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“Reader Emails,” Chris Harrison’s Screen Time, & Chad Johnson Back on TV

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Hi Steve,

Quick question: is every contestant asked to attend the MTA and the WTA?

Comment: Every one? No. Most first night eliminatees aren’t on the show. After that, it’s basically everyone.

Do you think because Peter is saying he does not want to get engaged the franchise will be less likely to cast him as the bachelor because they hope to have the seasons end with a proposal?

Comment: No. Because that’ll be his storyline as the “Bachelor.”

Hey Steve,

I don’t know if you watched 30 Rock, but there was an episode called “The Bubble”, in which the protagonist figured out her boyfriend (played by Jon Hamm) lived in a “handsome bubble”, where nobody questioned him and he got away with basically everything (including being a doctor who couldn’t do the heimlich) because people were just so enamored with his looks – I feel like Peter is the real life equivalent of that. The amount of people I’ve seen defending his stance on what the word engagement means in the context of this show, saying he’s just being “realistic” (…by being hung up on that stupid word/ritual he knew was a part of this reality show before signing up for it?), and taking everything he says at face value while questioning every word and action from the other contestants is kinda hilarious.

I mean, if we were to take his words about engagement at face value: even in his ABC bio/interview he mentions going ring shopping 3 months into knowing someone, so it’s not like he can’t see it happening in an accelerated time period, it’s just that he can’t see it in this case, with this woman (let’s not even get into the fact that most people understand that the word engagement in this show is basically shorthand for “let’s try to seriously date while getting a pricey ring from Neal Lane”). It’s totally not like he thought he might be in danger of getting chosen and started trying to come up with an exit strategy that didn’t hurt his chances for The Bachelor (although I still think a “my feelings just aren’t there” would’ve been fine, more straightforward and respectable than whatever it is he’s trying to push) I can’t be the only person watching who thinks he just doesn’t look that into Rachel, right?

A question, since he’s probably our next bachelor: do you think people will retroactively question Peter’s behavior next season, when he does propose? Or will they still try to spin whatever he does as being guileless? How much does the show care about giving good edits to the lead in your opinion?

Love the site, and thank you for your time,

Comment: Everyone who watches this show has short term memory. They forget 95% of the stuff by the time the next season rolls around. It won’t even be an issue. And Peter saying he purchased a ring after 3 months in the past absolutely contradicts what he’s saying on TV. Of course. He was never going to let Rachel pick him because he was never that into her.

Hi Steve,

if they could bring any past Bachelor back (from any season) other than the names already being mentioned (Peter, Wells, Ben, Dean) who do you think would be a good choice?

Comment: I really have no clue. I know I say it every season, but I honestly don’t care who gets the gig. As long as there is a season, that’s all I care about.

Hi Steve! I have been wondering about this for quite a long time. Are there any Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons where you felt that the lead picked the wrong person in the end? Or rather if they were to have picked their runner up or 2nd runner up they would have lasted longer than the lead and the actual person they picked? (Excluding Jason and Molly because he actually ended up picking his runner up) For example, I think that if Jake chose Tenley they would have lasted at least 1 year, and if Ben F. chose Lindzi they would have lasted far longer. Same with Emily and Arie. But what do you think? Do you disagree/agree with any of these? Thanks!

Comment: I disagree with all three. Jake and Tenley were oil and water, Ben and Lindzi wouldn’t have lasted 6 months, and Arie? Really? Not a chance.

As for other past seasons, nothing really jumps out at me.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but in regard to Lee and the MTA; Chris Harrison said thanks to Lee for showing up because he didn’t have to…is it not written into their contracts that they HAVE to attend the MTA or any type of reunion if the show wants them to? We’ve heard their contracts they sign basically sign away all of their rights for a period of time, so I’m curious if it’s written in their contracts that they must show up for the tell all taping, or if it really is up to them whether to attend or not? I know most want to attend for their own exposure etc. but it seems weird the show wouldn’t have if written into their contract that they MUST attend. Do you have any knowledge of this from past contestants or sources? It just seems like something the show would want to make mandatory in order for ratings etc. thanks!

Comment: There have been villains in the past who didn’t come to the MTA. So apparently they don’t HAVE to, it’s just strongly encouraged.

Hi Steve.

I just wanted start off saying I can’t wait for this season to be over. Although I have enjoyed it I’m just over it and I’m ready for some new news. Also side note, Rachel seems so over this whole show and the process after last night. To me she did not seem like herself, she seemed short with all the guys. With that being said I have some questions regarding the bachelor, contestants and the next bachelor announcement.

