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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Becca Speaks Out, Former Contestants Weigh In, & “Bachelorette” Announcement Tonight

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As mentioned on the previous page, plenty of those in Bachelor Nation were not happy with what was shown last night, and rightfully so. We saw Bekah’s tweet of what she thought of Arie and there were plenty others. There were tons of other responses with how Arie handled things. And this is coming from people who are puppets for the franchise. Contestants who love all the producers, will jump at any chance to go on another show, and usually stay out of commenting about any production things they see which could be cast in a negative light. You know what that’s called? Being objective. You can still love being in Bachelor Nation and hob knobbing with producers and go to all the reunion shows and what not, but also in the same breath call them out for shady sh**. I appreciate those who spoke out last night who didn’t care about their public image or always kissing production’s ass. Objectivity is something the Arie sheep refuse to partake in. Everything they say slants ALL the blame to production and makes excuses for Arie at every turn.

They’ve even turned to victim shaming on Twitter last night. Oh yeah, this was Becca’s fault. She should’ve seen the warning signs and it’s her fault for not getting out of the relationship first. Not to mention, this notion that she should’ve known things were up when they were filming Happy Couple visits. Usually those aren’t filmed (at least that we’ve seen), but since last night showed us at least three occasions where Arie and Becca were happy and together and production cameras were there, Becca apparently should’ve been more aware. That’s another ignorant comment from people who will do anything to defend the guy. So to shed a little light on this, I asked a former “winner” of this show (a female) last night what she thought. She’ll remain nameless because who she is isn’t as important as to what she said. My question was, “If they came and filmed one of your Happy Couple visits, would you think something was weird or something was up? Her response:

“Ummm, no. I didn’t trust anyone at that point BUT I don’t think I would’ve been ‘alarmed.’ I definitely would have had many questions but I’m sure the producers would have an answer for me that would make me think it’s not weird.”

When I mentioned that they clearly showed us last night they’d filmed previous times Arie & Becca were together and everything was fine, she replied:

“Yeah exactly. At that point you just trust the person you’re with. If you said yes to an engagement, you trust them. You wouldn’t think they would do that to you…at the end of the day, Arie didn’t have to film that. He seems easily swayed in general.”

So this notion that Becca should’ve seen this coming once the cameras were filming her Happy Couple, and it’s her fault for not recognizing this sooner is such garbage and just a narrative for people trying to defend Arie. Get over yourselves. Seriously? It’s BECCA’S fault? How ignorant are you?

Becca is not expected to know the inner workings of production and when and where things are or aren’t supposed to be filmed. She gets engaged in November, they see each other at least 3-4 times from that point until the break up, from what we saw last night almost all those trips seemed to have a camera crew filming them happy together, but now all the sudden on the last one she’s expected to know a break up is coming? How ridiculous. You know, the one question I’ve been asked the most since last night has been, “Did Arie ask producers to film it or did production make him?” Huh? Does that even matter? The whole point is Becca DIDN’T know that a break up was about to be filmed. Arie and production are both to blame. Like Becca said in her interview with People, while she doesn’t think he purposely set out to hurt her, he could’ve handled it better. He wasn’t thinking. He didn’t have to do it on camera. There was a more tactful way to do it, and the way he handled it was basically a slap in the face.

Anyone blaming Becca for her role in all of this, and it’s her fault for not seeing the signs of Arie telling her he was struggling with his decision, and it’s her fault for not getting out early is clearly living on another planet. And that would be Planet Arie. It’s so obvious who’s behind comments like that. Why is it so hard to admit that everything I’ve said about the guy, which has subsequently played out over the last 6 months, is right? Is it THAT hard to admit you bought into it? Trust me, you’ll be a better person for it once you realize this guy isn’t everything you made him out to be. And it’s not, “He has to follow his heart. We all make mistakes.” I’m not talking about the break up. Sh**, even his ex told you that was coming before he was even announced as the “Bachelor,” remember?

What more do you need? The guy told Chris Harrison he was gonna break up with Becca before he even told Becca. On what planet is that the right thing to do? On what planet was that handled correctly? Arie/producers/Chris Harrison, you can lump them all in together. What they did they knew would make for great television but was incredibly sh***y to do to Becca. There’s no other way around it.



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