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Big “Bachelor” Update, Where They’re Headed for Episode #4, & (EXCLUSIVE) 5 More Girls Confirmed for Next Season

We’re full of “Bachelor” news today, aren’t we. You’re going to get pictures from yesterday’s date at the Grove, 5 more girls confirmed for the season, where they’re headed next, then my thoughts on the DLo/Rachel/Vanessa issue. You had to email in advance to be in attendance at the group date yesterday, and you’ll see in some of the pictures, there was a small crowd seated in front of the stage. But none of those people were allowed to take pictures as production was being very strict again. All the pictures and videos that did get out on social media last night were from people who were just standing in the back, or walking by, or saw the girls as they were walking towards the stage with the dogs. Props again to the site for providing over 30 clear photos of all the girls on yesterday’s date, since not many on social media were able to get any clear or close ones. Here are the photos that they were able to get of the 7 girls on the date from yesterday, that had each of the girls appear on stage with a dog for “Arie’s Amazing Acrodogs.”

Again, one thing to note on these pictures. I’m not allowed to just paste them onto this site. No one can unless you paid for them. Says it right there in their FAQ page:

Can I take photos off your site and put it on mine?

Although we’d love to share photos with everyone, we can’t allow our photos to be placed on other sites. We work with a lot of the top photo agencies and they’ve been kind enough to license the photos to us. The photos are protected, if you’re interested in purchasing the photos, contact the photo agencies we attribute in the posts.

Trust me, as I said yesterday, I was already burned by this during Andi’s season and had to pay a fine. I thought as long you included a link, you could post any pictures. Nope. If the pics are from one of those celebrity news agency’s like Splash News, Getty Images, or Backgrid (who took yesterday’s), then you can’t post them on your site without paying for the photos individually. So of the 7 girls on the date yesterday, 4 of them I’ve already identified for you on the Arie’s Girls page, and I tweeted those out last night:

The other 3 on yesterday’s date I haven’t released yet. You’ll get those girls later on. But I can tell you their first initials are A, B, and A.

Dean & Alex from Rachel’s season were also at the Grove yesterday hanging out at the date because, well, ummmmm, I have no idea other than Dean trying to lay the groundwork for which girl he plans on screwing over next BIP season. I’ll make a prediction that Dean is going to be the next Jef Holm of the franchise. That’s not a compliment. However, they did do one thing funny on their IG story:

I gave a little teaser yesterday also of some things to expect this season:

Yes, another season of Lauren’s. We’ve got Lauren Schleyer, Lauren Burnham, and there’s Lauren G. from the Derby date. Yay. The obsession with the name Lauren on this show boggles my mind. So if Lauren Burnham goes far, does she become the new standard “Lauren B.?” How does one take that title away from Lauren Bushnell? Will Lauren Burnham have to win for it to happen? And yes, one girl’s limo entrance had her sticking Arie’s face in her armpit and say something to the effect of, “Was that the best pit stop you’ve ever been in?” Get it? Pit stop. Racing. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously, this show needs new writers. Slowly but surely, I’ll be revealing more and more as the weeks go on as I have every date covered so far outside of what the activity was on Wednesday’s 1-on-1.

5 more girls from this season on Page 2…



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