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Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

“Bachelorette” Filming Recap from the Last Week, Spoilers, & the Tia/Colton Drama

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So when I last left you, they were just leaving Vegas and were headed to Virginia. I had told you there was a 1-on-1 in Vegas, then a 9 person group date with the tuxedos and they all did their own version “Danke Shoen” version, then a 2-on-1 date. I revealed all those dates on Twitter. Colton got the 1-on-1 in Vegas, the 9 guys on the group date were Leo, John, Garrett, Blake, Lincoln, Wills, Chris R, Jason, and Connor. I hadn’t revealed Wills, John, and Connor yet on the site. As of this writing Wills may or may not still be there, but John Graham got eliminated at the Vegas rose ceremony, and Connor Obrochta got eliminated last night in Virginia. Another guy that took maybe 18 seconds before he got on his phone and his IG followers jumped up 500 people even though he still remains private. Man, that guy’s thumb sure was working overtime last night being so thirsty to start gaining more followers. He accepted over 500 new IG friend requests overnight? Good on you, Connor. And then the other date in Vegas was the 2-on-1 and that was with David Ravitz and Jordan Kimball. And both were eliminated during the date. So once they headed to Virginia, you now knew the 9 that went: Colton, Leo, Garrett, Blake, Lincoln, Wills, Chris R., Jason, and Connor.

A couple other notes I threw in before they headed to Virginia:

-Clay was injured on the football group date in episode 3. He actually had received the group date rose later that night, but had to give it back because he had to leave the show and have surgery.

-Then I had this one:

I can reveal now that guy was David Ravitz. He actually missed one of the rose ceremonies early on because he was in the hospital, but was allowed to come back on.

-Remember when Blake showed up on the ATFR with a horse? On his limo entrance, he rode in on a camel. I’ll reveal a few more of the first night limo entrance gimmicks for you later on. One guy came in a race car suit, one guy had a cardboard cut out of Arie, and another came in a soccer mom mini van.

Once they headed to Virginia, there were zero secrets left. All three dates were spoiled. The first one on Saturday, before anyone started getting pics of them at other places, I was able to spoil this:

From Sugar Shack, then went to the Poe Museum, then to the Veil Brewing Co.:

Come to find out the next day during the group date, it was overheard that Becca and Jason were originally supposed to go white water rafting for their date, but it was too cold so they ended up doing the Poe Museum. The guys in the Brewing Co. with them were some of Jason’s friends from back home. One of which I’ve found and I guess production brought him out there to be part of the date. A little weird, but there’s been weirder for sure.

The next day (Sunday) was the group date and here were the guys arriving at the Capitol building for a “Beccalection” debate:

One thing that happened during the group date is someone in attendance passed out, ended up hitting their head, and medical staff had to attend to her. Becca heard about this and ended up taking off her heels and running over to her to see if she was ok. You can see the sequence of events in these pics:

Once the debate started, it was basically guys pleading their case as to why they were the best fit for Becca. But it essentially turned into Chris vs Lincoln. The other five, for the most part, stayed out of the drama, but these two did not like each other and went at it. It all started with the fact that during the guys’ opening statements, a lot of them referred to the fact that one guy there tried to leave during the group date after party in Vegas, and that guy was Chris. Chris tried to leave because he felt he wasn’t getting any 1-on-1 time with Becca. Some of things said back and forth between those two:

-Chris said he would want a 2-on-1 against Lincoln bc it would be an easy road for him.

-They both body shamed each other. Lincoln told Chris Becca would only be into him if she were lesbian because of Chris’ girly body. Called him a woman, said he needed a tampon, and also called him a fat f**k. I guess Chris used to be very overweight when he was younger. Lincoln then said Chris body shamed him too because he accused Lincoln of using steroids.

-Chris also mentioned that Lincoln and Jason were talking shit behind Becca’s back and that’s when Lincoln seemed to get defensive and attacked Chris.

-Lincoln also thinks the world is flat so he got shit for that (no pun intended).

-Blake came across as well liked by the guys, Garrett wasn’t great on the mic but it was said came across as stage fright. As mentioned, most of the other 5 tried to stay out of it and Wills even tried to bring the attention back to why they were there for Becca but Chris and Lincoln wanted to have at each other.

Then on Monday was the 1-on-1 concert date for Leo which Morgan Evans performed at. It’s happened time and time again, I mentioned it Monday night, and I’ll mention it again for any future concerts. If you are attending one of these public concerts, be prepared to be there for hours and get very little payoff. Call time for the audience was 8:00 Monday night. The line started forming an hour before that (some earlier) and Becca & Leo didn’t arrive til AFTER 12:30pm and they were there 5 MINUTES! If you go back to Park City and the Garrett date, same thing. Becca & Garrett didn’t arrive til close to midnight and basically danced to one song. With that said, here’s a ton of pics & videos from that night:

So we know Connor got eliminated in Virginia as confirmed by his social media account last night, and same with Chris, who was eliminated during the group date after party in Virginia. I guess him threatening to leave during the Vegas group date carried over into this week and he was sent home on Sunday night. I’m assuming one more elimination happened last night that I haven’t heard of yet, but keep an eye out on any of the remaining 7 guys’ social media (minus Colton since he has someone running his while he’s gone) and maybe it’ll tell something. If not, maybe there will be pics in episode 7 wherever they’re headed.

I haven’t heard yet where they’re going next for episode 7, which is the episode before hometown dates, however, I did go back and check my notes and came up with this: Dating back to Ali’s season (which covers 16 seasons), there’s only been 2 seasons where episode 7 was stateside – Chris’ was in Iowa and Ben’s was in Indiana. There’s never been a Bachelorette season in that time that was still in the states for episode 7. And the fact that I haven’t gotten any tips (like I did for Park City, Vegas, and Virginia) saying they were coming to town makes me definitely think they’re headed out of the country. So when I find out, I will tweet it out, but I’m pretty sure they’re headed out of the country for episode 7, will come back for hometowns, then head back out for overnights and final rose ceremony. I have heard a location this season that wasn’t in the states, but 1) I wasn’t told what episode it would be and 2) I haven’t gotten the full confirmation I need to report it. I will keep you updated.

Now on Page 3, lets break down this Colton/Tia story that I’ve gotten a ton of questions about…



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