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“Reader Emails,” Chris Harrison’s Screen Time, & Chad Johnson Back on TV

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You know, I pretty much joke all the time about Chris Harrison and what a ridiculous easy job he has. And lets face it – he does. There’s nothing remotely difficult about his role on the show. Time consuming? Yes. Away from his kids 4-5 months a year? Sure. But his actual work when he’s away from them? Well, lets just say a lot of people could do it. But he’s become synonymous with the show, which is why I doubt he’ll ever be replaced. As long as this show is on the air, I’m guessing he will be the host, despite rumors to the contrary. “The Ringer” did an interesting piece on Chris last week that broke down his actual screen time every episode this season. Frankly, it’s mind boggling how little he does. Like, we all knew he basically did sh** and we barely saw him other than to hand out the first date card of the week then show up at the rose ceremony, with the occasional group date appearance thrown in. But yeah, I’m glad the people over at “The Ringer” took the time to dissect this because I sure wouldn’t have any interest. But it is still pretty laughable how little we see of him in any given season. And to think he gets paid roughly $60k an episode for that, yes it’s now official, Chris Harrison has the best job in America.

We’ve heard the “changes” made to “Bachelor in Paradise” after the shut down in production, but didn’t know how true they were. Vinny Venteria, he of JoJo’s season, last season of BIP and this season as well, talked about those changes for season 4 with E! Online. I’m still chuckling at everyone saying filming was only 10 days this season. Yes, after they returned to film it was 10 days, but there’s still 3 days of filming that happened before that which will be used. Considering the first 3 seasons only took 18 days to film, it’s not that crazy that this season was only 5 days less.

I was alerted yesterday on Twitter that Chad Johnson showed up on “Celebrity Big Brother: UK” as a contestant. I’ve never watched that show, then again I’ve never watched the US version either, but how is he on that show? Like, would people in England really consider him a “celebrity?” Would they even know who he is? Whole thing is weird to me. Well, apparently he made quite the entrance as you’d expect, playing his character like only he can. Seriously, what an ass clown. The guy is about as fake as you can get. It’s not even the least bit entertaining anymore yet people eat this sh** up. I don’t get it.

Reader Emails

Hi Steve,

I don’t know about you but I find it quite refreshing that peter is actually being realistic about proposing, we are conditioned as viewers to expect a proposal at the end of the show but I feel that he’s actually reflecting what most of us think, who gets engaged after technically knowing someone for 72 hours except in bachelor land, granted he may get engaged at the end of he is indeed the bachelor, just my two cents on that observation

Comment: Oh I don’t know, 18 of the last 19 seasons. I’m guessing even those that have proposed really didn’t want to. But that’s the show. Peter isn’t some genius because he feels this way. They’re just letting his storyline play out that way. I wouldn’t give him too much credit.

Dear RS,

Love your column and podcast. One question, are the contestants and lead contractually obligated to propose and/or accept a proposal?

Comment: No. But there’s definitely incentive to and they know it.

Dear Steve,

I’m really sick of Team Peter people. I’m honestly not sure if they’re watching the same show I am. How can’t they see he’s just not that into her? I’ve met a lot of *Peters* during my forays into dating and they’re all the same. He gives you just enough to make you feel as if there’s a chance but casts enough doubt that you don’t have the right to be mad when he screws you over cause he was *honest* with you. But really he’s just biding time til something better comes along. I hate how people are eating it up (including Rachel’s family). Why even be on the show if you don’t want to propose? Oh right, to get reality show famous.

I know you’ve alluded to the fact that out of the final two, Peter may be the real player here and I’m hoping you change your mind and give us the details! I’m thinking maybe you’re keeping it close to your chest until we know he’s for sure the Bachelor.

As for Bryan, I really do hope he’s the real deal. There are so many Peters out there and hardly any Bryans so it would give me so much hope if after all this he doesn’t turn into a self serving opportunistic douchebag. Fingers crossed!

Love your work!

Comment: We shall see.

Hey Steve!

Love reading what you write! Since we’re almost on the horizon of the next season getting filmed, I had a few questions.

1. When they’re casting for the next girls for The Bachelor (ie: Peter, I guess), do they take in to consideration what kind of people the lead likes? For a few of them, sure. Do they make sure all 25 are to the leads liking? No. They’re casting a television show.

