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The Bachelor 22 - Arie

The “Bachelor” Arie Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Becca Speaks Out, Former Contestants Weigh In, & “Bachelorette” Announcement Tonight

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Well that was certainly a lot to take in, no? Holy sh**. Even though you’ve known what was coming for weeks now, it still didn’t make it any easier to watch. When most of the contestants who’ve been on this show, ones that have signed contracts themselves and know what’s in them, are even calling out the show last night, you know something wasn’t right. You know, it’s weird. There’s so much to cover, yet, I feel that continually talking about everything I’ve talked about all season is nothing new to everyone. Sure, I have some thoughts on last night, but there’s no need to drag on here. I wanna show you some of the reaction of “Bachelor Nation” last night to answer some of your questions that I know you have, talk a little about what to expect in the future, and then kinda talk about the how of everything last night, not just the act itself. People seem to have a lot of misconceptions about what they saw last night, some even bordering on maniacal in thinking that it wasn’t real, so lets put that a lot of that to rest.

First off, I think the biggest thing anyone should do is read the interviews that Arie gave to and, most importantly, what Becca’s reaction was to everything. Class act. Everything Becca says makes perfect sense, couldn’t have handled herself any better than she did, and I don’t disagree with a word she said. Honestly, read it. Because I don’t want to repeat what she said, even though in a roundabout way, I probably will. I mean, how can you argue with any of that really?

For those that didn’t read page 2 of last Tuesday’s column, and for those that still might be in the dark of what happens tonight in regards to the “Bachelorette” announcement – it’s Becca. C’mon. You think after all that last night, and you think after all this coming tonight Chris Harrison is gonna say, “And our next Bachelorette…Tia!” Or Kendall. Or Bekah M. C’mon. I told you this in January on the day that I spoiled Arie had ended his engagement to Becca and taken up with Lauren that the “Bachelorette” would be Becca’s as long as she wants it. She will be announced tonight and there’s not gonna be any last second change up. Filming starts next week, and I will be releasing some of her guys to you then. Probably next Wednesday since I leave that morning for my annual March Madness trip to Vegas, I’ll be in a wonderful mood, and you can have a few guys to discuss amongst yourselves as before things get going.

So we had me spoiling the ending for you on Nov. 30th when I told you he was engaged to Becca. Then Arie & Becca twice spoiled they were together on Instagram during the month of December. Then on Saturday, Hulu accidentally posted a tourism video of Peru that was up for a couple hours which completely spoiled the proposal last night. Good thing I got screen shots of it and a reader took a video of it on her phone before they took it down. So last night’s first two hours had zero suspense. Anyone who didn’t know or believe he was engaged to Becca after Peru had their head buried for the last 3 ½ months. It. Was. Everywhere. Here’s what Hulu posted over the weekend:

Some of you suggested that Hulu did it on purpose, but I don’t see it that way at all. It’s not like they released the full episode. They released a 5 minute tourism video that had the proposal in it, which was obviously not supposed to be released until after last night. If it was on purpose, why wouldn’t they just leave it up? Why wouldn’t the show acknowledge it last night if it was purposely done? Look, I’m all for a good conspiracy theory when it comes to this show, but they didn’t need to release anything on Saturday for two hours to get people’s attention about the finale. Fans who watch the show were gonna be glued last night regardless of if Hulu accidentally posted anything. So lets just put an end to that conspiracy theory shall we?



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