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“Reader Emails,” BIP Episode 6 Recap & Reunion Finale Taping Today

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Hi Steve, last nights BIP sure was interesting. I know you mentioned that the producers always ask the contestants who they like, etc. But this season must be a producers dream come true with 3 sets of couples where 2 girls are vying for the same guy. I do not recall this happening on the previous BIPS. I felt bad for Christen with everyone making fun of the stupid scallop fingers and I grew tired of Jamine’s rants. I am sure she is embarassed watching that back. As a viewer I could see that Jasmine is way more into Matt then he was into her, all the forced kisses and the hugging– you can almost see Matt trying to pull away. Do you think Matt was afraid to let Jasmine know the truth that he was not into her as much and that is why he left? From the little we saw, he looked like he had better chemistry with Christen. Sure seems that way.

As for Dean, my image of his perfectness from Rachel season has gone down the tubes with him stringing Kristina and DLO around. It definitely is good tv viewing but these are real people with feelings, etc. I would love to see him explain himself on the live finale. Do you know if the finale is 2 hours. I think it is. The reunion is being taped today. Either that will be an hour and air after an hour of the finale, or it’ll be two hours by itself.

I loved it whenever they had Wells playing with the puppets. He was so funny. I noticed last night that they had another bartender make drinks. Is there more then one bar at the resort? I thought Well was the only bartender. I’m sure an actual real bartender was the one who actually made the drinks. This is television.

Have you heard anything new about who they are picking for the bachelor? I am not a Peter fan nor do I want him if he won’t play the game and propose at the end of the show.

Thanks for having such a wonderful sight, I look forward to coming here. And I need to catch up to listen to the podcasts.

Comment: If I get asked one more time who’s gonna be the Bachelor…

Hi Steve, this season of paradise has been super odd and lack luster with all the interpretations and really played up petty drama. Since watching this season of paradise non of the guys seem fit for he next bachelor role besides Wells and Ben Z but those are a stretch. I’m ready to move on to the next bachelor season. I’ve got a few questions regarding that.

First, the reunion show, assuming its airing on September 12th since we all thought it was going to be live and people including myself assumed they would make the next bachelor announcement during that. I’m going to guess that they aren’t since it’s pre taped. When should we expect an announcement? On GMA? After paradise is all don’t airing? Seriously doubt they’ll announce the next “Bachelor” on a taped show today. It’ll get out by the night. They like making those announcements live. So my guess would be GMA or something like that. Maybe even DWTS. They’ve done that before in the past.

Peter posted on Instagram Sunday afternoon that he was at the airport traveling, from what it looked like, it seemed like he went to LA. Just a hunch based on this place a he tagged on his Instagram on Sunday, which was in LA. He was very quite on social media from Sunday up until Tuesday afternoon. Do you know anything about this, Do you know where he went? If he did go to LA is there chance he met with producers? No. I don’t follow Peter’s travel schedule.

This question might seem odd and forgive me if I am reading to much into things but, Peter’s dad made some very interesting comments about peter being the next bachelor on twitter Monday night. A fan asked him to tell Peter he should be the next bachelor. He replied saying that “Peter will follow his heart and stay true to himself and his beliefs and I can’t change that or even try. You fans will influence him more then I ever could on this subject.” It was very odd, it was like peter will not change his mind and then he basically said that he doesn’t know. If peter was still dead set on no why would he even reply in the first place. Any thoughts? No. I’m getting tired head from people reading into everything regarding every sentence regarding Peter.

Has your thought of peter still being the next bachelor changed at all since last week? Also are you thinking this based on what you personally think or on what you have heard? Or both? Aaaaaaannnnnnnd more Peter.

Have you heard anything about any paradise contestants being approached to be the next bachelor?

Thanks Steve, have a nice day.

Comment: No.

Hi Steve,

I’m surprised we haven’t heard any feedback from you on Taylor Swift’s new single and video. What do you think of it? A lot of critics think “Look What You Made Me Do” was made in poor taste and if her new persona is being catty than it’s the wrong direction for her as an artist. Do you have any thoughts on this? Personally for a pop song, I feel it’s well done. I could give a damn about the revenge lyrics against the media and other celebrities she’s had “beef” with. She’s hired a brilliant team who knows how to market her brand. I respect her business smarts and her music. As mentioned earlier, I’m waiting to hear her speak on the subject before I form an opinion. Because right now, it’s a bit confusing.