1. Dean said an interview at the men tell all taping that he has not been approached to be the next bachelor and that he has no interest on his end right now. Do you have any news about this? If you don’t have any info do you think that this is really true? To me it seems like If they really wanted him they would have approached him already unless he is lying and they have. Dean is not gonna be the “Bachelor.” No idea if they have or haven’t asked him. But since it’s not gonna be him, seems kind of irrelevant.

2. From what you know has peter actually been approached by abc to be the next bachelor? Did you ever get confirmation that he was in LA to discuss the bachelor? Also do you know if Eric has been approached because if dean really hasn’t then I doubt Eric would be. Yes, he has. Yes, I did. Don’t know about Eric.

3. Peter seems very into his work and business. It seems to me that he would have hard time taking time off to be the bachelor. He even has scheduled dates he’s doing things. It was while ago but he said he wanted to do a fitness tour but he hasn’t mentioned that at all since he said that. I was curious about your thoughts on if he would really take off work and be the bachelor. Hard time leaving as a personal trainer? He did for two months already. Why would this be any different? He can postpone his tours.

4. This past week peter had posted an add to his Instagram for the first time. It made me question if he was going to be the next bachelor because from what I thought previously they don’t normally pick someone who posts adds. Granted it was only 1 but I just wanted to know from your perspective if that would effect his chances or if abc even cares. They don’t care.

5. I watched the bachelorette recap last night on after buzz. Jared was the guest on the show and they asked him if Peter, Eric or Dean was not the next bachelor if he would do it. He said yes he would be the bachelor if they asked him. He had this very smiley persona/grin when they asked him. Do you know if he’s in the running this season for the next bachelor? At the end he did say that he doesn’t think he will be the bachelor and that it’s probably going to be peter if he doesn’t win. The vibe I’m getting from this email is you’re trying to do whatever you can to convince yourself Peter won’t be the Bachelor. So nothing I say regarding that topic will really matter to you.

6. My last question. They have always announced the next bachelor late August and beginning of September because in recent years that’s when paradise was nearly done airing. This year sense paradise airs in the middle of august, do you think they will still make the announcement in late August or early September or will they wait until late September after paradise has aired its finale? To me it would seem a little odd to announce it so late, I thought the bachelor normally starts filming around the 23rd or so. It seems like this season of paradise won’t end until September 19th.

Comment: We don’t know the Paradise schedule yet. Too early to tell.

Quick opinion question for you: There is a lot of speculation (mostly on reddit which is obviously not a reliable source) after the MTA that Lee is a paid actor ABC used to hammer in their whole “race” story line. Some are saying if he’s not an actor, he’s a plant they picked to play their game and is getting some kind of incentive to be the scapegoat.

What do you think of this? Would it be possible he’s an actor/plant handpicked up them? Have they done this with anyone in the past? I cannot think of anyone else where this may be the case but the older seasons are fuzzy. What could they be offering him to do this role? Or do you really think he’s just an idiot who got caught and they producers spun it into a huge deal (as always?) Just thought his reactions and demeanor at MTA was strange and wanted your opinion!

Thanks Steve! Can’t wait for your BIP posts, so over this season!

Comment: That’s what Reddit does. I give them basically zero credibility when it comes to this show.

Hi Steve,

Do you know of any Bachelor/ette contestants over the past few seasons who do not drink alcohol at all? It seems that many of the female contestants love wine (or maybe they just like the Instagram photo op and clever caption opportunity). I’m surprised I’ve never heard anyone come out and say, “I don’t like to drink”, or “alcohol has affected my family negatively in this way, so I choose not to drink” (e.g. someone who may have been affected by drunk driving, alcoholism, etc.). There have been a few who don’t drink. Their names escape me now though.

Do you know if Ashley I. is wealthy? I read somewhere that she is, but just curious if you can confirm. I don’t have the slightest clue. I don’t even know what you mean by “wealthy.” We might have differing definitions of what “wealthy” means.

Do more Bachelor/ette contestants have formal education these days than ones in past seasons? I feel like many of the recent seasons’ contestants have Bachelor’s degrees…was that the case a few years ago? I don’t know.

Do you know why things didn’t work out between Kenny and his daughter’s mother? No.

Rachel said she did not sleep with all of her F3 guys. I assume she slept with Peter and Brian, but not Eric. Do you know? No.

I’m sure you saw Joe Bailey’s comment to Kristina about Jef with one f…and she said she “does not know of that individual”. I’m guessing they’re not on good terms now? Do you know what’s going on with them? Didn’t see his comment. Assume they’re not in touch anymore.

