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“Reader Emails,” Thoughts on Podcast Reaction From Yesterday, & Who Were Last Second Cuts on Arie’s Season?

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Hi Steve:

After reading your spoiler today that Becca’s ex shows up & proposes, she says no and accepts Arie’s proposal, it had me thinking conspiracy theory.

Knowing that Arie isn’t the bachelor to actually find a wife, was choosing Becca in the end the best possible choice? Obviously we have no idea when Becca’s ex contacted producers or vice versa, but I’m thinking out this from Arie’s perspective.

He chooses Becca knowing the drama that will come along with it (the ex bf storyline), and one of two things can happen:

1. Becca takes back her ex and Arie is left “heartbroken”. But really, won’t he just get loads of sympathy from women going forward?!? Poor Arie!

2. Becca doesn’t go back to her ex and accepts Arie’s proposal. Couldn’t this eventually turn into the reason they split? Becca really wasn’t over her ex and it leads to the eventual demise of their relationship (& even if that isn’t true, Arie can totally spin it that way). Their breakup doesn’t make him look bad – again, he gets sympathy from females, and he’s back in the game!

I’m not sure how much more information you have on Becca, her ex, the ending of the show – but it seemed like a plausible theory depending on how it all actually played out in real time.


Comment: Certainly a good conspiracy theory, but as I’ll say all season: I feel sorry for her, not him. He’s not marrying anyone from this show. That’s not why he did it. His reputation precedes him. I don’t think all the sudden he’s changed because of this. In fact, I pretty much know it. But hey, what do I know, right?

Hi Steve! I’ve been reading your columns for a few years now, and really enjoy all of your work, especially your spoilers and podcast. It seems like ever since Arie was announced as The Bachelor, Jef Holm has been throwing some serious shade on twitter, and alluding he has dirt on him. Do you ever plan on having Jef on your podcast to spill what he knows? From reading your website over the years, I know Jef himself doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in Bachelor Nation, but I think it would be interesting to hear his side of things and what him and Arie had a falling out over.

Thank you!

Comment: No. Just not gonna happen.


Brittany provided a lot of evidence to expose Peter for the fraud that he clearly was on Rachel’s season. At best, Peter is a narcissistic opportunist. Brittany even said that Peter made up that entire story about pulling out of her driveway for the final time, and watching her crying in his rearview mirror. I wondered if Brittany revealed to you that he made up his big story about engagement being the same thing as marriage as well?

After listening to everything that Brittany said on the podcast, along with the text to validate it, it put Peter on the same level as Nick Viall. I don’t think anyone wants to see another season as bogus as Nick’s was, ever again. After everything Brittany revealed about Peter, his credibility is completely shot. Because you have such a huge listening audience, do you think ABC would ever want Peter as the bachelor sometime in the future?

Thank you

Comment: I don’t think because Brittany came on my podcast that would change their outlook on Peter as a potential candidate in the future. I have a niche audience, and an audience that is pretty far reaching, but you gotta remember how many people watch this show on a weekly basis. I make a dent in their viewers, but not THAT big of one.


On Emily’s season, my memory is that ABC made a big deal Arie and Emily did not spend the night together in the fantasy suite. However, after the show ended, US weekly reported that Arie had in fact spent the night, and that was in part why he was blindsided by the rejection. Do you know if US was right?

Comment: Yes. That’s been well known since that season. Both Arie and Jef did.

Hey Steve!

Love the article and podcast. So I was came across Ali’s Instagram tonight (one of Not Peter’s girls) and she tagged a page called the_rosegirls ? which appears to be about 7 of Not Peter’s girls doing…. I don’t know what. Page doesn’t have much info other than they’re all just so excited! And i think there is a YouTube channel link. Anyway, maybe you have some insight on this you can share in the article? Either way looks like this bunch of girls is going to take the Instagram careers to a whole new level!

Can’t wait for more articles this season! Keep up the great work

Comment: All I know is 7 of the 8 girls eliminated the first night (Amber the spray tan artist being the one who didn’t) all got together a couple weeks ago and did a photo shoot/video that they were all posting on their IG stories. Then once the episode aired last night, they released what you saw. Guess they have their own special group now or something. Not sure.

Is Ben Higgins still dating Lindsey Duke? I saw a picture of her with his friends and family at a Thanksgiving dinner? Why so secretive about it and why in the world would he go on Winter Games?

Comment: My best answer to both of those questions is I don’t know. He’s been seeing Lindsay since July when I first reported it and yes, she was sitting next to him at Thanksgiving dinner with his friends and family. No idea why he hasn’t gone public with her yet.

Why’d he do Winter Games? Again, your guess is as good as mine, but maybe he just wanted to have a fun vacation or something. He didn’t “partner” or “pair up” with anyone really when he was there.

Hey Steve,

So I just watched last night’s premiere and have a question about the intro videos. Does production orchestrate those and hire actors for them? Or are they friend’s of the individual? Like in Caroline’s, when she is “showing” that house, or in Maquel’s, those people in the wedding shoot–I know that sh*t cannot be for real.