Speaking of other topics you haven’t discussed in a while, I’m also curious about your comments about the delay in the new season “UnReal.” It would be great if one of the sub plots involved a mild mannered blogger who gets an insider into the show to report back the insidious truth behind reality shows and successfully spoils this info to the public and how Quinn and Rachel deal with that. Oh wait, they did that plot last season with the journalist who posed as a contestant who attempted to bring the franchise down. Things didn’t end very well for her. Nevermind…

Do you think you’d have the ability to get Sarah Gertrude Shapiro on your podcast? THAT would be great insight into the Bachelor franchise. I also think it would be a smart move on her part to gain new viewers for “UnReal” because the ratings severely dropped last season and it’s been gone for too long that people have forgotten it and it will suffer in its return.

Comment: I think that’s a possibility.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that your podcast with Josiah was an exceptional podcast. He has gone through so much and to see him come out of it stronger is commendable. I shed a tear or two. My heart goes out to his family. He’s also hilarious and I loved how his commentary on editing. I thought he put it aptly when he said that his edit was decided night 1 and anything beyond that point was useless. I can’t wait to hear part 2! He was great. If you liked Part 1, you’ll like Part 2.

I also think the concept of a pecking order is really valid. My question for you is that when these people go on paradise, do you think part of the attraction comes from how long the other person has lasted on their respective season. That can be the only reason that all of these girls are interested in Matt and Adam because outside of Dean, they have lasted the longest on Rachel’s season. I mean when you go on a show like Paradise there has to be the incentive of becoming a Power Couple. It always helps to be coupled with a fan favourite. Would you say that many of these people go on the show to become a Power Couple so they can be profitable to other advertisers and choose their prospective partners based on that ideology?

Thanks for spoiling as always!

Comment: Yes.

Hey there Steve. Hope your week has been going great. You said on your recap this week that the reader emails this week would be lighter. And since I have this huge list on my phone of all the questions I’d like to ask you, I decided to include a good amount of them in this email to make your reader emails heavier. This is probably the biggest email you’ve received in a long time lol. Alright here they are.

1) On the final casting weekend, can the producers/do they figure out potential villains, winners, and bachelorettes? I’m sure they start forming ideas of who can/will play what role, but I doubt they know 100%.

2) Choose 1 person dead or alive to be on your podcast. Kiefer Sutherland.

3) You have some really amazing podcasts lined up. Really excited for Desiree’s! Can you reveal anymore guests you currently have in the works after Kenny’s? And if you can’t say who they are can you give us a hint? Can’t say.

4) I was reading a bunch of tweets about how mean all of the girls were being to Christen, and I agree. Why do people like Jasmine and Alexis again? Jasmine is too clingy and I get that Alexis is funny, but why is no one noticing that she’s there for the “wrong reasons”? Obviously not there to find love or even date anyone. Everyone’s got their opinions. Some people love them. To each their own.

5) What’s Dean situation currently? Still with DLo? Do you have any info on Kristina? Dean is seeing neither of them.

6) Do they ever not show certain couples on paradise? Maybe for sake of screen time or if it was boring? If you know of any which ones? Don’t know.

7) Wasn’t Astrid supposed to be on the show? Yes. She was set to come in in the first group of girls, but after the shut down, decided not to come back. Guess she felt being with her boyfriend was more important.

8) As far as you remember, has there ever been any guys under 5’7 and over 6’5 on the bachelorette? I don’t follow their heights.

9) I was looking at the profiles for Rachel’s guys on the ABC website, and couldn’t help but bring their height into account. They are much taller than Jojo’s guys. There were only a few guys shorter than 6’0, and all of her final 6 were 6’2 and over. But Jojo had guys that were 5’7 i.e Alex and not many guys over 6’1. But Jojo and Rachel are the same height (5’4). Did Rachel ask for taller guys? Lol as a tall girl (5’9 and I’m only 14) height is something I notice. You have more time than I do apparently ha ha.

10) In your podcast with Desiree does she say if her season was edited to make it look like she wanted to pick Brooks and didn’t really want to be/try with anyone else? You’ll just have to listen. We definitely talk about it.

11) Do you ever wonder if former contestants, or better yet a lead, reads your spoilers? And if you know of any, who? If I were a contestant who made it far but didn’t win I would want to see what happened. And if I was a lead, I would want to see how my season was interpreted by you. Plenty do.

12) What percent of people would you say go on the show with their only objective being fame? Nowadays? 100% of them. And if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying.

13) Out of the most recent 5 seasons of Bachelor and Bachelorette, which one has been the best from both? I’d go with Rachel’s for Bachelorette, and Sean’s for Bachelor. And that’s putting zero thought into it.

14) Heres another game of word association! Once again, say the first word that comes to mind when I say these names.

