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“Bachelorette” Filming Recap from the Last Week, Spoilers, & the Tia/Colton Drama

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Quite a weekend to say the least. When you last heard from me Thursday, I was headed out of town and basically wasn’t going to report anything until today. But when I saw that all of the dates in Virginia over the weekend were going to get spoiled publicly, and you’d have so many questions after seeing who’s left of who got eliminated when, I figured you couldn’t wait six days to get all the updates. So if you were following along on Twitter since last Thursday, you’ve gotten pretty much everything up to this point. Almost every elimination, date, storylines, etc. But if you didn’t follow on Twitter, I’ll put it all in here for you today with some pictures, videos, and some info I forgot to tweet out. Amazing that last night was rose ceremony #6 and by either public dates or my spoilers, you know every date and elimination this season outside of a couple of them. Hey, whatever works. They make my job that much easier when they do this many public dates. If they didn’t, I’d still spoil it, so either way ultimately it doesn’t matter. More public dates = less surprises. I’m sure you’d like to have more surprises as we get towards the end, but as long as the spoilers are right, I guess it doesn’t matter. A lot to get to, so let’s get into it as today’s post will summarize everything I’ve tweeted in the last 6 days, plus give some clarity to things that I only spent 280 characters on it a tweet.

Lets kinda just go in order of my tweets which started last Friday. The first topic I brought up was plenty of Becca’s guys hopping on Instagram the second they were eliminated (which is a spoiler in and of itself – another we’ll get to later), and then on top of that, beginning to follow other guys from the show. This isn’t new. This happens every single season. It’s just that such a small percentage of their viewing audience pays attention to this stuff, that to the average fan of this show, they have no clue about what’s going on. Hell, tons of their fans think the show is live. But yes, if you follow these contestants’ social media accounts once I reveal who the contestants are, it’s not hard at all to figure out who goes home when or who else is on the show. Those might not be in-your-face public spoilers like the open to the public dates we’ve seen, but they’re still public since all it takes is two eyeballs and an IG account to figure it out. It’s why I’ve always said that naming contestants on the show is the easiest “spoiler” out there. Yes, I confirm contestants sometimes before they even fly out to LA or before the first night is filmed, but from there, it’s not hard to find others. I’ve never prided myself on revealing contestants as some major thing outside of the first group I reveal. It’s the easiest thing I do I think. I’ll release the first few, then I take my time to reveal the rest because there’s no hurry and I usually just base the rest of the reveals on how much is getting publicly spoiled by dates. If not, the contestants are still doing it themselves with their social media accounts.

Now, are there times where social media activity (or inactivity for that matter) don’t tell the whole story? Absolutely. It’s happened before in the past and I’m sure will happen in the future. Because, although it is rare, some contestants come back from filming and don’t use their social media immediately, so, if you follow that stuff, automatically you assume they must still be there. The biggest one I heard about this season on Twitter was Ryan the banjo guy from ATFR. Tweets and emails to me were shocked to hear he was eliminated early in the show, but considering he’d never appeared on any public dates past the dodgeball date AND had no social media activity, I guess people jumped to the conclusion he was still there. He isn’t. He was eliminated at the episode 3 rose ceremony. Guess the guy just didn’t care to jump on social media afterwards. He’s definitely in the minority for sure. So just keep that in mind for future seasons. Just because you don’t see activity doesn’t mean they’re still on the show. AND, vice versa. Because Colton’s account has been active while he’s been filming, but it’s obviously being run by someone who has access to his account because he’s still on the show.

One of the major spoilers I gave out on Friday was that from everything I was being told, Garrett Yrigoyen is the front runner and he’s probably the guy that Becca is going to pick. I’m not saying she’s going to pick him, we still have around a month left of filming, but with (probably) 6 guys left now, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. But if you ask me if I’d be surprised if she picked anyone else at this point? Yes, I would be. It could happen. Stay tuned. But based on the info I’ve been given, it’s looking like Garrett. He was the one who got the concert date in Park City, Utah for those that don’t remember. If Garrett does end up winning, that’ll be four consecutive “Bachelorette” seasons where the first impression rose recipient ended up being the winner. Garrett is most definitely a major front runner right now based on what I’m being told. Lets see if it ends up being true. Time will tell.

After I made that Garrett tweet, one response was this:

You’re giving me too much credit. They wouldn’t force her to pick someone else just to spite me. I told you halfway through JoJo’s season that I heard it was the JoJo and Jordan show and she was probably going to pick him, and that’s exactly what ended up happening. So just because I release a “favorite” early, doesn’t mean the show does everything in their power to try and disprove me. Said the same thing about Ben with Lauren, said the same thing with Andi about Josh, and a while back, I said the same thing about Juan Pablo with Nikki. I laid out the order of elimination of the final four of Juan Pablo’s season before he started filming his hometowns, and it played out exactly as I wrote. So yeah, the show knows what I’m posting, and numerous times, it’s followed through. If Becca wants to pick Garrett, she’s gonna pick Garrett. Nothing I say mid-filming is going to change that.

Another guy who’s quite interesting this season is Lincoln, and it’s because of
this story that ran in the tabloids a couple weeks ago. Yes, it’s completely disgusting. And yes, since that story ran, I’ve had THREE Oracle employees that worked with him in the Burlington, MA office email me personally and confirm that this is true. I mean, it would take a really sick person to just make that up. Although, the fact he even does this is sick in and of itself, but the story was so unbelievable NOT to be real, you know? So from people who worked with him, they still don’t understand his motivation for it (one said it might’ve been a germ thing, and one suggested because Lincoln is in such great shape it could have something to do with fitness), but he would build his “nest,” defecate on that nest, then pick that up and flush it down the toilet. Whew. And until I heard that, I thought he just did it on the nest and left it for the janitors to pick up.

The way people knew this was because of the multi stalls in their public bathrooms. Obviously you can see the legs and feet of the person next to you when you walk in, so they could clearly see his feet and his “nest” on the floor when they walked in. This story is seriously the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard when it comes to this franchise, and that’s saying something. What’s even worse? Since the mansion itself is just a regular bathroom, and when they travel they’re in suites that have regular bathrooms and aren’t multi stalls, technically Lincoln could be doing this all season and nobody would ever know, since there aren’t multi stalls for people to see under. I have no idea if he is, but it’s frightening to think this guy could still be doing it. I have no idea why he does it and I don’t wanna know why, but man, this guy is in for a world of ridicule when he gets off the show that he’s probably completely clueless about.

On Page 2, we’ll talk about all the dates that happened since the last post and some of the eliminations…



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