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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie – Episode 6 Recap, Bekah Was Missing (Not Really), & Update on the “Women Tell All” Taping

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-We begin a little different this time. Well, first off, last week we were told that Fort Lauderdale was the place to fall in love. Now we’re being told Paris is the place to fall in love. C’mon, which one is it? I’m DYING to know. Is it the place commonly referred to as the most romantic city in the world…or is it Paris? Kidding. However it does start a little different this time with Chris Harrison and Arie sitting on a park bench chatting. I can’t really remember what they were talking about. Probably connections, and starting to see relationships develop, and how Arie’s wardrobe has been the same for every date he’s on since he raided Mr. Rogers closet. An interesting way to start the episode though since we usually never see Chris talking to the lead in the beginning. What a sage advice giver he is, even though he gave no advice. Chris needs a dock in pay.

-Chris meets up with the ladies and tells us they’ve changed things up a bit for this episode. Usually in episode 6, just three dates. I can’t remember any other time where they had 4, but this one they will: Two 1-on-1’s, a group date, and a 2-on-1. Lauren is up first with her 1-on-1, and to say it was painful would be disrespectful to root canals. Arie: “I was saving this date for you.” He was? What for? Exactly what about that date was tailored for Lauren? Unless this date was supposed to be the two of you practicing miming for the whole date, I’m not exactly sure what you saved that one for? It’s painfully obvious Lauren is not/was not comfortable in front of the cameras of this show. Which is fine. Not everyone can ham it up feels that secure having cameras in their grill on every move they make. But this date certainly did Lauren no favors whatsoever. They walked, observed, and she gave him a bunch of one word answers. “Mmmm hmmm,” “Okay,” “Wow,” were some of her favorites. It was riveting television for sure. The date was so boring, they completely cut this part of the date out that I was spoiling as it was happening back in October:

-At dinner, there was actually some conversation. Granted, it wasn’t all that intriguing, but we did get a few nuggets. First, Arie revisited a conversation he had 5 years ago on his first 1-on-1 date with Emily. Although this time, they actually didn’t edit it out. A lot of you probably don’t remember this, but I was given word before that 1-on-1 with Emily aired, that Arie actually shared with her his last girlfriend he lived with (Cassie Harshman, the single mom of two), had a miscarriage. Why he shared that without her permission (which he didn’t have) was beyond me. Anyway, him telling Emily this was confirmed by those close to Arie and his ex and was reported by Radar weeks after the date happened on TV. So why they chose to edit it out of his date with Emily, I have no idea. But here is, five years later, bringing it up again on his date with Lauren. That was low. It’s bad enough you reveal that about an ex pretty close to it happening, and now you do it again? ‘Smatta wit you?

-What’d we get from Lauren? Well, that she wants a serious relationship, but she has trust issues. So it usually takes her around 6 months of having the guy sit in the friend zone for something to develop. Which is completely the opposite of what this show is about and makes absolutely zero sense for why she even do this. Huh? You’re a slow mover, you’re off a broken engagement, and you have trust issues? Then what the hell did you decide to do this show for? Kind of a head scratcher. She tells Arie about her previous engagement, that she thought he was the one and was so happy, then right after the engagement, he started to not treat her well anymore, and that’s where a lot of her trust issues stem from. Which makes sense. I would think anyone off a broken engagement would have trust issues. But just coupled with everything else and what this show does to you, Lauren is completely out of her element on this show and is about as closed off as you can get. There are so many things about this couple that don’t make sense to me, mostly related to Arie. This is not gonna end well for her.



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