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I agree that Peter’s story seemed extremely rehearsed. It all felt like there is way more to this story that may not paint him in the best light. And I’m saying this as a big Peter fan.

Anyway, speaking of guys in this franchise, I’m wondering if you have kept up with any of the James antics since his interview on your podcast? He seemed sincere but did you find it weird that he was advertising his relationship so quickly, then they inevitably broke up and now he subtweets her constantly? Maybe since I swing in the opposite direction when it comes to sharing relationships on social media (I didn’t make my relationship social media official until I got engaged) and I’m judging him by my own antiquated standards but it just seems….disingenuous. Which is sad because that’s not how he came off in the podcast. Any thoughts on reconciling this for us?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Oh really? Last I saw was he had a new girlfriend and that’s why he wasn’t doing Paradise. They broke up? Didn’t know that. I don’t follow him. As I said on the podcast with him, his actions after he came on will dictate if his words meant anything. I haven’t followed enough to see if he’s sticking by his word.

Hi Steve,

Have you seen the articles that claim Bryan Abasolo was a contestant on a previous reality show? Apparently he was a on a show called The Player on UPN in 2004 and made it to the equivalent of hometown dates, which was shot in Miami. There’s a video of the opening sequence which includes the contestants, one of whom, looks a lot like Bryan. Since you can’t trust anything you see on the internet these days, is this true or a hoax?

Comment: It didn’t claim – he was.

Hi Steve,

I’m a huge fan! I literally watch this show because of your spoilers.

I have a question about the Bachelorette party podcast that Nick did. He said something about Kristina Schulman along the lines of “not everyone is as they seem.” Can you elaborate on this? Is Kristina not a well-liked person in the franchise?

I was never his biggest fan but after this podcast I am convinced he is the most self absorbed person to come off of this show.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Comment: Second time this was asked this week, so people really seem to have an issue. I don’t know what Nick was referring to, but it was an obvious shot at her for some reason. And pretty low coming from the guy that hates getting negative things said about him.

Hi Steve!

You often mention that you hear lots of dirt on contestants, but do you ever get contacted to be told positive things about people on the show? Are there any people that come to mind that you’ve either heard only good things or no negative things about? I wasn’t sure if nice things are something you’d feel comfortable sharing or if you prefer to keep all intel private.


Comment: Sure, I get positive things. But also negative things that follow the positive things. There isn’t a single contestant in the history of this show that I’ve heard nothing but positive things about. Not one.

Hi Steve

Thanks you for the spoilers and the insider info, it’s awesome.

I had a question about the preview, why would ABC ever show Bryan meeting Rachel’s family? That guarantees him being in the final two, unless things are getting really wack these days. Why did they not air much of Bryan’s hometown in the preview?

Keep spoilin!

Comment: Well this season, the final 3 guys met Rachel’s family, and not just the final 2, because her sister couldn’t travel to Spain due to being late in her pregnancy. If you watch close enough, the last few years, they give quite a bit away in the season premiere promo. They’re becoming a little more lax on spoilers. Basically the only thing they won’t do now is blatantly give away who was chosen. The lead might on a social media snafu, but the show won’t. But those season previews have absolutely given away final 3 and final 4 contestants over the past few years, even if you didn’t know the spoilers.

I assume the contestants get paid on this show. I’m wondering if they get paid the longer they stay on the show? Like is there a financial incentive that encourages people to want to stay longer (versus wanting the final rose) which is why some people may be accused of not being there for the right reasons?

Comment: Contestants don’t get paid to be on this show. Only the lead.

Hi Steve! I hope I’m not too late to make it in for your reader emails. I am probably your biggest fan, (I check your website every hour). I started watching the franchise during Ben H’s season, but then I went back and watched all the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad/ Bachelor in Paradise seasons that I could find on iTunes. I absolutely love your podcasts, (Tenley’s was my favorite) and I have been dying to send in an email, but I always forget to. So here it goes! My first question is about the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. Before you got the information for the episode by episode spoilers, were there any two people that you thought would date in Paradise, or were the couples that are “dating” right now a surprise to you? Second, have you heard anything bad/good about Nick and Vanessa’s relationship? I know that you won’t believe that a Bachelor couple will last until they walk down the aisle, but do you think Nick and Vanessa have a shot of making it there, or at least to the 1 year mark of their engagement? Third, after Ben and Lauren’s breakup, I started to wonder if Ben had chosen JoJo over Lauren, then maybe Ben and JoJo would have worked out. What do you think? Thanks so much, I hope to write to you again!

Comment: Raven and Adam shocked me. Of all the guys, he would’ve been about 10th on the list for me. That one came out of nowhere. Amanda and Robby surprised me as well. I knew Daniel and Lacey had hooked up pre-show so that wasn’t. Derek and Taylor can steal the title of the Most Uninteresting Couple from Marcus and Lacey – even though Marcus and Lacey are done. And hey, Marcus is newly engaged. To a girl that looks kinda like Lacey!

Hey Steve,

A couple weeks ago there was a video released where Peter and Dean were criticizing Bryan. Then this weeks episode we also had a scene of both of them talking about how he was not right for Rachel, which made me think that they could easily have made him a “villain”. That took me back and I realized that the last “villain” that won was Courtney.

You’ve talked about how Nikky wasnt liked in the house, Vanessa wasn’t well liked, this season guys don’t like Bryan and I think Jef and Josh also had some issues, but producers never made them villains. Do you think they aren’t making winners “villains” anymore so the fairytale is more believable? Or is it just because they have other contestants that are more interesting as villains? I feel like they never show us the “dark sides” of winners anymore. If it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t even know these people had issues in the house.

Comment: Yeah, I haven’t much about the dynamic in the house this season in terms of what the cliques were, but it certainly seems that Dean and Peter were not Team Bryan. But I don’t think Bryan is a villain whatsoever. Because we’ve seen he definitely has friends post-show when he hung with Will and Josiah in Florida a month ago. So looks like he just wasn’t in the Dean/Peter clique. But villain? No. That was more reserved for Lee.

Hey Steve,

Let me start by saying thanks for all of the work that you do towards shedding light on the truth of what goes on in this franchise! In my opinion, it makes it all the more interesting to watch. And plus, your sense of humor is great.

I have to admit, I’ve been a pretty huge Peter fan based on his edit (which I’m sure was production’s intention). I know people have asked you before about what things you’ve heard about Peter that indicate “he’s just like the rest of them”. I’m wondering if you’ll eventually share any insider/background information you have on Peter? Especially if he becomes the next Bachelor? I love that your website and posts give viewers the real story and would really appreciate some reasons to stop fangirling over Peter.

Thanks in advance!

Comment: I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do yet, if anything. It’s a difficult position to be in.

Hey Steve, Robert Mills was on Juliet Litman’s most recent podcast, and when talking about the next Bachelor, he continuously spoke about the possibility of Ben H 2.0. Do you have any reason to believe Ben would get a second shot? Especially only a season after his first go around?

Comment: I listened to it (and you can to by going to Page 1 today). He only talked about Ben 2.0 because he knew Juliet is a huge Ben supporter. He even went out of his way to say that Ben 2.0 has never even been given any thought, but he was just throwing it out to Juliet to see what she’d think. If anything, he basically eliminated Dean and Eric from next “Bachelor” conversation and was essentially saying it’s Peter. That’s what I took from it.

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