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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie – Episode 2 Recap, Andi’s New Book, When’s the Finale, & More

I think this was the 5th or 6th year in a row where the “Bachelor’s” second episode went up against the college football national championship game. It’s one I dread every year, but since I don’t get the episodes early, there’s nothing I can do. Thank god the Georgia/Bama first half was awful and I didn’t really miss much. Once the “Bachelor” ended, the second half was just beginning so that’s all I needed. I say it time and time again, but sports are the best reality show on television. So many ups and downs and twists and turns to last night’s game. Awesome. Felt bad for Georgia since it sucks to lose a game you were never trailing in until the last play. Gut punch to say the least. But they’ll be back, they’re very good and have the #1 recruiting class in the nation. I don’t think this was a once-every-30-years appearance for them. As for Bama, the beat goes on. Bench your starter who’s 24-2 in 2 years, got you to back-to-back natty’s and threw one interception all year at halftime for a true freshman and you STILL win? Not much else you can say. These two don’t play in the regular season next year, so it’d have to be in the SEC Championship, but sign me up for that rematch. College football is the best. Well, minus the fact that both schools made gobs of money last night on that game and the athletes don’t see a nickel of it.

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The cast and air dates of “Winter Games” was released yesterday. It’s going to air 4 episodes over 2 weeks (Feb. 13th, 15th, 20th, and 22nd) and run while the real Winter Olympics are airing. Considering filming was only 12 days long, you knew this couldn’t really be a show they dragged out too far. I’ve given plenty of thoughts on this already about how I don’t really see the point of this thing, but, I’ll still watch and give my thoughts on it. I spoiled this cast back on Dec. 13th but was missing 3 of the international competitors: (Men) Courtney from “Bachelorette” Australia and (Women) Yuki and Zoe from “Bachelor” Japan & China respectively. I know of the basics of the show so far, but will try to get more in depth spoilers for you as soon as I can.

One other thing that was announced yesterday during ABC’s TCA Winter Press Tour, was that “American Idol” will debut on ABC with a 2-hour show Sunday Night March 11th and then the next night March 12th for 2 hours. Why is this relevant? Because that means that the “Bachelor” finale, which if you started Jan. 1st and rolled out 11 weeks uninterrupted, had the “Bachelor” finale airing on March 12th. We know that’s not the case now. So there hasn’t been anything official announcement from ABC just yet on when the “Bachelor” finale is airing, and since we know the “Bachelor” finale is a 2 hour show followed by a live 1 hour “After the Final Rose,” we can rule March 12th out. If the finale airs the night of March 5th, that means at some point this season, they’ll have to run back-to-back episodes at some point this season. A Sunday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday thing, which they’ve done in the past. I’ll keep you updated when some official announcement is made.

So Tinkerbell (Bekah) made sure she drew attention to herself this past weekend when she posted this picture to her IG story:

She can do whatever she chooses to do with her body. This is something you knew about when I first confirmed her as a contestant. This is her. She doesn’t wear bras and she doesn’t shave her armpits. If that’s her choice, so be it. Not really sure why she felt the need to post this on her IG story, but then again, nothing that anyone from this franchise does anymore should really surprise me. They are all out for attention and looking to gain followers. It’s what the show has become. Bekah is new to the “sorority” so she’s just adding her name to the list I guess.

One other contestant who made the news this weekend was Maquel, who had an old social media post from 5 years ago dug up that, well, I guess you could was quite racially insensitive. Enough so that she issued an exclusive apology for it to Does this mean she’s this season’s Lee? I don’t think so. Was it incredibly dumb of her to post that 5 years ago and do you wonder how moronic she had to have been to think that was acceptable? No doubt. I think what’s going on with her ex now, and him speaking to tabloids practically begging for Maquel back is much more interesting story than this. Who knows where it’ll lead, since they’ve definitely been in contact. But I see Maquel as someone who’s going to milk this Bachelor fame for as long and as hard as she can. I don’t see her getting back with her ex-husband and disappearing off this franchise. No way.

Andi Dorfman is promoting her new book “A Single State of Mind” and had some thoughts on the franchise which were interesting. Essentially confirming what I’ve told you for years about how production pretends to be your friend, then once your season is over, it’s on to the next cast and you’re yesterday’s news. Andi goes a little more in depth to it (especially in regards to Josh and Amanda getting engaged on BIP). Say what you will about Andi, and I’m the first one who’s said while I wouldn’t write a book like she did I understand why she did it, you can’t really argue with any of these excerpts from the book. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of producers blowing up your phone acting like they’re your friend, then just stop. Happens all the time. They care about you when it’s convenient for them. And the social media stuff she talks about we all know rings true as well. It’s just a part of the show now, and Andi’s season it wasn’t really around. So of course you’d naturally be skeptical about the contestants who go on the show now. They’re not dumb. They know what benefits the show can bring. It’s the ones that pretend they don’t and try to sell that they went on for love who are pretty phony. Just own it. You’re not fooling anyone.

Get your “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in this week as we’re a bit low right now. C’mon, I know you’ve got queries, questions, comments, thoughts, etc on what we saw last night, don’t you?

Our very own Nell Kalter has her “Floribama Shore” finale recap now up to view. Did you see it got picked up for a 20 episode run this summer? Oh boy. I mean, do I really want to dampen Nell’s summer by having her cover that over the span of 4-5 months? Yikes. I thought I was a nice boss. We’ll see if she’s up for it or if this 8 episode run sucked the soul out of her. Check back this summer for an update.



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