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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The Bachelor Arie – Episode 1 Recap, Date of the Fan Appreciation Party, Details on Some of the Girls, & Whose Ex Shows Up?

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Welcome back everyone. Long time no talk. Of course, if you were following along ever since “Bachelor in Paradise” ended, no need to be welcomed back, but for the majority of you, that’s not the case. Let me update you on where we’re at with everything. The spoilers have been released in sections. Your final four breakdown and who Not Peter is engaged to was posted on Nov. 30th. Then a week later on Dec. 5th, I posted your first 3 episode-by-episode spoilers. I’m trying to find out a couple last things from the middle episodes (4 thru 7), and hope to have those soon for you. For those just reading the Final 4 breakdown and who he’s engaged to, you read the story of the Cease and Desist I received the week previous to posting those. No new news to report there. There hasn’t been anything filed against me, and business will continue as usual on this site. My thoughts that day are the same now, so I just take it day-by-day and will continue to provide you with information you can’t get anywhere else. Let’s get this started, shall we?

First order of business is announce the 4th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party is happening again this year. Still 5 months away but this thing fills up fairly quick, and for people making travel arrangements, I want to give you plenty of time to get things booked. It will take place Friday night, June 8th, at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Thought maybe we’d switch up hotels this year, but Mandalay has always been good to me, so no need to change things. Party starts at 8:00pm and there will be an open beer and wine bar along with appetizers for the night. And of course, there will be the Reality Steve Trivia Contest as well with prizes for the first top 2 finishers. If you are looking for a discounted room at Mandalay, contact me immediately as rates are changing every day. I can see what rates are available for you.

Basically here’s how it works: it’s first come, first serve. If you want in, you have to let me know immediately. People who are flying in get first priority since I assume you’re less likely to flake after paying for a flight, and your confirmation to the party is showing me your flight itinerary. I’d say we’ve had about 95% of the people who said they were gonna show up actually show up the first three years, so that’s been great. But it’s a lot easier to cancel out or flake at the last minute if you’re in the area or you’re driving. So if you want in to the party, email me at, let me know if you’re flying or driving, and let me know the names of everyone in your party. If flying, once I have your flight itinerary, you’re confirmed. If driving, I need your hotel reservation to be confirmed. Last year was our biggest turnout as we had close to 70 people. This year, looking to get anywhere between 75-80. So if you’re interested, let me know and get me either your flight/hotel itineraries as soon as possible. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Obviously the news of the past week was last Thursday’s podcast with Arie and Peter’s exes, Sydney Stempfley and Brittany Hansen. I’ve seen some of the feedback on Twitter along with the emails you have sent me and, as expected, it’s varied. I’m fine with that. They did get plenty of support, which I really appreciate. But I fully understand that anyone who was already Pro Arie or Pro Peter was going to say anything they could to defend both of them. That’s not original. The ones I did see were basically pointless and you can tell written by someone who was just a fan. Hell, some of the responses to last Thursday’s podcast were coming within 30-45 minutes of me posting it. How can you possibly have an informed, intelligent opinion on an interview 30-45 minutes after it’s posted when the whole podcast was almost 2 hours? Exactly. Those were mostly the Arie and Peter fans who immediately dismissed anything either girl said, which is just sad.

The other thing that seemed to be completely blown out of proportion were the texts that were revealed. You do realize the texts were posted just to corroborate the girls stories that they told in the podcasts, right? The texts weren’t the stories. The podcasts were. Yet so many comments I saw tweeted at me or emailed to me were about dissecting the texts and nothing about the podcasts. If your argument is, “Well, you realize texts can be faked, right? How do you know they’re real?” Look, if you honestly think that both of those women, who I’ve been speaking with on and off for months now, forged every conversation they’ve ever had with either guy for the sake of waiting months to finally reveal it in a podcast, then I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re wrong. They didn’t. I could go on and on, but no need to. Peter was lucky Brittany took it easy on him. There is much more she could’ve shared. She has told me since, that just on Thursday alone, at least 10 women reached out to her personally and thanked her for speaking up because it helped them with relationships they were in. That was her goal so she’s very happy. She gained nothing financially, and she knew she was being vulnerable and opening herself up to criticism, but ultimately she’d had enough, and wanted to let people know that type of behavior wasn’t acceptable. I applaud her for that. There isn’t much else for me to say on the matter as I’ll let both interviews speak for themselves. It’s their story, not mine.

I’m sure plenty of you want to chime in and give your thoughts, so get your “Reader Emails” in this week along with any “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. We are back to our normal schedule this week with “Reader Emails” on Wednesdays, and “Dr. Reality Steve” and the podcast coming on Thursdays. Lets get those emails in and have a big first week of emails for both columns tomorrow and Thursday.

Also, Nell Kalter’s “Floribama Shore” recap is now up here for your reading pleasure. Have you been watching this? I mean, it’s about as wild ass as you can get.

Page 2 I’ll have some “Bachelor” news for you concerning some of the women this season, along with what exactly are they hinting at in the trailer with someone’s ex returning…



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