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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Becca Speaks Out, Former Contestants Weigh In, & “Bachelorette” Announcement Tonight

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So many people have chimed in with their thoughts on this, and I’ve been telling you my thoughts for 6 months now. Nothing has changed. The guy was never in this to find a wife. He’s a 36 year old womanizer that has essentially cheated on every girl he’s been with, and was using the show to jump start his racing career again. And as I’ve said time and time and time again since I posted about the switch up, if he wanted to end an engagement to Becca, that’s fine. If he didn’t want to continue a relationship that he wasn’t 100% in on, he has every right to break it off. I don’t think anyone is disputing the break up. If they are, then they’re not thinking straight. What he didn’t need to do though was lie to her, make her think they were having a normal Happy Couple visit, then bombard her with cameras and film the whole thing. Completely classless and speaks volumes about his character. “Oh, you just don’t like the guy and never have anything nice to say about him.” Did you read all of “Bachelor Nations” tweets? Find me one former contestant on this show last night whose opinion was, “Man, I didn’t like Arie before but after watching how he handled everything, I thought he came off great.” I’ll give you til’ eternity.

The next conspiracy people have is that Arie had no choice and he had to do it on camera. Well, no he didn’t. He could’ve broken up with her off camera if he wanted to. Did producers encourage it? Absolutely. Did Arie know this would be dramatic television? For sure. But he absolutely could’ve put his foot down and said “Absolutely not. I’m not going to embarrass her like this on television. We are not filming this.” The Arie sheep will say he had no choice and I’m telling you, they’re wrong. More on that in a minute. Yes, producers are highly influential in making people do what they want to do. But they are sick, twisted, insecure people whose job it is to pretend they’re your best friend, then f**k you over the first chance they can get all in the name of TV gold. Arie could’ve prevented that break up being filmed and he didn’t. He chose to give in to them and that’s what makes him an asshole, not because he broke up with her.

Now lets get to the break up itself. There were actually people last night who claimed that there was editing involved in the breakup because in one shot Becca had her ring on and in the next shot, she didn’t. That’s because she took it off once she realized what was happening. Raven’s boyfriend Adam pointed this out on Twitter last night. You can clearly see (although it’s out of camera shot) Becca’s right hand pulling the ring off her left hand:

Bekah M. chimed in on Twitter last night with her thoughts about Arie as well:

And even wanted to show receipts that Arie slid into her DM’s a month ago, something we know he’s done since he returned home from filming with others, whether it was contacting exes Sydney or Giustine, or just randomly sending messages to other women that weren’t his fiancé. What is this guy’s deal?

Another interesting narrative making the rounds is this notion that the break up was staged, Becca already knew about it, and she just filmed it to go along with the storyline. That type of idiocy is about as ignorant as you can get. The only people who truly believe that are the Arie sheep. John Wolfner, one of Arie’s closest friends, a guy that you would think would go out of his way to make last night as painless for Arie as it can be, even HE said Becca had no idea what was coming that day:

What’s interesting about tonight’s 2 hr live finale is that it’s been made pretty clear, by Becca in her interview with, and even some of the other girls in other interviews, that they don’t hold any ill will towards Lauren, basically saying it’s a “heart wants what it wants” deal. Which is understandable. None of these women will come after Lauren tonight. However, you know every single one of them is going to lay into Arie because he’s the one they’re blaming in all of this, and rightfully so. It’s just bizarre that while I too agree Lauren hasn’t done anything wrong per se (her judgement of men leaves a lot to be desired), when all your “friends” are attacking your new man, how is she going to take that? It’s a weird dynamic of them essentially saying, “Lauren, we’re ok with you. You do you girl. But your man? He’s a Grade A Douchenozzle and he’s not ready to be in a relationship and has no idea what he wants.” They obviously are supportive of her, but clearly not the man she’s with or his intentions going forward. So aren’t they basically indirectly telling Lauren they think her taste in men sucks and she’ll deserve whatever she has coming with him? I’m interested to see how that part plays out.



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