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Okay, WHAT did we not see with Rachel and Matt to justify that drama? Even if we never learn, this episode is a good example of how tiny a sliver of these people’s interactions the audience actually sees.

Comment: Pretty much. Obviously we saw exactly NONE of their connection to warrant that response from her. That was bizarre.

Hey Steve,

I love your podcasts and was wondering if you might ever have Jojo or Kaitlyn on? Would be interested to see what they have to say. I would have both of them on in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to your BIP spoilers. I saw Raven’s tweet to Jasmine tonight that said not to forget about what’s on her left hand, so I’m assuming that means she’s engaged. Do producers not care that they’re spoiling things? Yeah, they were just f***ing with people.

Last question, how good do you think Peter’s chances of becoming the next bachelor are? Still can’t believe Rachel chose Bryan.

Thanks for answering!

Comment: It’s basically Peter’s gig if he wants it.

Thank’s to the pics you shared a few days ago, It’s no secret that Amanda and Robby “hooked-up” in BIP. What surprises me is that you had mentioned a while back that Robby had dated and ghosted Amanda’s good friend Sarah Vendal. And that he was seeing Kathryn Palmer at same time that he was romancing Sarah. That’s why I never suspected that Amanda would ever even consider dating someone like Robby after how he treated her good friend Sarah. But boy was I wrong! Where is the loyalty? The friendship? And wasn’t Robby Josh Murray’s friend? I guess not! Jeez! Hell, maybe Robby will turn out to be a great step-dad, I don’t know. But there’s something about the guy that I can’t put my finger on. Remember what a beautiful girlfriend he had before he dumped her to become famous on the bachelorette? Maybe he did his ex Hope a big favor by leaving her.

Comment: Basically, my answer is “I have no idea” to everything you say. A lot of things these contestants do I don’t understand. File this in that category.

Good morning, Reality Steve!

I had a quick question about last nights episode. When Rachel bought Bryan and herself the watches, does that money actually come out of her pocket or does the Bachelor cover those kind of costs?

Thanks & I love your blog!

Comment: No, of course she doesn’t pay for the watches. The show is done on trade. Breitling gets free advertising on the show, the show in return gets a couple watches for free.

Hi Steve,

First, thanks so much for talking up FNL all these years. Soooo good. As a return favor, I’d suggest you watch Battlestar Galactica and Mad Men. Haven’t heard you discuss either show. Killer robots and/or advertising may not be your thing, but that would be like not watching FNL because you don’t want to see a show about HS football. Not much of a Sci Fi guy. I could see myself binge watching Mad Men at some point though.

Second, college football coming up soon. Who are your preseason picks for the playoffs?

Comment: I just started getting my newsletters and magazines and will start studying soon. Get back to me in a month or so.

Hey Steve!

Long time franchise watcher and frequent reader of yours. Obviously BIP has been crazier than normal this time around, and I just wondered your thoughts on some things.

First of all, what do you think would’ve happened had the Corrine/DeMario scandal not occurred? Do you think we’d have multiple engagements? More love triangles? And I wonder how viewers would feel knowing that basically half of the girls went on with boyfriends back home. I definitely think there would’ve been an engagement at the end. But because filming was cut short and the public knows there’s less days, I guess they figured it wasn’t realistic, even if it was only 4 days less of filming than previous seasons.

Secondly, what are your thoughts on so many former contestants seemingly popping in and out of BIP by lasting one, maybe two rose ceremonies? (I won’t use names in case someone hasn’t seen the spoilers) Especially since a lot of them are BIP alums as well? Do you think it’s just them wanting to remind viewers “hey I’m still here and relevant?” Yep. Anything they can do to say in the public eye, they’ll do.

And finally, do you think BIP will continue after this season? I’m a sucker for the drama, and loved seeing Jade & Tanner and Evan & Carly make it to the altar, but I’m feeling like the show is probably on the franchise chopping block. I mean at this point, they could bring Adam Jr. to paradise and there’d be drama with him! (it?)

Anyways keep up the good work! Thanks!

Comment: I’ll have to see how this season goes before I have a better grasp on what will happen in the future.

Hi Steve,

Quick question. I read your spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise. But, I noticed you didn’t mention whether or not Carly and Evan’s wedding would be aired on this season. Have you heard anything about this at all? Or are they getting burned by the Corrine and Demario situation? Just wondering.

