isn’t a ton of positive emails I get.

I’m sure 1,000 people have e-mailed you about this – but Lauren Bushnell has been spotted with a new guy, is it Devin Antin? Apparently it’s her ex boyfriend? I know the guy she was at the Dodger game with that she did the IG story of them sitting in the front row was Devin. Is his last name Antin? Is he her ex? I don’t follow Lauren or know much, but that’s what people seem to be saying, so I’m assuming it’s him. And it certainly looks like they’re trying things out again. Whatever that means.

I know Amanda left Paradise early the first time around and then went back, do you know why she left?

Comment: She didn’t leave early in terms of while they were filming. But because she has kids, she didn’t need to stick around while the investigation started and they were in limbo about what to do.

This email came to me two days ago…

Hi Steve- What is this with misconduct and all of the contestants being sent home from BIP?

I have a source close to me that told me this???

Comment: Oooohhhhh please, do tell. What are you hearing? Wait, there was misconduct in Paradise? Can you ask your sources who? This would be huge news to break.


So “Adam” is bring shown in a different light especially on tonight’s episode. The network must have a reason for bringing him to life. I don’t recall seeing his personality as much prior to tonight’s episode. Any chance you think he would have to be The Bachelor in your mind?

Comment: Zero chance.



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