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“Reader Emails,” Thoughts on Podcast Reaction From Yesterday, & Who Were Last Second Cuts on Arie’s Season?

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Long time reader – is it just me or are there far better looking women on the show than Becca. You named a couple like Caroline and Bri. After seeing all the pics of girls Arie typically hangs with, I was surprised he picked Becca. She doesn’t seem to be the type he usually goes for. Thoughts?

Comment: Beauty is subjective. By no means do I think Becca is ugly. She’s cute. Someone asks me later in this email bag to list my top 5. Becca isn’t in it. Doesn’t mean anything, I just answered the question based on my preferences.

Hi Steve! I’m so excited that Reader Emails are back! I’ve waited forever. I always go to rewatch old episodes so I have some questions regarding old seasons and some regarding the new season.

1) Who do you think would have been the bachelorette if Emily wouldn’t have been it from Ben F’s season? No idea.

2) Like Josiah’s edit, has there been anyone from the show that has gotten edited to seem completely different than they actually are? Plenty of them.

3) If you could read the mind of one former contestant on the show, who would it be? Are these real questions?

A few Winter Games questions:

4) Will there be another season of WG? I don’t know.

5) Since Lauren G and Bibiana were on WG, will they be on paradise? I don’t know.

6) How similar are WG and BP? Somewhat. Has some crossover elements.

7) If you know, how did eliminations work in WG? I’ll be releasing that later.

And finally, Arie’s season:

8) If you can tell us, does the boyfriend thing work? Does a girl ditch Arie? This email was sent before Tuesday’s column.

9) Who, to you, are the prettiest girls this season? I’ll answer that later on in this column.

10) Based on the info you have on them so far, who are the 3 girls you would most want on your podcast from the new season? Too early to tell. I don’t know enough yet.

Hey Steve!

Great work on the podcast this week. You finally answered a question thats been bothering me: What is the deal with the Peter and Dean bromance? Now it totally makes sense…they are two peas in an egotistical pod.

Looking forward to reading this season!

Comment: I mean, what’s the saying? Birds of a feather flock together?

Hi Steve!

I had a couple of just general questions, not really related to the season.

I have always wondered who does the intro for your podcast? As in, who is the woman that says, “You’re listening to the Reality Steve Podcast?” It changes for each season, so is it just a friend or a service you use? I just think about it every time I listen to a podcast. Good question. I think for the first 3 months I used a service. Ever since then it’s been the same girl. A friend of mine Showbiz Shelly who is a morning radio host in Chicago. I just have her re-voice it to pertain to each season. But thank you for the email because I forgot to have her re-do it now that Arie’s season has started. I need her to record it and send it back to me today so it’ll be ready for tomorrow. I mean, it’s only :16 seconds, so it’s not hard work, but I completely forgot. So thank you.

Your podcast, Olivia’s, and Stassi’s are the only reality tv-related podcasts I listen to. I know Stassi said on one of her podcasts (during Nick’s season, I think) that she was going to have you on at some point. I’m fairly certain you wrote in a reader email once that you would have her on yours. I know you don’t like talking about future guests in case something happens, but is there anything you can say on whether or not you will be doing a podcast together?

Thanks for all your great work!

Comment: Ever since I reached out never heard back.

Hi Steve –

I’ve been faithfully reading your blog since the whole Jason/Melissa/Molly spoilers, and despite the numerous laughs and gobs of insider information you’ve provided, I’ve never felt the need to write until now. I just finished podcast #58 with Sydney and Brittany and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your ability to listen and not assert your opinion, but instead, your support. It’s been a long overdue time of reckoning in this post-Harvey Winstein world and even though I know an exceptional amount of decent men, even they haven’t necessarily taken the opportunity to listen. Even me, who thankfully hasn’t had to deal with anything other than some inappropriate comments here and there, I need to listen. It’s the first step in learning how to be a better ally to these women.

After having heard the majority of your other podcasts, your ability to listens so well shouldn’t have surprised me, but I guess it was really on display in #58. And I felt inspired to write.

Anyways, I may not have any insider information, but I do remain a devoted (if quiet) fan. Your unsympathetic view of the show(s) has afforded me with the proper way to watch and, as I’m prone to sentimentality, a necessary new approach. ?
Thank you for all the work and entertainment you provide us.

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it. I do feel like I’m a good listener. I’d even go as far as to say my exes would agree. And people from this franchise as well. It’s the least you can do with someone who’s pouring their heart out to you or whatever. Doesn’t hurt to just listen sometimes.

Hi Steve,

Happy New Year! Your podcast with Brittany was great – one of your best yet. Any chance you’ll do a follow-up with her to answer other questions people have like what Peter said to her about his time on The Bachelorette and how he felt about not being the next Bachelor? Also, I think she deserves the chance to respond to all the people who are now calling her a racist (including Peter), and thus dismissing everything else she said.

Comment: No. I just let the interviews speak for themselves. No need to bring her back on to talk about the feedback. As mentioned yesterday, she said she’s gotten plenty of personal emails from women thanking her for coming on and that’s why she did it, so she’s really happy and in a better place now. Not to mention like she said, it was cathartic for her.

Hey Steve,

I’ve been watching since Ali’s season and this is the first one I’m skipping – literally deleted the series from my DVR. I’m not one who watches for the love story and I’m sure the drama will be great but I find Arie so repulsive that I just don’t care enough to give them my time. Curious to see how this’ll stack up in terms of ratings. Maybe it’s because of all the other crap going on in the world but my Twitter feed seemed a lot less Bachelor heavy than it normally would on a premiere night. I’m guessing only a slight dip from other Bachelor seasons.

