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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie – Episode 6 Recap, Bekah Was Missing (Not Really), & Update on the “Women Tell All” Taping

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-Ahhhh, the dreaded 2-on-1 date. For Arie, this is brand new territory. “I’ve never been on a date with two women at the same time.” No, but you have been sleeping with two women at the same time. Minimum. From everything I’ve heard and who I’ve spoken with, there were times where it was definitely more. But that shouldn’t be any ground breaking news to anyone. If you aren’t aware of who Arie is by this point, you’re either not paying attention or you’re choosing to not believe it out of bias. So the onus is on you. These aren’t opinions, they are facts unfortunately. But hey, maybe living a life with your head buried in the sand is something you enjoy. Who am I to tell you to come up for air every once in a while and smell reality? Speaking of living in reality once in a while, Krystal sure was a gem on this date, huh?

-There really isn’t anything new to Krystal’s character on this date. It’s a wash, rinse, and repeat of the same behavior we’d seen for the previous 5 episodes. You’d think that maybe she’d become more self aware, maybe tone it down a bit…no. In fact, quite the opposite. Again, definitely a case of a contestant trusting their producer too much and not having a clue how they’d be coming across on television. Maybe Krystal doesn’t even see it herself now, since she hasn’t acknowledged it for the most part on IG. Well, other than giving the standard “They film twenty hours a day and you’re only seeing a glimpse of it” like all the people who’ve gotten a bad edit say. It’s 2018 and the show has been on for over 15 years and now 35 seasons. If you don’t know how this show works by now, that’s your fault, not the audience’s. Krystal certainly is one of the more interesting people in recent memory on this show because her online persona is 180 degrees different than what we saw on television, and those are the people I enjoy talking to. Maybe some day I can get her on the podcast to explain exactly what the hell happened. But last night was even more of a disaster for her.

-The 2-on-1 started with a maze in the garden where they had to find Arie, and Kendall was lost. Krystal found him first, they made out, and Arie decided to talk to her first while pulling her aside. Said he had a lot of questions after last week where she put his character into question. You mean by calling him “Not Peter” that they decided to not end up showing, among other things? Yeah, I’d say that might bruise a guy’s ego a bit that supposedly you’re head over heels for. Arie is questioning whether they can communicate through this, and Krystal comes back with something about the color, texture, and depth of their relationship. Krystal thinking there’s ANY depth to their relationship is her first mistake. She’s talking jibberish to a guy who basically has had it up to here with her. She’s trying to salvage what she can and is doing a horrible job at it. But she did get a kiss out of it, so in her mind, I think that solidified he was into her. Little does she know.

-While she’s digging her grave a bit deeper, she decides to throw one last shot in at Kendall by saying she doesn’t think Kendall is right for marriage and doesn’t know why she’s there. Ahhhhhh, yes. When all else fails, pull out the ol’ lets-trash-the-other girl card. When it’s Kendalla’s turn to talk to Arie, he tells her what Krystal said and basically that’s all Kendall needed to hear. You see, Kendall is a rational, well meaning person, who rather than flying off the lid when she got back to talk to Krystal, actually tried to reason with her, spoke to her in a very specific tone, wasn’t putting her down, and came across as normal as one could be in a situation where the girl had just tried to trash her to Arie. Hey Kendall, quit being a normal, rational human being. That doesn’t work on this show. As impressive as it was, and as much as it put Krystal in her place, basically it went in one ear and out the other because it certainly seems like Krystal is tone deaf when it comes to her actions, and she doesn’t need anyone’s advice. Arie says he hasn’t made a decision yet and he’ll see them both at dinner. The drama continues…

-At dinner Krystal made her thoughts known during an ITM saying she wasn’t thrilled with Kendall offering all her wisdom, saying she didn’t care and she was annoyed. They when they were together she basically said to her face, “Look, I didn’t appreciate what you said to me earlier today and basically I don’t want your advice on how I live my life.” Of course she doesn’t. Because she certainly seems incapable of handling any criticism whatsoever. Not to mention, she wasn’t telling her how to live her life. Kendall specifically pointed out that all the advice she was giving her, was being based off how Krystal was acting in that environment. She didn’t say it any other part of her life because she didn’t know her before the show, and I thought that was a key part of the conversation. Of course, Krystal didn’t because any advice she heard she didn’t take to heart. Like many “villains” in past seasons, Krystal would be best served to show up to the WTA and just apologize for how she acted on the show, the things she said in her ITM’s, and just move on. Will she? Probably not. They never do. The producers will tell the other girls to attack Krystal, and Krystal will on the defensive and that’ll make for the cattiness they need for the show.

-Arie ends up pulling Kendall aside to talk to her, yet we see none of that conversation. At that moment they bring us back to the other girls in a group talking about who they think will get a rose and who won’t. Arie sits back down, gives Kendall the rose, gets up with Kendall, and leaves Krystal sitting there by herself to contemplate what just happened. I’m not exactly sure what Krystal’s thought process is on all of this because all she does is post workout videos on her IG, basically ignoring what’s happening on the show. Even if she’s not watching, she’s well aware of how she’s coming across by what people are telling her. She can save herself at the WTA if she plays her cards right. I just don’t see her doing it. I think she’ll defend her actions, maybe half heartedly apologize to some of the girls for things she said, but I doubt she will own up to everything and take full responsibility for everything she said. And that’s gonna suck, because that’s her best play right now. You will lose 100% of the time versus your edit. Every. Time. Don’t even bother. Unfortunately, I think that’s going to fall on deaf ears.



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