Ashley Rosenbaum: Sweet.
Brooks: Hair.
Rachel: Fierce.
Jasmine: Mouth.
Alexis: Shark.
Vanessa: Nick.
Lauren Bushnell: Legs.
Catherine: Grown sexy (sorry, two words).
Kaitlyn: Fiesty.
Britt: Struggling.

15) Speaking of Britt, I know that if I ask gif you’d ever have Britt on, you’ll probably say “theres a lot go people that I want on that haven’t been on yet” but I would really really really love to have Britt on the podcast! Loved her, and with her coming out about her bulimia on Chris’s season, I would love to hear from her. We’ll see.

16) Who are the two dullest leads from the franchise ever? Prince Lorenzo and Juan Pablo.

17) Finally, rank these seasons by entertainment value from least to most.

Desiree’s season, Sean’s season, Ben F’s season, Ben H’s season, Rachel’s season, Ashley’s season, Andi’s season, Nick’s season, Kaitlyn’s season.

Dear god I hope you didn’t fall asleep mid email. Sorry for the crazy amount of questions!!!!!

Thank you so much Steve, have a great week!

Comment: Honestly, it’s too hard. After 16 questions, having to rank 9 seasons based on entertainment value is the last thing I wanna do ha ha.

Hi Steve,

I was just wondering, are there certain things you do find out that you don’t share because you feel like it’s their news to tell?

1- Emily Maynard pregnant with her 4th child
I think it’s crazy she got away with not saying anything for so long!

2- Jade and Tanners baby name. They did go a few days with not telling

Comment: Yes, you’re right. There are plenty of things I know about this franchise and the people involved beforehand that I can’t share because it’s not my news to share. But these two that you mentioned, no, I had no idea.

All kinds of holes in Corrine’s prescription medication story, especially since doctors say outright if you can drink on something they’re prescribing you as they’re writing the script. They also tell you the affects of what alcohol does on said medication if you ask about drinking (so does a quick Google search).

And finally after whatever that nonsense ABC had the audacity to call an interview was, I firmly believe Chris Harrison has the best job on earth.

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: Yeah, it was pretty pathetic.

Hi Steve,

I know you don’t listen to it but I was wondering if you had heard about the E and G podcast that was done last week? They asked DeMario what he thought of you and ‘others like you’ and he said scum etc. Man they really have a bee in their bonnet about when you called their podcast with Luke Pell ‘garbage.’ I think a lot of contestants aren’t aware that you don’t go out of your way to slander them, you just present the facts as you know them. Have you ever heard from those guys?

Comment: Didn’t hear it, people told me about it, don’t care in the least what they say or do.

I’m sure you are going to get a bunch of this same question now that the interview has aired…

Do you have any knowledge of what medication Corinne was on? It sounds like it could be anti-depressants/anti-anxiety.

Reading your blog is often the highlight of my day! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to 🙂

Comment: No, not sure what’s in her med drawer.

Hey Steve,

I’m a little behind on episodes as we were away the past 2 weeks. Trying to get a little caught up tonight. Do you still have the crazy Robby fans emailing you or do most people realize that he is a giant douche??

Comment: No, they seem to have gone away. Maybe they’re seeing the light.

Hi Steve,

I was interested in your thoughts on a few things.

1. The cynical part of me feels Nick Vial timed his break up announcement to coincide with the end of BIP so they could invite him on the “live” reunion for an update or “what went wrong” segment. Thoughts? It’s possible. We’ll know more soon.

2. Even though Raven has seemed like production’s golden child, I really like the edit Kristina has gotten and think she would have a huge fan base if they needed another option for bachelorette next year. I guess she’s an option if they’re really hurting, but I’m sure once the next crop of girls are out, we’ll get plenty more in the mix.

3. Finally, I thought Corinne came off as well spoken, thoughtful, and much more intelligent than we have seen her in the past. I’m sure she spent time rehearsing certain statements, however, it makes me sad to see individuals “dumb themselves down” or turn themselves into a character for TV. When talking to teens, I’ve had more than one say they want to be famous when they grow up, not for doing anything notable, just to be known. In the age of social media, instagram, twitter I worry many value followers and notoriety more than actual accomplishments.

Anyways, thanks for your work. Always fun to read.

Comment: You did? Well spoken, thoughtful, and intelligent? Corinne? Did you watch the same interview I did? She called the whole ordeal “annoying.” That’s the best word she could come up with after months of not speaking on the subject publicly. Whoever prepped her for that interview should be fired.

And yes, your worries are also my worries. It’s sad.

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