I finally finished your most recent podcast and wanted to pass along my thanks to both of the women. It’s hard to do such an honest post-mortem on a serious relationship where you’ve made mistakes too so big kudos to them for being willing to do that. Here’s to hoping that some people who gave Rachel crap for how she dealt with Peter feel a little shitty now.

Podcast request – any chance you could get Olivia to hook you up with Patti Stanger? That combo would be fascinating.

Thanks again, I’m still reading and listening even though I’m not watching!

Comment: Yes thank you. I think one thing overlooked in the podcasts was both girls admitting the mistakes they made. It wasn’t just a bash fest on both guys. They took responsibility as well.

I can look into the Patti Stanger stuff. Might be interesting.

Not really important but I looked at her Instagram and noticed she hangs out with Claudia and Astrid from WAGS Miami on E. Pretty sure she just wanted to become a social media influencer lol!

Comment: I have no idea who Claudia and Astrid are since I don’t watch WAGS Miami. But hey, Bibi made it to Winter Games, so something’s working for her.

Hey Steve,

Not sure if this is the general consensus, but I thought Arie was SO boring, lacked personality and charisma, and just generally came across as flat and not that deep. I was disappointed (but will obviously still watch the season). As is the case any season, some thought that, some didn’t.

I agree with you about Caroline! I really liked her and thought she was genuinely gorgeous. Any chance of her being the bachelorette, even though she doesn’t make it very far?


Comment: No.

Hi Steve,

So glad you’re back!! Thanks for all the juicy gossip as of late… love the ex-girlfriend podcasts. My questions:

Do you think ABC is going after you again because you’ve always been so harsh on Arie? You’ve posted lots of stuff about his barely-legal antics. Perhaps after the Roy Moore incident and the #MeToo movement, ABC is suddenly worried about their Bachelor’s questionable behavior – and they hope that by trying to silence you, they can control some of the negative coverage? No. If it were, I would think that’d have been mentioned somewhere in their Cease and Desist letter. It wasn’t.

Also – I’m curious about Elan Gale. What is the deal with that guy? He seems very un-Hollywood of a person to have landed his producer job – partly because he’s a big fuzzy guy, but also because he’s very political on Twitter, and he’s also a quirky self-help book author. I’m not sure the type of person I would imagine being a Bachelor producer, but it’s not Elan. Do you have any idea how he got his Bachelor gig? From what you know, is he a nice person? Opinions vary on him. Some worship the ground he walks on and some can’t stand him.

I see that Arie’s new future ex-girlfriend is a Minnesota girl like me. (Poor thing.) Do you think she came on the show hoping to meet Wisconsin-boy Peter? He seems more her type.

Comment: I don’t think so, no.

Hi Steve,

In your opinion, which of Arie’s girls are the top 5 best looking.

Comment: In no particular order: Bri, Tia, Lauren B., Caroline, and Jacqueline.

Hey Steve-

I found your podcast with Brittany and Sydney extremely interesting. I hear you say all the time that most people who go on this show have an ulterior motive, and on some level I believed you, but to see it laid out in black and white (Peter’s texts) really hit home for me. I’ll admit, I liked Peter and thought he seemed like not too big of a douche. Wow… wrong. Even my husband was surprised. Ha!

My question for you is, do you have any unsaid thoughts or insight into why Peter didn’t do the Bachelor? I had my own theories before that podcast, but now I’m at a loss. Based on why he decided to do the Bachelorette, it’s shocking he didn’t jump at the chance to further showcase his “looks, kindness and charm.” It makes no sense, unless the producers have told him this Winter Games thing is going to give him all the exposure he wants. I’m highly doubtful of that – it sounds super boring. But I guess if he wants to do something fitness related, it’ll appeal to his market. I think there’s a lot of stuff people don’t know about and maybe someday it’ll get out, and maybe it won’t. As I said, Brittany went easy on him.

I’ll also say that Sydney’s interview strangely made me slightly more interested in watching Arie. No doubt he’s a playboy and a little icky, but she made him sound like he’s at least got a personality… unlike several bachelors we’ve had in the past (**cough**Chris, Juan Pablo**cough**). As usual, I will watch because of the entertainment value (of which your website provides at least half) and not for the sham romance.


Comment: I never thought going into the interview, nor did I think coming out of it, that Sydney was going to trash him or did trash him. If that made you more interested in this season, then maybe Arie should scratch her a royalty check ha ha.

Hi Steve!

Thanks so much for the podcast of the exes. I think it’s very important that men are called out on their f*ck boy behavior, and realize they can’t get away with it without some public shaming. My question is, have you heard of this happening with women who go on the Bachelor? Do boyfriends ever contact you about their girlfriends going on the show, or getting back to them afterwards? We know it happens (like with Maquel in your column yesterday), but have you heard stories of the Peter/Arie level with women on the show? Or is it a mostly man problem? This wouldn’t surprise me, but I’d be curious to know if this is happening on both sides. Thanks for everything!

Comment: I would say it’s mostly a man problem. However, has it happened with women in this franchise? Yes, I’ve heard stories. There are women who absolutely sleep around in this franchise, lead men on, cheat on them, etc. For sure.


Long time reader of your site. I don’t know if this has been asked before or not. So what happens if there are like 12 people left and the lead is supposed to keep 8 people but only wants to keep 5, are they allowed to only keep that many or do they have to keep 8 Just to make sure that the show goes on long enough. I am sure this question is probably confusing. Sorry!!!

Comment: They keep the amount of people the show needs for that particular episode. It’s usually fairly the same every season. At the end of episode 1, it’s usually down to 19-21. Episode 2: 17-19. Episode 3: Usually around 15 start traveling. Episode 4: 11 or 12. Episode 5: 8 or 9. Episode 6: 6 or 7. Episode 7: end of this episode is always down to 4.



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