2. Also, how many girls does casting choose to go to that final round where they’re locked up in a hotel? I’ve heard it’s 100, and then they choose the 25. But I’ve also heard they only bring in the final 30-25 to it and then either keep all of them or eliminate just a few. 50.

3. Do you think producers ask the lead to keep around their next potential bachelor/bachelorette intentionally until they’re in the final 4? Like, “hey, we know you wont pick this person but we’re considering them as our next lead so please keep them around for a bit.”


Comment: I’m sure they do.

Hi there. Devoted reader and podcast listener. Maybe you posted this and I somehow missed it. Was Peter given the chance to appear on Andi, Kaitlyn, and JoJo’s seasons but refused each time until Rachel became the lead?

I posted something about Peter knowing damn well that this show ends in an engagement 99% of the time. Even if he intended it “jokingly” in his HS yearbook, he’s obviously been interested in the show for years. He knows how the show works. It needs to end in an engagement or America is disappointed. I feel like he was setting himself up to be eliminated to become The Bachelor and/or just not that into Rachel. The Peter crazies went OFF on me… saying he “refused” all these other gorgeous women because he just wasn’t interested in them. Can you confirm that’s a big, fat lie? I know he had been “in talks” with producers for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that he turned down the opportunity to do the show! I kinda find it haaaard to believe he refused. Can you put the Pachel crazies in their place? Oh and I was team Peter up until the end… his heart just doesn’t seem in it. Wasn’t really a huge fan of Dr. Miami initially but I guess we’re only seeing what producers want us to see…

Thanks, Steve!

Comment: I never heard any of that. Don’t even bother with the Peter crazies. You can’t reason with crazy.

Hi Steve,

Have you ever heard if during the overnights when cameras are not around, the lead tells the contestant “I am going to pick you” or on the other hand, “I am sorry, I am not going to pick you, but let’s just keep the charade form for entertainment purposes.” Not specifically, but I’m sure it’s happened.

I would like to listen Juan Pablo as a guest on your podcast. I am guessing is not going to happen, right?

Comment: Right.

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you saw the recent People article about Britt ( opening up about her addiction but I have a quick question. The screening process seems to be thorough with mental evaluations, psych tests, etc. Any idea how all of this made it past producers/casting agents? Don’t contestants go through extensive screening?

Comment: No idea. Kinda crazy to think she got through all that knowing what she’s admitted now.

Hi Steve,

My boyfriend and I watch the show and love your spoilers. Thanks for keeping us entertained every week.

My question is, what are the guys/girls doing all day when they are not filming or on a date? Can they have their phone? Can they do anything? Watch tv? Doesn’t that get extremely boring? Nothing. They sit around and talk.

Especially in Nicks season I saw the girls posting pictures on instagram with Nick after they would have a date with him. How did they get those pictures if they don’t have their phones with them? I’m assuming the producers take them but I’m wondering if you know anything.

Thank you!

Comment: Producers take those pictures then will give them to them later.

Do you know if there is trouble with Rachel and her “man”? I saw she did not show up for her bachelorette party this week….

Comment: It wasn’t a bachelorette/engagement party. Not sure why the news is running with that.

Dear Steve,

I have a question about the post-show press tour if you know anything yet.

1. I already got tickets for Live with Kelly and Ryan thinking that Rachel and Bryan would be on the show on Tuesday Morning. However, I checked the guide and there was no mention of Rachel’s name on the program information for that day. Do you know if there is a change in the press tour, maybe Los Angeles for all of the post-show press instead? Not sure what the schedule is, but just because it’s not being promoted, doesn’t mean it won’t possibly happen.

2. Have you heard why Rachel did not attend an engagement party that her bachelor girls threw for her?

Thank you!

Comment: Boy, one fake news story by the entertainment sites and everyone believes it. Wasn’t an engagement party.

Hey Steve,

I was just curious why ABC has really released nothing for the new season of Paradise when it premieres in like 2 and half weeks. I get that the premier date was delayed a week, but it feels weird that they didn’t even show the full length trailer for the season at the Men Tell All. I feel like at this point last year, we at least had seen the initial cast picture taken and the initial cast’s bio pictures. All ABC is shown us is a couple of promos and it just feels weird.

Comment: We’ll get the promo next week. And they have released the cast, just not the head shots. I’m sure people are well aware it starts in two weeks. It was the talk of the summer basically all through June.