Thanks for all you do–you make watching this show so much more fun (I watch with my mom every week and she is always asking me what Reality Steve has to say about everything and everyone).

Happy new year!

Comment: I don’t think they’re actors. They’re just people who agree to participate in them. Probably just friends that want to help out.

Dear Steve,

Happy New Year! Congrats on another successful spoiled season! I have a few questions!

1) Are Becca and Arie still together? Since it has been released that Becca got a proposal from her ex, do you know if she has had any contact with him since she rejected his proposal? Yes, they are still engaged and no idea if she’s been in contact with Ross.

2) Have you heard anything about a potential televised wedding for Jojo and Jordan? No.

3) Eric Bigger seems like a really nice guy with a great story, are you going to try to get him on your podcast in the future? With him being on Winter Games, I still haven’t even asked.

4) I think that Bryan received so much hate during the bachelorette because of his background and the Peter trolls. I thought that he was definitely treated unfairly. I am so happy that after Peter’s ex spoke out the real Peter was now introduced to everyone. It’s amazing how the editors made Peter look so innocent and made Bryan look so insincere and smooth when Peter was really the fraud. After the finale, I like Bryan way more than Peter. I love him and Rachel as a couple and I hope that they prove the naysayers wrong and get married. I know that you usually never believe it until the couples walk down the aisle, but do you think that they will make it based on the behind the scenes information that you have on them? I haven’t heard much either way so I don’t really know.

5) Are Lesley and Dean still talking? Yes. They went to the Rose Bowl together on Monday.

6) When will the Winter Games air?

Comment: Nothing’s been made official, but Robert Mills said on his radio show that it will air during the two weeks that the real Winter Olympics are airing, and that there would be two episodes a week – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

How is not obvious to you that Bachelor Arie is transgendered?

And the female contestants as well. Study their jaws, foreheads, hands, torsos.

What about Emily Maynard and every “man” she dates / marries? Are they really men?

Surely you must already know, since your income is based upon this farce.

But which side are you on?

Is this why ABC wants to silence you?

Comment: Uhhhhhhh……

Hi Steve!

What is up with the animosity coming from Jef Holm? Arie is too “disgusting” to associate with, and now he is putting up a $5k bet that the relationship won’t last? While all of the above may very well be true, it seems unusually negative for Bachelor Nation. Making a play for BIP? After the first episode, this rivalry between Arie and Jef seems more entertaining than the women this season.

Keep up the good work!

Comment: From everything I’ve ever heard, he will never be on any “Bachelor” programming in the future.

Hi Steve, hope it’s not too late to get this in for this week.

That’s crazy how Becca’s ex proposes to her and that she refuses it and accepts Arie’s. Almost makes the show a bigger joke than it already is. This couldn’t all be the idea of the ex could it? Ex bf is way hotter than Arie imo. Getting engaged to her ex is probably a way better idea than 18 yr old shirt chaser Arie. Why didn’t Becca just give us a finale that would’ve shit the fan? I’m not sure of the details of how it came to be, but obviously this guy was in contact with production at some point during filming and they made the decision to make this a storyline.

I know there’s comparisons to Olivia since her and Chelsea look like twins… but Olivia just came off as misunderstood. Chelsea just seems like a mean girl. And thanks for the info about baby daddy. You mentioned that Krystal’s voice might get on some people’s nerves… but yikes to Chelsea’s voice. Amanda Stanton much? I didn’t hear the similarities between those two as much as Chelsea and Olivia looked similar. But maybe that’s just me.

Ummm okay what’s up with Ali’s nose (the one who looks like Lala from Vanderpump rules)? Any intel on whether it’s a fake nose? Sticks out like a sore thumb to me…I have no idea.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. rob22

    January 4, 2018 at 11:08 AM

    Let’s talk ratings. This season started out with a 1.5 rating. Yeah, I know, college football. But who watches live these days anyway? You can see both. Let’s look at some previous years ratings for the premier:

    2010 – 3.5
    2012- 2.4
    2014- 2.7
    2016- 2.1

    I like to bring up the ratings, and often do, to point out how the show is aging. They need to keep a constant influx of new fans & it’s not happening. Shows don’t last forever. This one’s been going on now since 2002. That’s a LONG time. You could be a 15 year old Bachelor watcher who wasn’t even born when the show started. Or not.

    But it should be pointed out that despite RS’s comments that ratings are not based on the lead, retreads Nick and Arie aren’t exactly wowing the gallery.

  2. raula8

    January 4, 2018 at 11:44 AM

    Another thing I found interested, from Ben & Ashley’s podcast that makes me question Ashley I’s journalistic integrity (she has her Masters y’all), is as they go through their take on the new contestants on Arie’s season – they go on about Bibiana. Who they both now know from Winter Games. They don’t disclose this but go on to say that her personality is great, she’s beautiful, blah blah. That part seemed funny to me. (Actually even more specifically, the way that Ben said “she’s beautiful” was very genuine and make ya wonder if something happened in VT…

    Combine that with their one-sided take on the Peter situation and it’s like… you guys are too close to anything Bachelor-related now to give us a quality debate.

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