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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie – Episode 5 Recap, Lauren’s Previous Engagement, & Another Arie Ex Speaks Out

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-Time for the bowling group date, and I’ll be honest, this was the best group date of the season. I don’t give a sh** if it was in a bowling alley. I love bowling. It’s fun, you can still have conversation, and I’ll kick your ass. All the elements of a wonderful date for me. And oh yeah, bowling brought us the greatest group date in cinema history when all the kids from Rydell went there one night and this broke out:

It’s probably impossible to try and put into words how much that movie shaped my childhood, so I won’t try. Just know that I could recite every word from that song and have been able to since I was 7. There aren’t many people out there who could ever stump me on “Grease 2” trivia, but go ahead and try if you want. It’s the greatest worst movie of all-time. And if you think that’s the only song from that movie I can recite, you are mistaken my friend. You can add all these to the list as well:

If you don’t think that while I went and found all those clips last night I watched every single one of them at least two more times, then you don’t know me at all. Stephanie Zinone was sex on a stick when I was a young boy learning things about myself. Straddling a ladder in tight jeans? Yes please. I thought my girlfriend when I got to high school would be exactly like her. I was wrong. That’s it. I’m re-watching the movie again this weekend. That’s what I get for going down that rabbit hole.

-I’m so distracted by this bowling and the “Grease 2” link that it’s hard focusing on this 6-on-5 competition Arie put the girls in, with the winning team getting to spend extra time with him. The Pin Ups were Lauren, Marikh, Kendall, Bekah, Ashley, and Seinne versus the Spare Roses Becca, Krystal, Maquel, Jenna, and Jacqueline. The Spare Roses won, which made Krystal over-the-moon giddy. Until it didn’t. Arie was told by producers decided that he felt bad, so now all 11 girls would join him on the after date party, and Hurricane Krystal started forming. Before we get to that, how do we even know the Spare Roses won? No rules were given. We never saw any scores. We have no idea how this even played out, yet, oh by the way, the team with only 5 players beat the team with 6 players. And the winning team had Krystal. Regardless of if they actually won or not, when producers were setting up this date, they absolutely knew Krystal would be on the winning team and absolutely knew the losing team would end up joining them. That’s how things work.

-You can’t defend Krystal for how she acted on this date. She can’t defend it either and I hope she doesn’t take to social media to try. Just own it. She acted completely ridiculous and acted bat sh** crazy. Complete overreaction. Has she not seen this show before? How many times has a losing team ended up joining when they were initially told they weren’t? It’s happened before. And even if she’d NEVER seen the show before and the thought of that is utterly mind boggling to her, the bottom line is she freaked out over something so inconsequential. Really? You got THAT mad over THAT? She doesn’t deserve to be called names and told she needs to die on social media. But she for sure needs to accept criticism for how she came across on television. You know why? BECAUSE THAT’S ALL WE CAN JUDGE HER ON. She isolated herself in the house. That’s very clear by this point. And when you do that, you have to accept that people will criticize things you said and how you acted on the show. Fair game.

-They got back to the hotel, Krystal pouted, said she wanted no part of the after party, and went in her room while everyone else got dressed. Another way to make everyone in the house dislike you. Of course, Arie goes and checks in on her first, and nothing gets resolved. She’s still not happy, Arie tells her she shouldn’t have handled it this way, and basically he hasn’t made up his mind what to do about her right now. Probably the first time this season that Arie did something noble. Good job, my man. So Kendall was up first at the after party, and tells him she’s felt layers of love in relationships before, but never felt she was in a relationship where she wanted to marry that person, and that’s why she’s never had anything longer than 8-10 months. I’m sure that went in one ear and out the other with Arie since he had his tongue cleaning her teeth within :10 seconds of her sharing that story. He doesn’t discriminate people.

-We saw both Becca and Bekah get their time with him and he made out with both, per usual. Not a whole lot of substance to the conversations, although Becca they made sure to show her telling him how easy it is with him, and she doesn’t seem to get jealous or ever talk about the other girls. Even though she hasn’t had a date in 3 weeks. You can see that they don’t really need to do anything with Becca’s edit. All they have to do is show everything that happened with her and Arie, since they’re the two that get engaged at the end. The non-spoiled people will think it’s a great love story and Arie has turned things around and he’s ready to find love and settle down, then BAM! They won’t know what hit them and these fanatics will literally be sobbing for what he did to Becca, they’ll practically beg for her to be the “Bachelorette.” It’s the most built-in story a lead has ever had going into a season. All she has to do is take it.

-Now, as for Lauren’s edit, it definitely was interesting what each of them said to each other during their time at the after party. I mean, yikes. Talk about foreshadowing. When playing a game of 21 Questions (I thought it was 20 Questions? We can now just add one for the hell of it?), Arie asked Lauren what she was scared of. Her response, followed by his response:

Lauren: “I’m afraid that I fall for you and you choose someone else.”
Arie: “My biggest fear is choosing someone that isn’t right for me.”

Whoa. I mean it’s not like they went back after the season was filmed and took them to Ft. Lauderdale so they could reshoot that. They said that to each other back in October when it was filmed. The irony certainly isn’t lost on the people who know the spoiler. But no, this isn’t some conspiracy theory as some have alluded to after watching that conversation last night. It’s what they said to each other so they showed it. Certainly it has a stronger meaning to the people who know the spoiler, but they don’t edit every season based on the spoiler. So I wouldn’t read too much into it. Arie changed his mind after 2 months, broke off an engagement, and we’ll hear his reasoning when the finale airs and we see what he said to both girls. I won’t buy a lick of it, and neither should Lauren, but obviously for the time being she has. Poor girl. Lauren ends up getting the group date rose.



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