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  1. shenanigans

    August 2, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    To the person who wondered how Britt passed the medical screening: it’s easy. She kept quiet about her eating disorders in order to pass the physical and get on the show. To me, it was lying by omission.

  2. tinyred500

    August 2, 2017 at 10:08 AM

    With regard to RS’s reaction to Chad’s appearance on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. No he isn’t known overhere at all nor is the franchise he’s been on. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren’t shown on terrestrial telly. Why he was asked I have absolutely no idea!!!

    Reading today’s showbiz bits in the paper, there were comments as to who he was etc. Then again who passes as a so called celebrity these days makes me wonder what kind of society we’ve become. I had no idea who the others were on CBB either, so he’s in good company in that respect! One 25 year old’s claim to fame is sleeping with more than 1500 women…..hmmm it gets so much worse, words truly fail me!!

    We hope we can send Chad back over the pond soon!

  3. Del Scorcho

    August 2, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    When Steve says “so and so isn’t going to be the Bachelor” who else doesn’t believe him!
    At the bottom of this page he says Nick won’t be, LOL:

  4. jlal

    August 2, 2017 at 11:27 AM

    Steve I’m just curious what you have against Chris Harrison? You slam him all the time, especially for not working hard. No offense, but from where I’m sitting your job doesn’t seem like you do a lot of heavy lifting either. Chris has a job, a few, and he does them and does them well. Do you just not like the guy, are you jealous, what is it with you and Chris?

  5. jlal

    August 2, 2017 at 11:32 AM

    Also, Brit said she wasn’t drinking while filming the Bach, am sure she wouldn’t have shared her eating disorder (people keep those secret for years), and the rest of her substance abuse issues were before she was on the Bach, so I wouldn’t expect production to not cast her. Heck, look at some of the crazies and drunks they put on the show for just that reason. Brit was beautiful, well spoken, and had personality. Why wouldn’t they cast her?

  6. ctrealitygirl

    August 2, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    I don’t believe RS any more either Del Scorcho, when he says “so and so WILL NOT be the bachelor/ette”!
    #1: He swore on stacks of bibles that ABC would NEVER choose Juan Pablo
    #2: at the end of Chris Soules season said it would NOT be Kaitlyn
    #3: at the end of Ben H’s season, RS swore they’d never pick Jojo as she was the runner-up.
    And then Nick…so at least 4 times that i recall he’s been dead wrong!
    Now he’s swearing it will NOT be Dean…but on the MTA, it sure looked like ABC was bending over backwards to give Dean a good edit. Just sayin’

  7. elizabeth82

    August 2, 2017 at 2:08 PM

    Right, Steve doesn’t have credibility when it comes to saying who won’t be the Bachelor. I think it’s just a guess based on his own personal opinion, not much insider info. Let’s see what he says when it’s Dean, ha. 😉

  8. ericisthewinner

    August 2, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Everyone is being played. It’s quite obvious Eric is the winner. While everyone is arguing about whether it’s Peter or Brian, Rachel and Eric are hiding in plain site.

    This season smells like another Desiree and Brooks fiasco. Reality Steve never told us he knew for sure the elimination order of the final 3. My opinion is he just doesn’t know for sure what happened with the final 3. #itsmiracleseason

  9. ericisthewinner

    August 2, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    *plain sight

  10. pacolover

    August 2, 2017 at 9:27 PM

    Don’t forget to add Emily to that list. He swore up and down she would never do it. I once sent him an email to write out I wouldn’t never win the lottery because of all thr things he knows will never happen but it does.

  11. pacolover

    August 2, 2017 at 9:29 PM

    Darn it. Can’t figure out how to fix my typos.

  12. jlal

    August 3, 2017 at 3:46 AM

    I don’t expect Steve to be right all the time, he is human. I do think he has more info than the rest of us, so for that reason his opinion on who won or the next lead carries some weight.

  13. allaboutme

    August 3, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    The problem is, he presents his opinion as facts or like he “knows.” Not to mention, his delivery is very arrogant. Recently, he’s been wrong just as much as he’s been right about who the next lead will be soooooo … However, that being said, I do think it’s Peter’s to lose.

  14. missmanners

    August 4, 2017 at 2:24 PM

    I can’t stop laughing!

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