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“Bachelorette” Filming Recap from the Last Week, Spoilers, & the Tia/Colton Drama

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Remember a couple weeks ago I had hinted about early season drama? And then last week before I left I said I was still trying to gather information on that particular drama but didn’t want to share just yet? Well, I still don’t have all the details of it, but because I was in such a giving mood Friday, I decided to share what I knew on Twitter. And that’s that Colton and Tia had a history before Colton came on this show. They weren’t DM’ing, or flirting, or casually talking – he’d flown her to CA and I’m guessing it wasn’t for tea and crumpets. It wasn’t until after I tweeted this that emailers and tweeters informed me that Adam and Raven did a podcast with someone a few weeks back where they mentioned that “one of Becca’s guys” (didn’t name him by name) had flown Tia to LA for a weekend. Well, that guy was Colton.

So in episode 3, the first group date was guys giving Becca and her friends mani’s and pedi’s. Becca’s friends that were there were Tia, Caroline, Kendall, Bekah, and I believe Seinne was there too. Anyway, this is where the Tia/Colton thing came to a head. However, I don’t have the details of that conversation. That’s what I’ve been waiting on the whole time and have yet to get exactly what went down. All we know is after that date (and still to this day I assume unless he was eliminated last night), Colton is still on the show. I’ve been informed Tia has been getting all defensive on IG telling people who are commenting on her page based off my tweets that they don’t know what they’re talking about, and their “source” doesn’t know her or what’s happening, blah blah blah. I have no idea what Tia’s deal is. She’s being vague, but the bottom line is she was absolutely 100% talking to and seeing Colton before he went on this show. She can’t dispute that. And if you honestly think they just casually flirted and she just had a feigning interest in him, I’ve got some land to sell you. You don’t fly a girl to LA to spend a weekend with you if it isn’t someone you’re pretty interested in, nor do you accept that invitation if you aren’t pretty interested in that person.

So with that said, her deal with Colton whatever it was, is fine by me because she was with Colton long before Becca was the Bachelorette. That’s why what’s happening now is mostly on Colton and some on Becca since she’s kept him around now knowing all this. I can’t answer for Becca. I have no idea what she’s thinking in all of this. One question I’ve been asked a lot is, “Did Becca know about Tia and Colton before the show?” I don’t know the answer to that, but here’s what I DO know: Becca and Tia visited Caroline in Florida that weekend before Tia and Caroline flew to LA for the Women Tell All. This was documented on all their Instagram’s at the time. I gotta imagine at SOME point during that weekend, Tia told both of them there was a guy in her life named Colton. That’s not hard to believe, right? Girls talk. And then a Colton shows up on Becca’s first night? I mean I GUESS it’s possible Becca never made the correlation that the Colton Tia had referenced a couple weeks earlier was the same Colton standing in front of her out of the limos, but certainly most people won’t buy that I don’t think.

Let’s just say Becca never knew a thing about Colton and Tia until the day of that group date, which is still kinda hard to believe, but for the sake of argument I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, my question then becomes why would she keep him around after that AND give him a 1-on-1 two episodes later in Vegas? Maybe they kept it from her? Like all the guys and production all knew about Colton and Tia, but Becca didn’t until the group date. It’s possible, but I don’t think anyone will believe it even if Becca says she had no idea.

Then once it’s out on that date, just the fact that he was seeing your friend all while applying for this show, doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about this guy? Clearly Becca likes Colton. He’s still there with 6 or 7 guys left. Maybe Tia even gave Becca her blessing during that date she can date Colton as things with them are over. Or maybe both of them downplay how serious they were. There are a lot of unknowns at this point. But even THEN, you can even remove girl code for the sake of this argument, it all brings me back to, no matter when you found out about Colton and Tia, why would you even want a guy like that around after hearing that? Fact: He was seeing Tia and had flown her out to LA while Arie’s season was airing. Hell, he was even being somewhat public about his interest for Tia on Twitter during that time:

Which also means he had to be in some communication with the show about going on the next “Bachelorette” season. This is the same guy that had a public relationship with Aly Raisman and used social media to ask her out, then come to find out through people who followed him, he also had a thing with Savannah Chrisley at some point after the Aly break up.

Look, I’m very well aware that Colton has a charity called the Legacy Foundation that helps kids with cystic fibrosis. Which by the way, his IG account conveniently posted about this charity around 1 hour after I tweeted everything about Colton and Tia on Friday. Nice. That’s great he has a charity that does that. I applaud him. But because someone has a charity that helps kids, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to say something negative about the guy. He’s clearly on this show to build his brand and his ulterior motives while he was seeing Tia and applying for the show at the same time. That’s not an opinion, it’s fact. Not sure why just because you like someone you think they can do nothing wrong. The guy is clearly an opportunist and I’m really curious to see how this all plays out with him. I don’t think Tia did anything wrong per se. As I said, she was a thing with Colton long before Becca was named Bachelorette. What would’ve happened if Tia ended up with the Bachelorette gig? Why did it end with Colton and Tia? Was it because of the show? When did Tia know Colton was going on the show? Did he tell her while she was in LA that, “Oh yeah, I’m talking to Bachelorette people,” or did she find out through social media? Was it completely over before he ever applied for Becca’s season? That’s a real stretch to believe. I heard he ghosted her and that’s when Tia got suspicious he might be on the show, but that isn’t 100% confirmed. At this point, the only idiotic thing she could do is get back with this guy once he doesn’t win the show, which I don’t think he will. Because let’s face it, there’s probably a billion percent chance that both Tia and Colton both end up going on Paradise. Would she go back to him after all this? I’ve seen weirder things happen. If she does, that’s pretty embarrassing. Lets hope she doesn’t for her own self respect.

Still questions remain unanswered, we don’t know what was said on the group date, what Becca knew and when, how Tia handled all this, etc. What we do know is Becca at the LATEST found out about it on that group date, Colton got a 1-on-1 two episodes later, and he’s still on the show as of last night’s rose ceremony. I would be very surprised if Colton was eliminated last night as I think he’s pretty much a lock for final four. But this Tia thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I’m sure it does for plenty of others. To me, it clearly shows his intentions and what his plan is going forward with media and this show. Couple that with the things I’ve heard in regards to his relationship with Aly, it just reeks of this guy looking to do anything to keep his name out there since he has zero NFL career to speak of. For those that don’t know, Colton has never suited up on a Sunday for an NFL game. He’s never been anything but a practice squad player, so lets not make a mistake in thinking he’s an NFL player. He never was and doesn’t look like he will be. He’s going to ride this wave for sure, but his actions leading up to it for sure bring his intentions into question.

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