Thanks for all your spoilers! And I commend you on your always-excellent grammar and punctuation.

Comment: Tank u. I rilly prid miself in gramer in punktuashion. Its viry emportant.

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  1. shenanigans

    August 2, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    To the person who wondered how Britt passed the medical screening: it’s easy. She kept quiet about her eating disorders in order to pass the physical and get on the show. To me, it was lying by omission.

  2. tinyred500

    August 2, 2017 at 10:08 AM

    With regard to RS’s reaction to Chad’s appearance on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. No he isn’t known overhere at all nor is the franchise he’s been on. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren’t shown on terrestrial telly. Why he was asked I have absolutely no idea!!!

    Reading today’s showbiz bits in the paper, there were comments as to who he was etc. Then again who passes as a so called celebrity these days makes me wonder what kind of society we’ve become. I had no idea who the others were on CBB either, so he’s in good company in that respect! One 25 year old’s claim to fame is sleeping with more than 1500 women…..hmmm it gets so much worse, words truly fail me!!

    We hope we can send Chad back over the pond soon!

  3. Del Scorcho

    August 2, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    When Steve says “so and so isn’t going to be the Bachelor” who else doesn’t believe him!
    At the bottom of this page he says Nick won’t be, LOL:

  4. jlal

    August 2, 2017 at 11:27 AM

    Steve I’m just curious what you have against Chris Harrison? You slam him all the time, especially for not working hard. No offense, but from where I’m sitting your job doesn’t seem like you do a lot of heavy lifting either. Chris has a job, a few, and he does them and does them well. Do you just not like the guy, are you jealous, what is it with you and Chris?

  5. jlal

    August 2, 2017 at 11:32 AM

    Also, Brit said she wasn’t drinking while filming the Bach, am sure she wouldn’t have shared her eating disorder (people keep those secret for years), and the rest of her substance abuse issues were before she was on the Bach, so I wouldn’t expect production to not cast her. Heck, look at some of the crazies and drunks they put on the show for just that reason. Brit was beautiful, well spoken, and had personality. Why wouldn’t they cast her?

  6. ctrealitygirl

    August 2, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    I don’t believe RS any more either Del Scorcho, when he says “so and so WILL NOT be the bachelor/ette”!
    #1: He swore on stacks of bibles that ABC would NEVER choose Juan Pablo
    #2: at the end of Chris Soules season said it would NOT be Kaitlyn
    #3: at the end of Ben H’s season, RS swore they’d never pick Jojo as she was the runner-up.
    And then Nick…so at least 4 times that i recall he’s been dead wrong!
    Now he’s swearing it will NOT be Dean…but on the MTA, it sure looked like ABC was bending over backwards to give Dean a good edit. Just sayin’

  7. elizabeth82

    August 2, 2017 at 2:08 PM

    Right, Steve doesn’t have credibility when it comes to saying who won’t be the Bachelor. I think it’s just a guess based on his own personal opinion, not much insider info. Let’s see what he says when it’s Dean, ha. 😉

  8. ericisthewinner

    August 2, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Everyone is being played. It’s quite obvious Eric is the winner. While everyone is arguing about whether it’s Peter or Brian, Rachel and Eric are hiding in plain site.

    This season smells like another Desiree and Brooks fiasco. Reality Steve never told us he knew for sure the elimination order of the final 3. My opinion is he just doesn’t know for sure what happened with the final 3. #itsmiracleseason

  9. ericisthewinner

    August 2, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    *plain sight

  10. pacolover

    August 2, 2017 at 9:27 PM

    Don’t forget to add Emily to that list. He swore up and down she would never do it. I once sent him an email to write out I wouldn’t never win the lottery because of all thr things he knows will never happen but it does.

  11. pacolover

    August 2, 2017 at 9:29 PM

    Darn it. Can’t figure out how to fix my typos.

  12. jlal

    August 3, 2017 at 3:46 AM

    I don’t expect Steve to be right all the time, he is human. I do think he has more info than the rest of us, so for that reason his opinion on who won or the next lead carries some weight.

  13. allaboutme

    August 3, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    The problem is, he presents his opinion as facts or like he “knows.” Not to mention, his delivery is very arrogant. Recently, he’s been wrong just as much as he’s been right about who the next lead will be soooooo … However, that being said, I do think it’s Peter’s to lose.

  14. missmanners

    August 4, 2017 at 2:24 PM

    I can’t stop laughing!

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