Love your podcasts!
Keep up the great work !!!!
Best wishes,
An ancient devoted spoiler reader (haha)

Comment: It’ll air during the show at some point. ABC will make an announcement I would think coming up of when we’ll see it.

Do you have any insight you’re allowed to share as to whether Ashley I and Jared play up their two year long narrative for entertainment purposes only, or if it is actually still real? I just saw on reddit that they still talk about it in podcasts and stuff, her being in love with him and him not reciprocating and it all seems toxic etc etc.

Comment: I have no idea. As an outsider who knows nothing having never spoken to either of them, it’s a very bizarre relationship.

Hey Steve,

Is it just me, or does it seem like neither Peter nor Bryan is that into Rachel? With Peter, I can actually look past the fitness tour/website on the truck during his hometown. He’s gonna be on tv so he’ll capitalize on that opportunity, whatever. It’s his behavior *with her* that is little….off. And I know that producers are packaging what we see to “help” us form our opinion. But I think think maybe Peter saw what was happening with Rachel and Bryan, and decided to slowly remove himself from the competition to better position himself to be the next Bachelor. I mean, that story about the ex-girlfriend? What was that?! Why tell that if you don’t want to create doubt while also building your potential “Bachelor” brand? I guess that’s what he was trying to do.

And I’ll echo what everyone else said about Bryan: he seems insincere. I feel like it wouldn’t matter who the lead would be – Desiree, Ashley, JoJo, Rachel, etc. – this is who he’d be with ALL of them. Maybe it’s editing? Maybe it’s his personality; like he’s one of those people whose first impression isn’t representative of who he actually is? They usually give the winner the “most *heart* amazing *heart eyes* person *heart kiss* ever” edit (hi Vanessa!) so if this is the best they could do with Bryan? Eesh.

Rachel to me seems like a straight shooter: honesty, high integrity, solid character and beautiful/smart/etc. But let’s be fair here: ANY woman getting chased by men like Peter/Bryan would be absolutely smitten, especially when they are “fighting” for her affection (which…neither one of them seem to be trying *that* hard, but that’s another email).

Of the four remaining guys, I think the only one that seems to be actually about her is Eric. Do I think he’s ready or event wants to get married to her? No. But I think of those four, he’d be the one most likely to make this more than an Instagram relationship.

Your spoilers truly make this show so much more fun to watch, and I LOVE your podcasts! Thanks for all that you do, Steve!

Comment: Yeah, the biggest question mark is Bryan’s sincerity. And honestly, we don’t know. Like, literally since the first time he’s talked to her, he’s essentially said the same thing over and over and over. Maybe he’s legit, maybe he isn’t. I guess time will tell.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the BiP spoilers! It actually sounds kind of dull. Too bad Corinne screwed up her chances of being the star of this train wreck.

A few questions: according to DeMario, he hit it off with Alexis. Have you heard anything about whether they might be dating? No. As far as I know, Alexis is still dating her guy in Dallas. But then again, these people use the word “dating” very loosely, so I’m not sure.

Why did the twins come back? Didn’t you say they have boyfriends? Or does that no longer matter? I’m pretty sure both of them are single now. They broke up.

Why didn’t Josiah or Kenny come on BiP? They seem kind of perfect for it – especially Josiah. And why didn’t they bring back WhaBoom? Not sure on those.

Back to the Bachelorette: why do you suppose the producers showed us so little of Adam and Matt? They’ve never made it THAT obvious before that two of the final six were doomed. Like you said, this made for boring TV. Why didn’t they even bother to edit in at least a little suspense? Are they so hung up on manufacturing inane drama (Kenny vs. Lee, WhaBoom vs. Sleazy Sex Addict Guy) that they forget that this is (supposedly) a dating competition?

Comment: I think Robert Mills addressed this yesterday on Juliet’s podcast. He agreed that maybe they spent too much time on the Kenny/Lee stuff.

1. This franchise is laughable. Amanda is now dating Robby? Wasn’t he just hooking up with Amanda’s best friend, Sarah? Yes he was.

2. Safe to assume Lauren has moved on from Ben with and is back with her ex-boyfriend?

Comment: Sure what it looks like.



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